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Park Min Young is a very lucky actress—she can give a firsthand comparison of JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun and Kim Jae Joong!

Park Min Young appeared at the press conference for MBC’s Dr. Jin held on May 17 and talked about her teamwork with her fellow actors.

Among her fellow actors is JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong. The press thus concentrated on how she was to act with Kim Jae Joong following her partnership with Park Yoo Chun.

In 2010, she acted as the lover of Park Yoo Chun in KBS2’s Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and this time she will be with Kim Jae Joong for Dr. Jin.

Park Min Young said on the two, “Mr. Park Yoo Chun and Kim Jae Joong are similar in that they work very hard. I was surprised during our first [script] reading because they were prepared so perfectly; I wondered whether they had learned from the same teacher. Although it was his first period piece, Mr. Kim Jae Joong was very skilled, and he had memorized all of his dialogue for his reading. He’s similar to Mr. Park Yoo Chun in that he prepares a lot, but their visuals are completely different. I think [Kim Jae Joong] goes more with charismatic roles.”

Park Min Young will be appearing as the neurosurgeon Yoo Mi Na of 2012 and Hong Young Rae, the daughter of a yangban (aristocrat), of the Joseon period.

“There was a lot of time to prepare for it, and I could relate to it a lot, so I’m looking forward to the piece,” she said. “I think the director liked how I looked in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I think he found a traditional yet modern side to me. They’re not easy roles, but I’m working hard.”

Dr. Jin is based on a popular Japanese manga, Time Slip Dr. Jin, and is about how a doctor from the year 2012 goes back in time to the Joseon period of the 1860s to work as a doctor. Song Seung Hun and Lee Bum Soo will also be starring in the drama. It will start airing on May 26 following Feast of the Gods.

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Thank you so much for the rice donations that were sent to the production press conference today~ At the thought that it will become great strength for others, my shoulders are lifted.

@wowkimsohyun ^^ You did great~ So what if you do get last place, so what if you get zero marks^^ The important thing is that you kept your promise. It's a promise that is easily neglected as we go on with life, but stick by it too in future^^ Oppa will do so too^^ Fighting~twaa!!!!^^ (T/N: Sohyun uploaded her report card earlier as she agreed to show YC, but she forgot to remove her class number so she deleted it right away.)

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Though Kim Jae Joong’s global fans weren′t able to actually attend the press conference for his upcoming drama, they managed to make a big splash anyway - via rice garlands.

On May 17, a press conference was held for Kim Jae Joong′s MBC drama Time Slip Dr. Jin, at Seoul’s Lotte Hotel

Before the press conference, the hallway was stacked with rows of rice garlands from fans all over the world. Rice garlands are given as congratulatory gifts in lieu of the traditional flower garlands, which are then donated to charity.

It was revealed a total of 23.68 tons of rice had been donated by fans from 31 different countries around the world. These included fans and fan clubs from Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Brazil, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey, Germany and more.

In addition, it was revealed this was the largest amount of rice garlands collected for a celebrity, more than doubling the previous record.

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Starfox Entertainment Company’s representative Lee Da Hee expressed, “In actuality, it’s difficult to bear the production fees of a drama just through PPL (advertisements) and sponsors. The usage of Hallyu stars and idols are effective in helping the return of production fees, thus broadcasting companies and production companies prefers them.”

When a Hallyu star is casted in a local drama, just solely the overseas broadcasting rights would have earned back 60-70% of the production fees. For MBC’s ‘Dr Jin’ whereby Kim Jaejoong was casted, a record-high overseas broadcasting rights proposal was received. The overseas importers are also engaged in a fierce battle for the drama.

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The official poster for MBC‘s upcoming drama ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin‘ has been released!

‘Dr. Jin’, featuring Lee Bum Soo, Song Seung Hun, Kim Jaejoong, Park Min Young, and Lee So Yeon, is a period drama that tells the story of a top modern day physician who returns to the Joseon era to practice medicine.

Song Seung Hun will play the role of a doctor, Jin Hyuk, for the first time since his debut, while Lee Bum Soo will take on the part of friend Lee Ha Eung. Kim Kyung Tak is played by Kim Jaejoong. ’Dr. Jin’ is Jaejoong’s first attempt in a period drama. Despite being well-known as an idol, people are commenting that he looks quite good in the historical costume. The two female protagonists are Park Min Young, who plays Hong Young Rae, and Lee So Yeon, who plays the character of Chun Hong.

A representative from ‘Dr. Jin’ stated, “[All the actors] play roles that fit them perfectly and each other, which will become the driving force of the richness of the drama of ‘Dr. Jin’.” He went on, “In order to make a project that will stay in the memories of viewers as having a fun, warm impression, the entire staff and all the actors are in the midst of trying our best. Please have continued interest in ‘Dr. Jin’, which is planned to have its first broadcast on the 26th.”

The original idea behind ‘Dr. Jin’ comes from the 10-year-old Japanese serial comic by Murakami Motoka. The first broadcast will be on MBC at 9:55pm on May 26 KST.

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JYJ member Kim Jaejoong has somehow admitted that tying up his hair makes him uncomfortable.

On the early afternoon of 16 May, Kim Jaejoong uploaded an image onto his personal twitter account, saying “My hair is tied in a tight bun, my forehead feels like it’s bent inwards” attracting the attention of everyone. In the image, the staff helps him tie his hair in preparation for the drama shoot, but it seems that he is uncomfortable, with an unwilling expression, which makes people laugh. He is focused on a faraway spot, and even the atmosphere of the image feels cold.

Netizens said, “Just looking at his expression, you can see that he’s not happy” “If they have to tie it twice, he could get mad” “His dark expression is scary” and other reactions.

Kim Jaejoong is appearing in the MBC weekend drama “Dr Jin” which airs on 26 May, playing the role of Kim Gyung Tak, an officer with firm and clear beliefs.

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JYJ member Junsu (XIA) has caused one of his fans to become a top student at her respective school.

On May 16th, one of Junsu’ fans took to Twitter and wrote, “I’m in junior high school, and my mom said that I could only go to Junsu oppa’s concert if I became the top student at my school. I studied really hard and became the top student. So now I’m going to the concert.”

Junsu’s mother who saw this tweet then said, “Wow, first in your school! Amazing! The Junsu effect is great, good job.”

Netizens who saw their interaction on Twitter responded saying, “The Junsu effect truly is amazing, and the student that became the top student at her school is also amazing.”

Meanwhile, JYJ’s Junsu recently released his formal solo album ‘TARANTALLEGRA‘ under the name ‘XIA‘. He is holding a concert at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium on May 19th and 20th to kick off his Asia Tour.

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Despite being unable to hold any stages on music broadcasts, JYJ′s Kim Junsu is finding stellar success from the release of his solo album.

On May 17, Kim Junsu’s C-JeS entertainment said, “Kim Junsu’s solo album has reached 100,000 copies in pre-orders and is heating up the music market with Synnara’s online site even selling out completely and needed to be re-stocked.”

The album was revealed to have had a greater reaction from fans than anticipated leading to the sell-outs.

A representative for Kim Junsu said, “This is even more meaningful since we haven’t gone on any broadcasts or done any large-scale promotions. We anticipate interest and popularity in this album will grow as we embark on our overseas tour.’

Kim Junsu will kick-off his seven-city Asia tour with concerts in Seoul on May 19 and 20.

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The Crown Prince Park Yoo Chun ruled over his princess’ mouth with a sweet kiss.

The May 16 broadcast of SBS’ Rooftop Prince showed Park Ha (Han Ji Min) and Lee Gak (Park Yoo Chun) coloring the small screen pink with their lovey-dovey antics.

In the episode, Yong Tae Moo (Lee Tae Sung) tried to use Park Ha as bait to cover up his lies. He kidnapped Park Ha, put her in a freezer truck, and called up Lee Gak. Park Ha showed tears of relief once she was freed with the help of Lee Gak, and Lee Gak also shed tears, holding Park Ha tightly in his arms.

After returning to his rooftop home, Lee Gak looked over Park Ha all night. When Park Ha tried to get up to cook omurice for him the next morning, Lee Gak kissed Park Ha’s lips and said, “If you don’t close your mouth, I’ll rule over your mouth.”

He then planted a kiss on her eyes and said sweetly, “If you don’t close your eyes, I’ll rule over your eyes too.” The way Park Ha and Lee Gak smiled at each other with happy expressions on their faces was enough to make their viewers smile along with them.

After the broadcast, viewers showed such reactions as, ‘Can you rule over my mouth too?’, ‘Trying to put myself in Han Ji Min’s shoes’ and ‘I heard a scream next door when Park Yoo Chun kissed.’

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Celebrating Jung Suk Won’s birthday, a photo of him and his SBS drama “Rooftop Prince” co-stars was revealed.

On the afternoon of 16 May, Jung Suk Won tweeted, “Thank you so much everyone, showing me such care on my birthday” and uploaded a picture as well. “I’m the most thankful to my parents for giving birth to me, Let’s have a great night!” he added.

In the photo, Jung Suk Won stands between “Rooftop Prince” co-stars Yoochun, Choi Woo Shik and Lee Minho , holding a birthday cake and smiling. The close image of these 4 people have captured much attention. Netizens who saw this said, “Happy Birthday!” “I’ll watch ‘Rooftop Prince’ tonight” and various other reactions.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Group JYJ's member Xia Junsu has recently released his solo album under the name of XIA, and expressed his thoughts, "Even though it is a pressure to stand on stage alone, I feel proud of it".

XIA held a press conference to commemorate the release of his first full album in Seoul Sogong-dong's Lotte Hotel at 11:30am on the 16th.

With regards to solo activities, XIA expressed "It has been 8 years since I began doing activities under the name of Xiah. Although doing all this alone places a burden on me, on the other hand I am proud that I am able to express the kind of music that I wanted to do, to my hearts content. I'm nervous and excited about it."

Furthermore, he introduced his title song 'Tarantallegra' saying, "I still have difficulty pronouncing it even now. This term refers to a spell word, akin to Abracadabra. It is said to be a spell that makes one dance vigorously. As soon as I heard this word, I thought "This is the one". It's something that gives off a different feeling from existing popular music. I felt that as a singer with 8 years of experience, I should avoid mainstream sounds."

In addition, with regards to the overall feel of the album, he expressed, "The greatest merit of this album is the variety of genres it includes. Besides traditional Korean lyrical ballads, I also collaborated with various other artists. Gaeko, Flowsik and Bizzy's participation also had the effect of bringing out a new side of my musicality."

With regards to his scheduled concerts on the coming 19th and 20th, XIA expressed, "Although I have done concerts on my own before in the past, because I have never tried leading the show for two whole hours on my own, it is hard to make a pre-mature statement about it. I'm worried about whether I can even lead the concert itself well. With regards to that point, I'm working hard in various aspects now."

On this day, all of XIA's 12 songs including the songs 'Tarantallegra' and 'I Don't Like Love' that had been revealed beforehand had begun sales online and offline. The title song 'Tarantallegra' is a song that is accompanied by an unprecedented music video with unique choreography and visuals.

XIA also said that this album includes many genres that he was trying for the first time, like hands-up electronic, medium tempo, R&B hip hop ballad, standard slow ballads etc. It is further completed with the participation of Dynamic Duo's Gaeko and rappers Flowsik and Bizzy.

A representative of C-JeS revealed, "From today, you will be able to see XIA's newly released full 1st album through online and offline channels. At the current state, the pre-orders for the album have crossed 100,000 copies."

Meanwhile, following the release of his album, XIA will begin his Asia Tour in 7 different cities starting with a two day concert on the 19th and 20th in the Jamsil Indoor Gymnastics Stadium.

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Jaejoong: @sukwon7123 Even though it's belate, happy birthday~!

Jaejoong: @1215thexiahtic Hyung finally received the album!

Junsu: Our friends M.E.N. went to South Soma City and sent me this picture, but I felt really sad after seeing the picture. In future I think FC Men should continue to show our support.

Junsu: Tarantallegra!!

Jeri:@1215thexiahtic jerrrrrrrriii ;)
Junsu: @slaughteration Kikikikikikikiki!!!!!!jeri~~~~Now set me on fire!ㅋ

Junsu: Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~!!!!

New DP

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JYJ member Kim Junsu, who made a comeback as a solo singer, dripped with confidence. He stood in front of the press with his dream of singing music that’s different from the others as a singer of eight years, and he was bold.

His first solo album Tarantallegra, which was released on May 15, contained 12 songs full of the musical life he had led for eight years.

Kim Junsu met with the press on May 16 before his official promotions, and said, “I was pressured with having to step off on the right foot because I would be releasing the first solo album out of JYJ. In the past, I settled myself into the music and concepts that had already been developed, but this time I was happy to do everything myself from the start.”

“80 percent of the songs in my album went through me,” he said. “I felt the pressure, but I tried to go for diversity by including the styles and genres that I always wanted to sing solo. I believe that’s what differentiates the album from the ones in the past, and that’s also the main point of the album. I hope you pay attention to that.”

As such, Kim Junsu’s first solo album contained a pure mix of the expertise from his eight year career. He added, “I felt the pressure, but I was sad to see the uniform music that exists. I wanted to let people listen to something different.”

His album is actually receiving reviews that it’s completely ‘different’ from the music that Kim Junsu originally showed off, and the music that the public expected from him.

Kim Junsu said he was satisfied by such evaluations.

“I’m happiest when the fans and public talk about what I aimed for. A lot of people said that I’m much different because I’ve been a singer for eight years, and I was so happy. I believe I’ve scored a success if I set such an image. All of my concerns were blown away with that one evaluation.”

He did, however, seem burdened by the fact that he was releasing the first solo album out of JYJ, and that he wasn’t able to appear on music shows like other singers. As if to overcome, he continued to emphasize that he invested a lot into the music video for the first single cut and the album itself.

“It’s my first solo album in eight years. I feel great that I was able to release an album after learning a lot of different things. I don’t know when I’ll be releasing my second album, but I want to knock on more doors with music that’s different and in my own color.”

Kim Junsu will hold an exclusive concert not as JYJ, but as himself from May 19-20 in Seoul. He will then embark on a tour through six cities overseas.

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JYJ’s Kim Junsu said the reason he′s going by Xia for his first solo album is because of the simple fact that Xia is his name.

The statement came at the press roundtable for his first album Xia-Tarantallegra held in Seoul on May 16.

Kim Junsu said, “[Kim] Jae Joong hyung (big brother) and I thought up the name ‘Xia’. Jae Joong and [Park] Yoo Chun hyung didn’t like their old names very much, but I did. I am JYJ’s Junsu, but the name that fits my identity as a solo best is ‘Xia’. I used it with the thought that everything is contained in that one word.”

He added, “I use my real name when I’m in musicals, but it wasn’t because I wanted to hide ‘Xia’; it was just that it was awkward to use Xia and not my real name in musicals. The members act in dramas too, and they just use their real names because they thought it would be funny to use their other names. No one has ever objected to being called by those names.”

“Overseas fans use Xia and Junsu and more to call me,” he said. “They call me by many names, such as Xia Junsu, Kim Junsu, Junsu or Xia. Since I’m Xia, I just thought naturally that I should release [the album] as Xia.”

Kim Junsu finished, “I’ve never even changed my signature since my debut. I still use Xia. I never thought much of using the name Xia, so much that the question asking me why I’m using Xia is new to me.”

Kim Junsu (Xia) released his first solo album on May 15, and will hold an exclusive concert from May 19-20.

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