Monday, May 14, 2012

Hallyu superstars Super Junior recently gained attention as they commented on their increasing popularity in the Japanese market.

On May 13th, Super Junior held a press conference to mark the ‘Super Show 4‘ concert at the prestigious Tokyo Dome. During the conference, leader Lee Teuk shared his thoughts on Super Junior’s popularity by commenting, “I think we benefited greatly from the Hallyu Wave“.

When asked about the comparisons to label mates and fellow Hallyu superstars TVXQ, Lee Teuk replied, “Many people compare our popularity to TVXQ’s, but we really have a long way to go. TVXQ’s fandom is beyond imagination. TVXQ’s popularity is the result of hard work that began at performances in front of only 500 people.”

He continued by explaining, “In comparison, we never had any real promotions or activities in Japan but we received a lot of love as a result of the K-pop boom. We are considering creating a unit in Japan in order to repay the love that we received.”

In related news, Super Junior held their ‘Super Show 4′ performance across two nights at the Tokyo Dome. The concert was a resounding success, as each performance played to a crowd of over 55,000 and grossed over $14 million dollars in revenue.

The next leg of the ‘Super Show 4′ tour is scheduled to be held in Seoul on May 26 and 27th.

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JYJ’s Jaejoong and Song Ji Hyo participated in a prayer ceremony to pray for the success of the move “Here Comes Jackal”. According to Lotte Entertainment on the morning of 14 May, Song Ji Hyo and Jaejoong participated in the Gosa ceremony on 9 May to pray that the movie will be a hit. Aside from the main cast of “Here Comes Jackal”, the director, staff, and relevant personnel from the production company also gathered at the Movie Centre at Dongguk University at Chungmuro, Seoul, where the ceremony was held.

The Gosa ceremony this time began with a speech by director Bae Hyung Jun.

Jaejoong, who plays Choi Hyuk in the movie “Here Comes Jackal”, greeted each staff with, “I’ll do my best. Please give me your guidance,” showing his passion for the movie. On this day, he also lent his shoulder to Song Ji Hyo when she was having trouble removing her shoes. They gave off the warm feeling of a couple.

On another note, “Here Comes Jackal” depicts the story which unfolds when a legendary female killer, Jackal (Song Ji Hyo), kidnaps a top star. Filming will begin in full-swing in mid-May, and the movie is expected to open later this year.

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XIA Junsu's First Album's Title TARANTALLEGRA!
TARANTALLEGRA is the magic spell that causes uncontrollable dance and it is the sensational title song of XIA's First solo album. XIA composed and arranged the song and JUNO wrote the lyrics. You could fee the strong beat and various sound. The song becomes more fabulous by the rap featured by Flowsik and choreography from Jeri Slaughter and his team who worked with Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Now, it is time to fall in XIA's spell!

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Few more scenes of Jaejoong added

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Fans from across the globe! Come check out TVXQ! in Seoul on this Fan Festival!
Check out the program below for all that’s in store!

Date : (Sun) July 15, 2012

Meeting with the fans.
1. Mini Concert (Five songs)
TVXQ! presents a private concert to attending fans.
2. Question and Answer Time with the Fans!
Ask whatever you’ve been curious about in the meantime!
3. Drawing for Giveaway of TVXQ! Goods!
Through a random drawing, lucky fans will be able to collect original items of the group that cannot be found anywhere for sale!
4. Heart-to-Heart Talk with TVXQ!

Photo Shoot
Group photo shoot with members up on stage!!
(Shot includes TVXQ! members and 40 guests)

*Shots taken with the group are to include 40 guests at a time.

Let’s cheer them on!

▼Please visit the site below for more information▼

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@0:12 For Kyuhyun’s solo, Changmin appeared in the VTR this time and told him to try something different, but Kyuhyun insisted on singing ballads, so his solo this time was a Japanese ballad instead of ‘Isn’t She Lovely’. (cr: HaSeol_雪晴 via leetaefunq)

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All the artist sang 'Balloons' for the opening. Fanacc say that HoMin wasn't on stage for the opening but omg listen to the fanchant xDD

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At times when my body and heart is fatigued, the thing that torments and wears my mind out is music, but it is also music that heals my spirit that slowly becomes smaller as it wears out bit by bit.. So I can't give up on music, and neither can I not care about it.. Even though I don't get many hours of sleep, the short time that I spend writing songs is evidence of that, so.. What should I call this..

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