Friday, April 13, 2012

[TRANS] 120413 JYJ Yoochun, “Rooftop Prince” Remains No. 1 In Viewership Ratings

“Rooftop Prince” has retained its title as number 1 in the battle between the Wednesday-Thursday dramas of the same timeslot.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research ratings firm on 13 April, the episode of “Rooftop Prince” which was broadcast on 12 April recorded viewership ratings of a national average of 12.5%. The ratings remain unchanged from the episode which was broadcast on 5 April, and has achieved the highest viewership ratings for that timeslot. “Rooftop Prince” had surpassed “The King 2 Hearts” during episode 6, which was broadcast on 5 April, to achieve number 1 in viewership ratings.

Meanwhile, “The King 2 Hearts”, which had two episodes broadcast consecutively, recorded 11% and 12.5% viewership ratings for episodes 7 and 8 respectively, while “The Equator Man” recorded viewership ratings of 10.8%.

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[TRANS] 120413 Movie As One's Choi Yoon Young, "I kept my promise with Kim Junsu and Eunhyuk."

Actress Choi Yoon Young revealed an agreement she made in primary school. It was an agreement she had made with none other than JYJ’s Kim Junsu and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk.

In a conference for the movie that took place in a venue in Gwanghwamun on the afternoon of the 12th of April, Choi Yoon Young shared, “I had a promise with Kim Junsu-ssi and Eunhyuk-ssi, and now we’ve each managed to fulfill it.” It turns out that the three of them all graduated from Neunggok Primary School, and were in fact classmates in Primary 6.

Back then, while being in the same dance group for the school, the three of them practiced together and laid down a promise, “Let’s definitely meet again in a broadcast center someday in future!” Kim Junsu and Eunhyuk individually debuted earlier as singers, and following that Choi Yoon Young was chosen as a talent by KBS in 2008 and managed to carry out her part of the promise they had made as children.

She added, recounting her past experiences, “At that time, our teacher-in-charge would often ask us to perform for talent shows, and we would go out and dance together.” After recently watching the Musical Elisabeth that Kim Junsu appears, Choi Yoon Young posted on her twiter account, “Junsu’s skills really improve as time goes by!! I watched really well~!!” revealing her after thoughts on the performance.

Meanwhile, Choi Yoon Young plays the role of South Korean table tennis national representative Choi Yeon Jung in the movie ‘As One’ that tells the true story of the first ever united South and North Korean table tennis team formed. Her character who plays alongside Ha Ji Won (who plays Hyun Jung Hwa) to show good chemistry as part of a duo, also forms the one and only love line in the movie together with Lee Jong Suk’s character, a representative from North Korea. The movie is expected to be released sometime in May.

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[TRANS] 120413 Junsu Twitter Update

(Junsu)Perhaps it's because I'm in the car that's why it keeps shaking... In any case, it's really great that the weather is refreshing~~
(Junsu) Soccer is really fun.. The weather is just too perfectㅎ

(yoonphantom) @1215thexiahtic The weather was really good right? I just came back from playing soccer with my son too!
(Junsu) @yoonphantom Hyung you too??? Ooh ^^

(plmok30) @1215thexiahtic Did you like the Yonghwanie on the soccer field today? '@'
(Junsu) @plmok30 As expected I have to see you on the soccer field~ Let's never meet at the bowling alley!!ㅋ

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[PHOTOS] TVXQ - "I AM" Character Poster

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[VIDEO] 120412 Yoochun - Rooftop Prince Ep.8 Preview (Eng Sub)

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