Saturday, April 7, 2012

[TRANS] 120406 JYJ - Twitter Update


▶6002theMicky | Crown Prince.. be in my arms and comfortably close your eyes..I will comfort you..You can sleep..all your filming will be finished..I will guide a better place..Crown no!

▶6002theMicky | If you continue to be like this, please bear in mind that as Death... I can take you, Your Highness........^^
15h Kim Jyunshyu Kim Jyunshyu ‏ @0101jyunshyu

▶6002theMicky | Your Highness... Where have you been??
15h Kim Jyunshyu Kim Jyunshyu ‏ @0101jyunshyu

▶6002theMicky | Is it "Jeo-ha"..? (T/N: Junsu is confusing himself between "Jeon-ha" and "Jeo-ha" for "Your Highness"... XD)

▶6002theMicky | Your Highness... Congratulations on getting 1st place in the Eastern Time Slot ...^^ As expected... kk


▶1215thexiahtic | Tod-sshi... You already took the Crown Princess... ㅠㅠ Tod, you're bad...

When I think about it, I heard there's another Double Dragon in the gallery hahahaha (T/N: I think he's talking about DC Gallery. :))

▶beyondmonica | Because this body, Double Dragon, has to go to film, let's meet later. Once my drama finishes, my body will be exhausted, the Dragon will of course die~ -[in reply to]- I spit out my water.. kkkk double dragon kkkk this person, really... kkkk

▶beyondmonica | Whoah, whoah! I've always told you not to call me 'Your Highness'... tsk tsk tsk I'm not a double dragon~ -[in reply to]- Bang!!! kkkkkkkkkkkk Nowadays, really, Your Highness is... hurray!!! kkkkkkk

▶beyondmonica | Hock~ Didn't you know, I have to take care of Assistant Yongsul's sword -[in reply to]- After the two of you finish with your drama, instead of having one round of soju and beer, let's go have Coconut Time, your Highness.

▶beyondmonica | Ah~~ Coming here after seeing Yoohwan-i, you're becoming tighter with the sweet ones~^^ -[in reply to]- The moon today is almost totally a super moon!!! I hope you get a lot of blessings under the bright moon, your Highness. Since we're going to meet "guerilla" style there today, I am even more glad to see you. Haha be strong, aja aja ^_^

The script that's dancing with the wind・・you're also excited [as I am]..^^


▶TAE_SAMA | if you stop, it wouldn't be good for the body. I'm watching the drama well ~ be strong in your filming~!! -[in reply to]- my body is very weak right now, it's not accomplished at all.. Kk

I will sleep.
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In ancient times, I could've gone to the same health club as Yong Tae Mi.. I heard that in actuality, his body is accomplished and praiseworthy.

▶1215thexiahtic ▶6002themicky | in reality, it's fun... This drama called Rooftop Prince.. Personally, I'm Woo Yong Sul's fan.

▶1215thexiahtic ▶6002themicky | whoah, whoah.. There's only two friends I'm following.. Why are there so many tweets coming up, making me crazy? Can't you move back to the living room and filming set right this moment! Although of course, I also plan to watch Rooftop Prince all in one go today...

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[PHOTOS] 120406 HoMin - MBC Korean Music Wave in Bangkok Press Conference

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[TRANS] 120406 Changes To The Broadcast Schedule Of Episodes 7 & 8 Of “Rooftop Prince”

There will be a change to the broadcast schedule of episodes 7 and 8 of “Rooftop Prince”.

Episode 7 will not be broadcasted on Wednesday, 11 April. Instead, it will be broadcast during the 9.55pm KST timeslot on 12 April, Thursday. Episode 8 will thus be pushed back to the 11.15pm timeslot on the same day, 12 April, Thursday.

Source : [SBS]
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