Monday, April 2, 2012

[NEWS] 120402 Park Yoochun Greets 500 Japanese Fans

On March 31, Park Yoo Chun held a fan meeting to meet his fans and promote his current drama, "Rooftop Prince." This fan meeting was held in Korea, but was open exclusively to Park Yoo Chun's Japanese fans. Through this event, 500 lucky Japanese fans had a chance to participate in a fan meeting and check out "Rooftop Prince"s filming set. The tickets sold out almost immediate after the pool was open, proving Park Yoo Chun's popularity in Japan.

Excited Japanese fans prepared placards not only for Park Yoo Chun and his previous dramas, but also for "Rooftop Prince," which has not yet aired officially in Japan. A Japanese fan commented, "Many K-drama and Park Yoo Chun fans are very excited for 'Rooftop Prince.' We watch it almost in real-time via internet."

An official from this event commented, "Both of Park Yoo Chun's previous dramas, 'Sund Gyun Kwan Scandal' and 'Miss Ripley' are widely popular in Japan. As a result, he has become one of the leading Hallyu actors. Many online fan communities were formed in Japan instantly after Park Yoochun's casting news was released."

During two hours of fan meeting, Park Yoochun updated his fans about "Rooftop Prince" and his recent activities. He also participated in many mini-games and made Onigiri (also known as Triagular Kimbab in Korea) with the fans. He thanked his fans for visiting, "Although 'Rooftop Prince' only recently started airing, I've gotten so much love and support already. Thank you all for your support and visiting me. Please keep cheering for 'Rooftop Prince.'"

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[PHOTO] 120402 Junsu's Mom Twitter Update

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[PHOTOS] 120402 Yoochun - SBS Rooftop Prince Gallery

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[TRANS] 120402 Jaejoong's Sisters Twitter Update

After a long time... I had a phone call with Joongie... But.. he's caught a cold huh.. Wait just a while more... I'll go..and make you porridge at least... Don't be sick~~

@Shie486 I'm at Joongie's house now

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[PHOTOS] 120331 Yoochun - Rooftop Prince Fanmeet Part 2

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[TRANS] 120330 Poster For SM Movie “I AM” Revealed, Stars Offstage Appearances “Builds Anticipation!”

The poster and teaser of the movie “I AM”, featuring SM Entertainment artists, has been revealed.

“I AM” documents the making of history, as SM Entertainment artists including Kangta, BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee and f(x), become the first Asian artists to stand on the stage of New York’s Madison Square Garden. The film attracts interest as it depicts the scenes of SM Town artists, who have gone beyond Asia to the world, before and after their performances, as well as while they prepare for their stages.

In the second movie poster which was revealed this time, what is seen is not the glamorous on-stage looks of the artists, but rather their casual and natural appearances, increasing the anticipation which people have for the movie.

Also, the teaser of the film “I AM” captures the nervous expressions of the artists before they go on stage, and the preparation which they undergo behind-the-scenes in order to present passionate stages for the fans. The film is labelled “The first, the best, and with the most possibility”, hinting at the real side of these artists which can be seen.

Upon seeing this, netizens expressed, “It cannot be missed” and “It seems to be a film with a lot of passion and hard work. I am looking forward to it.” among other responses.

On another note, this film “I AM”, which has once again sparked interest among the fans with the release of the second poster and teaser clip, will be screened in May.

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[TRANS] 120401 Newbie Group EXO, “Most Thankful To Seniors Lee Teuk and Uknow Yunho”

Newbie group EXO expressed their gratitude towards the seniors from their management agency.

EXO held their first showcase and and a press conference at the Olympic Hall, Olympic Park, Bangi-dong, Sopa-gu, in Seoul on 31 March.

During the press conference, EXO’s leader, SUHO expressed, “Super Junior’s Lee Teuk sunbae gave much advice to me about the qualities and responsibilities of a good leader.”

Kris also said, “TVXQ’s Uknow Yunho sunbae gave us a lot of assistance and guidance during this period of time with regard to our dance practices.”

In addition, EXO also said, “Our goal is to promote our music not only within the Asian music industry, but also to the world. We want to perform with our seniors and stand alongside them.”

Kai also expressed his yearning when he said, “I want to perform with Uknow Yunho sunbae in music programs. He is a senior which we have a lot to learn from, from his cool performances to his stage charisma.”

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[PHOTOS] 120401 Junsu - Elisabeth Musical


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[FANCAM] 120401 Junsu - Elisabeth Musical Curtain Call

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