Saturday, March 31, 2012

[PHOTOS] 120331 Yoochun - Rooftop Prince Fanmeet

Credits: As tagged + DNBN
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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 120331 YooSu Twitter Update

(Yoochun) In progress...

(Yoochun) Suddenly.. Reminded of you
(Junsu) A picture together with Jungjae in the coffeeshop! The idleness of the early evening.. feels really great~

(Young Seok) @1215thexiahtic Have a fun time~~^^ and let's meet up tomorrow!!^^ㅎ
(Junsu) @yoonphantom Haven't reunited with hyung in a while haha see you tomorrow, hyung~^^

(Junsu) "I hope I'm mother's mirror... Because she will look at me... Because she will talk to me..." Really, these lyrics... It seems like you can hear everything in Rudolph's heart...i really like this song best...

(Junsu) Hear me, mom....please help me... Seungdae Hyung was really pathetic here, he was really good ^^ ㅎ

Source: Junsu + Yoochun + Other's Twitter
Translation by: AllRiseXiahtic + 0101jyunshyu
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[PHOTOS] 120325 Junsu - Elisabeth Musical

Credits: TVXQBaidu
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[SCANS] 120330 TVXQ - L'EAU DE MISSHA Postcard HQ

Credits: DC Max Gall
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