Sunday, April 29, 2012

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(Yoochun) You...and I, we're blessed...

(Junsu) I'm doing the musical in a semi-conscious state right now........ ha-ack!

(poimin73) Hidden camera of Xiahtod who is tweeting half-asleep kyakyakyakya!!!!

(Jaejoong) Elephants are endangered in Thailand?? This can't happen.......... My elephants

(Junsu) I love peru~~~~^^

(Junsu RT) @JUNO_Japan I'm watching "Stroke of Luck" right now, and it's really interesting!!^^ㅎㅎ Everyone who's in Korea now, even if it's already started, quickly tune in to Channel 19 Joseon TV and watch it^^

(Yoochun) The most expensive.. and cheap painting in the world...

(Junsu) @6002theMicky Be strong! Yoochun-ah~ See you tomorrow

(Junsu) @mjjeje Hyung~ See you tomorrow^^

(Jaejoong) @1215thexiahtic @6002themicky See you tomorrow~^^

(Junsu) @mjjeje Is this your identification picture??

Jaejoong's new DP (Previous & now)

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Hallyu superstars and 9 year K-pop veterans TVXQ recently sat down to describe their relationship with each other.

On the April 28th edition of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘, Changmin explained, ‘We have been described as a married couple of 9 years, and if I think about it, we are like the drama ‘Love and War‘. Even though we are not man and woman, we have interchanging feelings of mortal hatred and love for each other. That is why I found ‘Love and War’ relatable as I was watching it.”

When member Yunho was asked what Changmin means to him, he replied, “He is like a house. A house that I can come back to no matter what happens.” When Changmin was asked what Yunho means to him, he cheekily replied, “Like ‘Love and War’.”

Here’s to many more years of ‘Love and War’ for the fantastic duo!

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TVXQ‘s frequent flyer miles have been revealed.

On April 28th, KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Weekly‘ met up with TVXQ in Japan during their concert in Osaka. Their Japanese concert tour catered to over 550,000 people and was filled with loud cheers and warm welcomes. Their explosive stage in Osaka filled with around 45,000 fans in attendance was so heartwarming that it brought Yunho to tears.

During the interview with ‘Entertainment Weekly”, Changmin stated, “Because it was the final performance, there were parts where it was physically tiring.”

The interviewer then asked, “You have ridden on many planes, how many air miles do you have?” Changmin answered, “There is someone that is actually above us in this department.” Yunho then added, “Within our company, nobody can beat BoA sunbaenim (senior).”

BoA, who debuted at the young age of 13 and has been performing for over 10 years, was revealed to be #1 among SM artists when it came to frequent flyer miles.

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