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[PHOTOS] 120330 TVXQ - L'EAU DE MISSHA Launching Ceremony

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[VIDEO] 120330 TVXQ - L'EAU DE MISSHA 'Fascination' CF

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[NEWS] 120330 JYJ’s Yoochun talks about his role in ‘Rooftop Prince’

JYJ‘s Park Yoochun recently sat down to talk about his character in his new SBS drama, ‘Rooftop Prince‘.

On March 30th, he spoke to C-JeS Entertainment, stating, “When I’m at the drama film set, I don’t really have the time to check the reactions so it’s hard to get a feel of how my character’s being received. Everyone at the company told me that I received a good response so I felt really great about that.”

He continued, “There’s a bit of pressure in having to live up to expectations, but I want to pay back the support I’m receiving by focusing on my acting with each new episode, and presenting good skills.”

Yoochun plays the role of Lee Gak, a charismatic young man with a soft heart when it comes to love. After losing his wife the Princess, he wakes up 300 years later in 21st century Seoul. He stated, “Lee Gak is in a very sad predicament right now. He’s in a really big crisis, so I hope that everyone will understand and support the prince!”

A representative of the drama also expressed, “The character is a bit detached from reality so that was one of our main concerns. Fortunately, Park Yoochun’s natural acting skills has helped viewers focus on Lee Gak’s situation at hand.”

The drama is off to a great start, and Yoochun’s character is already melting the hearts of everyone from elementary school students to those in their 40s and 50s!

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[TRANS] 120330 YooSu Twitter Update

Ahn Sang Tae (@ahnsangtae): Met you during filming, I am your fan! Though it’s tiring and has been hard, fighting! (T/N: Ahn Sang Tae is the comical policeman in Rooftop Prince)

Yoochun: @ahnsangtae Ke Thank you. It has been very enjoyable working with hyunh

Young Pil (@youngfeel): @JUNO_JAPAN Please be quiet Junho sshi~~ I have been acknowledged these days~ On the sports field~~ ^^

Junsu: @youngfeel Hmm… the so-called acknowledgement…

Kikwang (@B2stGK): Have been feeling~great since morning ^-^ The long awaited selca!! Will have a safe trip. Thank you everybdy ~.~! SMILE~~~ BIUNG!!

Junsu: @B2stGK Bon Voyage~~~~~ ^^

Junho (@JUNO_JAPAN): Please make this clear~ The fact that everyone acknowledges Youngpil hyung’s football skills, is this real? Mr. Captain????? RT @1215thexiahtic @youngfeel Hmm… the so-called proof…

Junsu: @JUNO_JAPAN Hope that he can fulfil his goalkeeper’s duties well… (He) has been having greeds for the games TT Is this a hunch for becoming 10 players…..?????? ke

Junho: @1215thxiahtic Keke Quoting Mr. Captain’s words..!! Concluding Mr. Young Pil’s words of “Everyone acknowledged my football skills”.

Junsu: @JUNO_JAPAN Kekeke But he indeed improves slightly from before~~ ^^

Junsu: Hello! (T/N: In a cute way)

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[VIDEO] 120329 Yoochun - Rooftop Prince Ep. 4

Episode 4 is 100% subbed in VIKI

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[PHOTO] 120328 Junsu - Elisabeth Musical

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[NEWS] 120328 TVXQ Mentioned by Yoshiki From X Japan

X Japan member Yoshiki mentioned TVXQ in his Twtiter on Sunday. It stated, “I’m happy that TVXQ covered my song.” TVXQ’s Changmin performed X Japan’s ‘Rusty Nail’ during TVXQ’s live concert on March 20 at Saitama Super Arena.

The concert is part of TVXQ’s Japan tour ‘TVXQ Live Tour 2012: Tone’ performing the last day in Saitama. TVXQ kicked off the tour back in January has covered so far 20 shows and have gathered a total of 250,000 fans so far. As March 20 was the last live concert in Arena many local media covered the event.

TVXQ is to perform at Tokyo Dome on April 14-16 followed by Kyocera Dome for three days on April 21-23. The entire Japan tour including the dome performance is expected to be 550,000 which will be their largest-scale tour.

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