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(Junsu) I want to go see the cherry blossom

(Yoochun) Monk Jihye....


(Yoochun)Our Yeona~^^

(Yoochun)Our Hyeongukie~^^

(Yoochun)Our Jihye~^^

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Sawasdee Krab I’m Junsu

 Regarding my solo concert that will happen on this 27th May, the concert venue is at Paragon Hall, and to which I think all of the details have already been announced. And this is my 1st solo concert so there would be some parts of me that you have never seen before but I’ll try my best to present other abilities of mine to you. I’d be happy and glad if everyone comes to watch my performance at Paragon Hall on this 27th May. If we get a chance to create memories together, it’d be awesome. I really look forward to meet everyone on 27th May.

 See you all, bye bye

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The members of JYJ and actress Min Hyo Rin have donned colorful preppy looks for their summer photoshoot with endorsement brand ‘NII‘.

Held at the end of March, the photoshoot was completed under the concept of ’4EPLE 4COLOR’, where four unique models brought together four different colors into a bright and summery combination.

 Jaejoong took on red while Yoochun took green. Junsu went with blue and Min Hyo Rin chose pink. Jaejoong and Junsu’s blonde hair styles look especially refreshing combined with all of the colors while Yoochun’s bright facial expression adds a care free touch to the photo.

 A making-of video will be released on NII’s homepage, Facebook, and Twitter at the end of the month along with fun new events.

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Q: Do you have any principles you go by when wearing suits, or any styles that you like?
A: I like suits that are fitting. Today’s suit is slightly different, but it is not bad as well. The shooting process was very interesting.

Q: Which is your favourite among the sets of clothing today?
A: I like the suit that appears a bit faded. The set with short sleeves and the hat was also not bad. Ah, what was that thing called again?

Q: It’s called suspenders. Simply put, it’s overalls?
A: Yes, a staff said earlier on, “These are overalls?”. I said, “Don’t go around saying that.” (laughs)

Q: Do you still feel shy when people give you compliments such as, “You really look very good” and “You are really handsome”? Even just now, you kept saying, “Who am I (to be considered good looking)?” and “No, no”. Should you not have gotten used to it since you hear it so often?
A: Since I was young, my father seldom praised me. Awhile back, when I was drinking with my father, he suddenly said, “I did not praise you much when you were young, sorry.” Because of this, I feel embarrassed every time I hear such compliments.

Q: Have you ever seen yourself as good looking?
A: It would be a lie if I said no right? Rather than being good looking, I think I am not bad looking?

Q: When mentioning Changmin, the thing that people most commonly say is “He is the only person who is unaware of the singing abilities he has.” What do you think about this?
A: Yes, I am rather strict with myself.

Q: It has been almost 10 years since your début?
A: I used to be have a “model trainee” complex, thinking that I should never allow others to see any negative sides of me. In the past, I would be very conscious of the words I used during interviews, and I would talk about morals and beliefs. Now, even under the packaging by others, I still want to show a true kind side of myself. Working hard blindly, but ending up closing yourself off will just create a lot of stress. I do not like telling people, “I am this kind of person.” I would rather not have people have false expectations of me simply because I say something which sounds good. I do not wish to be seen that way, I would be more comfortable if things were not that way. Nowadays when I make mistakes, I will think, “Ah, it’s okay, I can actually do better than this. It is not as if I didn’t work hard… ” Rather than saying that I am confident in my own abilities, I guess it can be said that I started to believe in my own efforts to some extent. During these two to three months, during the 20-odd concerts we have had while on tour in Japan, there has not been a single time when I have been stressed out or upset because of a mistake I made. Every time, every moment when I made a mistake was interesting. It surprised me as well.

Q: But those mistakes are not as big mistakes as we think right?
A: When we were in Hong Kong for a performance a while ago, I lost my voice. If it was in the past, I would have went “Argghhhh” and gotten stressed up, and it would show on my face. 2 weeks before that, some things had happened at home so my body was in a bad condition, when I tried singing before we went on stage, my voice could not come out. (So I thought to myself) “Ah, it seems like something is going wrong today,” and asked the manager for a preventive shot.

Q: When things are hard, how do you make yourself feel better?
A: By drinking. I drank a little today as well.

Q: You are strict with yourself, but it seems drinking is an exception? But drinking does not affect your state of mind right?
A: Oh, it does. Because of the sudden changes to the body and physiological changes. I do not cause any inconvenience to other people at all though.

Q: Who do you drink with?
A: It is difficult to meet up frequently with friends from the company, so I often drink alone at home or with my manager.

Q: Are you not afraid of getting a beer belly?
A: It is true that a beer belly may appear, but I think it is all right as long as you drink in moderation.

Q: Do you go to places like bars to drink?
A: I sometimes go to beer pubs.

Q: Are you not afraid of being recognised by people?
A: If someone recognises me, I greet them. Then I just drink without letting it bother me, and without worrying about what happens outside the shop.

Q: Beer aside, what is the biggest gift you have given yourself?
A: I do not seem to have given myself any big gifts. I am the type who distinguishes between something that I want to buy on impulse, and something that I would use for a long time.

Q: I am reminded of the Confucian sayings which were written on your arm during the filming just now. It is just like Confucian teachings.
A: There is a car which catches my eye, but right now I do not particularly feel the need to change my car now. It was a car given as a gift by the company. It is not like I do not have one, and it is something still working well, so I do not think there is a pressing need to get a new one.

Q: When was the time when you remember spending the largest amount of money?
A: The monetary wedding gift I gave three to four years ago to our manager, who has suffered a lot. Although the definition of what a large amount and small amount is varies from person to person, but for me that is the time when I recall spending the most.

(To be continued in Part 2…)

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Today is the first solo live for Tohoshinki at Kyocera dome! It was an even hotter stage today! Thank you everyone! We will do our customary introductions of the band for this tour! Today it’s Fukucho-san, who is on percussions, and Kazu-san, on bass, who were advertising for the Bigeast refer-a-friend campaign!
We’re as happy as can be!!
Again, the dancer team was doing the jigsaw puzzle at the breaks during the actual show! We’re looking forward to its completion! Well done, well done!

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