Thursday, April 19, 2012

Park Yoo Chun appeared on the April 19 episode of SBS “Good Morning,” and revealed that he had to starve two straight days because of the tight filming schedule of SBS “Rooftop Prince.”

The interview took place at a grocery store, in front of the “free food” stands typically found in Korean super markets. Park Yoo Chun briefly took a break to talk to the camera, as he started to eat some of the mini sausages offered at the “free food” stand.

He said, “This is my first meal in two days…We’re not allowed to eat anything else, right? It’s my first time eating.”

He was asked how he’s been able to carry on with himself in such a tight schedule. Yoo Chun playfully answered, “Ji Min nuna…Ji Min nuna. Do you know why? Because Ji Min nuna has more scenes than I do. That’s (watching her scenes) the only pleasure of my life. I keep reminding myself, ‘Ah, I’m so blessed.’”

Netizens commented, “I love ‘Rooftop Prince,’” “This just explains the poor working conditions of Korean dramas,” and “At least give Yoo Chun more eating scenes.”

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Park Min Young will be joining the MBC drama Time Slip Dr. Jin.

The actress will take on the roles of the talented physician Yoo Mi Na in the present, and of Hong Young Rae, the daughter of a fallen yangban (aristocrat) household, in Joseon. Park Min Young is thus expected to fill the small screen with the two similar, yet different, roles.

Yoo Mi Na is bright and outgoing, and is so emotional she has been nicknamed ‘Mad Mi Na’. Mi Na, however, has a warm heart that won’t let her pass by anyone in a difficult situation without offering some form of help. Hong Young Rae of Joseon is a careful, strong and warm woman, and shows a motherly love stronger than anyone else’s.

Director Han Hee of Dr. Jin said, “I believe that Park Min Young is the perfect fit for the heroine role of Dr. Jin because she’s been in period pieces such as Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Princess Ja Myung Go, and modern pieces like City Hunter and Man of Honor. She was recognized for her acting skills through a steady career, so I expect her to be great in both modern and period pieces.”

Dr. Jin is a drama adaptation of a Japanese manga of the same title, and is about how the most talented surgeon in modern day Korea, Jin Hyuk (Song Seung Hun), suddenly finds himself in the Joseon Period. The cast also includes Kim Jae Joong and Lee Bum Soo.

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Netizens recently cast their votes for their favorite boy group maknae whose charismatic charms could even triumph the fellow hyungs in the group.

From April 11th to the 17th, portal site DC Inside held a poll titled ‘Maknae On Top’, asking netizens, ‘the boy group maknae who overpowers his hyungs with his charisma?’.

TVXQ‘s Changmin won by a landslide, as 13,485 of 20,344 (66.3%) netizens cast their votes for the singer who possesses tall height, polite manners, mature and eloquent speech, and more.

JYJ‘s Junsu came in second with 3,200 (15.7%) of the votes, thanks to his deep and husky vocals, as well as his strong stage presence when performing in his musicals ‘Mozart‘, ‘Elisabeth‘, and more.

SHINee‘s Taemin came in third, followed by Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun, Shinhwa‘s Andy, Big Bang‘s Seungri, CNBLUE‘s Jungshin, Infinite‘s Sungjong, TEEN TOP‘s Changjo, MBLAQ‘s Mir, 2PM‘s Chansung, Block B‘s P.O., FT Island‘s Minhwan, B1A4‘s Gongchan, 2AM‘s Jinwoon, ZE:A‘s Dongjoon, B.A.P‘s Zelo, U-KISS‘ Dongho, Boyfriend‘s Minwoo, and more.

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Chelsea hwaiting~~!!!!!!!!

Xiah gang.. hanging out in the middle of the nightㅎㅎ Really no matter how I look at it we look like dropoutsㅋㅋChelsea wonㅎㅎ

Barcelona is seriously good, as expectedㅎㅎ

I don't hate Barcelona~~ I just like Chelsea a little bit more, that's all! Messi is really the best...!!!!!

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Kitagawa Eriko is the author of Postman to HeavenI wonder if Jaejoong is doing well. Right now I'm recalled of good-looking men, so I think of Jaejoong.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fans of JYJ‘s Yoochun have completed a fantastic charity project to show support for his SBS drama, ‘Rooftop Prince‘.

Yoochun’s fan support union spent six weeks collecting Naver‘s charity currency, called Happy Beans, starting from February 15th until March 31st. They managed to gather about $11,500 USD, which they used to purchase and donate rice and ramen for groups like the eldery, multi-cultural families, single mother families, the disabled, and the impoverished.

Over 179 organizations signed up for the project, and 42 were chosen. The organizations thanked the fans by leaving messages like, “Yoochun seemed like a figure so far removed from us, but he now seems so close,” and “We were worried over running out of rice, but we are now able to give the elderly meals thanks to the fans of Yoochun.”

In related news, JYJ has been continuing their charity projects, such as their numerous donations to world causes, in addition to their participation in the ‘Mango Tree Project‘ with World Vision.

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Commemorative photo with XiahTod for the final performance (together)~~^^
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(Yoochun) We are!!! The Rooftop Defence Force!!!^__________________^
(Minho - @93LeeMinHo) Rooftop lunch hour!!!!!!+_+
(Minho) You called?
(Woosik - @woosiq) Ah I feel so good!!!!!!!! I love you (T/N: In a very cute way)
(Sukwon - @sukwon7123) Did we not stayed up for a few nights?. But. We are happy
(Sukwon) Ramen..who invented it
(Sukwon) I really like this kind of photos. I'm very touched ㅜㅜ

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For the fourth anniversary of the English-licensed fashion magazine ‘Dazed & Confused‘, TVXQ‘s Changmin has graced the cover of the May edition!

Along with it being the magazine’s fourth anniversary, it’s also the 30th anniversary of fashion brand ‘Emporio Armani‘. To combine the best of both worlds, Changmin decked himself out in sleek and modern suits from Armani for his latest pictorial with the magazine. Thanks to his tall height, Changmin’s known for his impeccable suit fit, making him the perfect model for the shoot.

Despite his busy schedule in Japan, he took time off to step away from his usual style to blow a breath of youthful air into the normally formal suit wear by mixing and matching bold accessories with props like skateboards.

In his interview, he also talked about his first Japanese movie, ‘Run with the Gold‘, as well as his changes on maturing and moving on from his rules and beliefs as a young adult.

More pics here

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The humor and plotline of KBS’ Sungkyunkwan Scandal is connecting with fans abroad.

On April 18, KBS revealed the 2012 drama, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, was awarded the bronze award at the 2012 New York TV Festival, held on April 17 (local time) in Las Vegas.

KBS director Kwak Ki Won, who was in attendance of the ceremony shared, “Through this award, I anticipate the Hallyu boom, currently blowing through Korea, Japan, and Asia, will spread throughout the world.”

The New York Television Festival is held yearly and is attended by some 400 different related-organizations from all over the world including BBC World Wide, America’s CBS, Germany’s ZDF, Japan’s NHK and more. This year’s festival was its 55th.

KBS is no stranger to the New York Television Festival, as it has received awards from the ceremony in the past for its documentaries, variety programs and new programs as well.

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