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White ocean during 'Still'~

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(cr.T5HOME) Yunho is crying, truly crying

(cr.T5HOME) Yunho(Crying) "I'm embarrassed." whipping tears with fingers. Changmin "I want to cry but tears cannot come out." Lol

(cr.T5HOME) Yesterday, Changmin did last jump at the concert, but today Yunho did it for memory of Yunho was crying! (Changmin said that.) Thanks!

(cr:_Money_小瑪尼_) Changmin imitated Yunho's crying face. xD

(cr: 昌MOMO-小y) during Weep, Yunho was crying. Changmin did the talking, supporting Yunho :)

(cr:YUNHOLOVEKO) OMG!! CM's parents just came in. Their seats are close to mine! Look just like CM really \(^o^)/

(cr:T5HOME) YH (w/tears)"Im embarrased. "wipe out w fingers. CM soon :"" I wanna cry as well but tears dont come

(cr:T5HOME) CM wrapup stomp(T/N ?) of concert yesterday. but tdy "In commemoration of YH's crying"(CM said) YH

(cr:U_kiko0401) Yunho cried river!! When he was about to say "This is the stage of our dream..."

(cr:pinkt_0) YH cried in MC before STL. CM said like he cannot cry, then when he pours water onto himself as usual at STL, and mimic crying pointing his eyes w fingers.

(cr:JJshinohara) (After some tweets meaning HoMin are so sexy even from man's viewpoint,before the 1st day starts,around evening Apr14)

19:21 TKY Dome is now the red ocean with lightsticks.
21:10 I'm about to greet them before leaving.
21:11 It was fun. Fantastic!
21:52 (replying to sm1's "Tell them my thanks for the great time *sob*")I did surely.
21:56 Both Yunho and Changmin were fine as if they are not tired. What made me happy was that they remember me. lol.
21:59 Realy they were great.
22:02 Those two guys are not ordinary persons.
(unconcerned tweets omitted)
23:00 It was great. I enjoyed it a lot. I moved with their singing and dancing, and laughed much with funny MC by Yunho and Chngmin.

Apr 15
00:16 I enjoyed THSK's concert so much. Their on&off;of their switch of aura is admired. Changmin was so natural and cute even in MC at
7:09 It was so fun. Changmin's sadistic talk was great.
7:11 How utterly Changmin turns off his aura switch is surprising.
7:12 Also Yunho's gag of "Wild" and Changmin's S talk were fun.
7:16 Yunho is really friendly. He suddenly starts to sing in shooting session. Anyway he is a bright and wild (lol) kid.
7:20 Looking at me, Yunho said "Oh!", and Changmin was smiling next to him. It was a happy moment.
7:21 Specifically changmin has his aura switch totally off.He is so different from he is on the stage.
13:12 Changmin sweats much rite? (lol) I knew yesterday.
13:13 I didn't get autogragh from them. Before I have got some for freebie photos to readers, though.

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(cr:yuka_chami) Surprise plan! T/N when STILL starts, pls change your sticklight to the white one which is prepared

(cr:comocomo_810)  my seat today. i think i can see the whole beautiful ocean from my seat xDD

(cr:moco0610tvfxq) i heard that there will be the DVD shooting tonight! i hope that we could make the beautiful red & white ocean☆

(cr:ikuham) red & white sticklights!!!

(cr:yoruno21984) Yunho bend forward a bit, and waved his hand to the people in wheelchairs sitting in front of us. The ever so soft hearted Yunho.

(cr:Asao_J ) I never saw Yunho crying so much on stage...

(cr:moco0610tvfxq) Yunho...Yunho...cried...

(cr:think0308) Yunho cried.

(cr:m218h) I received a telephone call from my brother who went to Tohoshinki's dome LIVE and he said "It was the best!" (^O^) Yunho seemed teary.

(cr:think0308) Yunho seemed a bit strange from the middle of the song, at the last part, his voice became a little bit hoarse, and he started to cry. He seemed that he could not hold back his feelings, and cried.

(cr:UknowmeTVXQ) Yunho was filled with emotion during the last greetings... he lost his voice..his eyes were filled with was the first time I saw Yunho like that...

(cr:UknowmeTVXQ) Yunho was wiping his tears... Changmin said "It is very rare that Yunho cries like that"...

(cr:moco0610tvfxq) Yunho was holding, holding back his tears..but it seemed that the tears overflowed.... He said that he was really happy. My tears were running down, too, and I just called his name. With all my feelings...

(cr:15tanuki26) Yunho cried. Changmin was smiling. Yunho was crying and could not speak, so Changmin was speaking instead, with a smile on his face. So the two members walked the road like this, always...

(cr:aya65cmyh) When the whole venue was "Yunho …(´;ω;`)", Changmin said "I want to cry, too, but my tears won't come down!! xD" and broke the impressed atmosphere(´^J^`)☆ Don't be shy, Changmin! Your eyes seemed teary, too!! xD

(cr:moco0610tvfxq) Changmin... he made fun of Yunho's cring a bit, but Changmin was supporting Yunho in his style, I felt Changmin's deep love...

(cr:naru0126) we got Yunho's and Changmin's signed ball!

(cr:moco0610tvfxq) The sense of unity of the fans were great today! The calls and claps..i felt that all the fans were trying to enjoy the performance will all their hearts, I was happy, too.

(cr:yoonjae_gachi) Yunho said at the very last, before leaving the stage, "I am happy"...Yunho really seemed happy...there isn't any man that could express his feelings like that...there isn't anybody else.

(cr:moco0610tvfxq) I think that there is a great meaning that Yunho's tears were happy tears...

(cr:ikuham) my husband got Yunho's signed ball for me! I'll definetly keep this as a family treasure!!

(cr:think0308) Yes, Changmin did not cry, but I think he was filled with emotion, too.. He was looking at Yunho with very kind eyes, and was talking instead of Yunho...OHH, I couldn't sleep tonight..

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(plmok30) Finally.. Elizabeth.
(Junsu) @plmok30
(plmok30) @1215thexiahtic
(Junsu) @plmok30 Haack!

(beyondmonica) Beyondmonica's cute story about Seokjun-i :)
(Junsu) @beyondmonica Ah Seokjun-i's so cute ㅠㅠ Seokjun-i's mine~~~
(Junsu) @beyondmonica I have to have a son exactly like Seokjun-iㅠ I heard he has similar eyes as mine.. what do we do... Seokjun-ah... do you want to come to hyung...?
(Junsu) @beyondmonica I will treat you better than your mom does^^ I will buy you all the toys haha
(beyondmonica) @1215thexiahtic What 'Hyung'.. you're 20 years apart, you should be "Uncle"! Uncle-X kkk
(Junsu) @beyondmonica Sigh... can't he call me hyung..? Since I'm better than Power Ranger Red... Oh oh... Seokjun-ah, thanks..
(Junsu) I also like baby girls but.. when they become middle schoolers... when they come to the period of storm of stress... it seems like the insides of a father would definitely rot up ㅠㅠ
(Junsu) @beyondmonica Well... since it's the same apartment... that would be a bit dangerous... haha ack!
(Junsu) @beyondmonica Then I have the intention to help out in moving to that apartment..

(code07lim) @1215thexiahtic Even so, it's a daughter for me!
(Junsu) @code07lim well.. with a son like Youngpil-i hyung, I dunno if I would have a daughter... haha
(plmok30) @1215thexiahtic @code07lim I totally agree....
(Junsu) @plmok30 @code07lim ㅋㅋㅋ

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After School‘s Kahi has shown interest in TVXQ, as she recently posted on her Twitter that she attended TVXQ’s concert in Tokyo!

On April 14th, Kahi tweeted, “I just came back from TVXQ’s concert at the Tokyo Dome. It was such an awesome concert!! I realized so many things! I still have a dream. I’m the type of person who can’t work without responsibility and commitment. I want to live life to the fullest with commitment. It’s because there are those who respect me as an artist, that I try my best.”

It looks like Kahi had a blast at TVXQ’s ongoing, ‘TVXQ LIVE TOUR 2012‘ and found some free time to enjoy her life. This new experience seems to have helped her take a step back from her intense work schedule and analyze her life, helping her to remember her rookie spirit and re-set her life goals and dreams.

Netizens complimented Kahi’s thoughtful response and responded, “Unnie, you are awesome! I’m always cheering you on! fighting!“, “What is your dream?“, and “You came to the Tokyo Dome? I wish I attended too!”

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TVXQ’s Tokyo Dome concert began today. This will mark the duo’s second performance at Tokyo Dome, for 3 days the concert is expected to draw in a total of 150,000 fans. Yunho who has led TVXQ as the leader shared, “We are thankful for waiting for our fans that have waited for us over the years. TVXQ exists because of our fans.”

Despite the rainy weather on April 14, the dome was filled with fans holding the red color glow in the dark stick forming a red wave.
The powerful opening took place with a video and during the live the duo performed a total of 27 songs for about 3 hours including all the songs in the fifth studio album ‘TONE,’ new single ‘STILL’ and many more.

Following Yunho’s suggestion the fans that were in the standing seats formed a wave. The red ocean that filled up the entire dome also formed a clean wave.

The Tokyo Dome performance will continue on April 15, 16 the souvenirs will begin to sell each day from 10AM JST and doors open at 4PM JST, while the opening of the concert will be at 6PM JST. According to weather center Tokyo is cloudy in the morning on April 15 but is expected to clear up in the afternoon.

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●June 30 (Sat) Saitama Super Arena
1st performance 13:00/14:00
2nd performance 17:00/18:00

●July 1 (Sat) Saitama Super Arena
1st performance 15:00/16:00
2nd performance 19:00/20:00

●July 7 (Sat) Kobe World Hall
1st performance 13:00/14:00
2nd performance 17:00/18:00

●July 8(Sat) Kobe World Hall
1st performance 15:00/16:00
2nd performance 19:00/20:00

(T/N:Doors open/Performance start)

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TVXQ’s Tokyo Dome concert has been decided to be exclusively broadcast it on Fuji TV CS satellite channel ‘Fuji TV NEXT.’

The group is holding their largest Japan tour ‘TVXQ Live Tour 2012: Tone’ from January expected to draw in total of audience of 550,000 is now currently holding their second Tokyo Dome concert in three years for 3 days from April 14.

‘Fuji TV NEXT’ is to air extra footage other than the duo’s Tokyo Dome concert live as well. The broadcast is to air on June 9 at 8PM JST.

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Kim Hyun Joong arrived to meet his good friend Jaejoong at Jaejoong’s restaurant “Bum’s Story“. Kim Hyun Joong talked about how they lived together for a year but because of their busy schedules they only saw each other for a month or two while living together. Jaejoong explained, “When Kim Hyun Joong returns back to Korea, I usually have to go overseas and when I return, he has to go back overseas“.

Kim Hyun Joong also revealed that when he went through a tough time, Jaejoong wrote him a letter and that he still keeps that letter to his side to this day. Jaejoong also stated he received a reply letter from Kim Hyun Joong and questioned out loud, “Is it Ok for guys to write each other letters?” while sharing a hearty laugh.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Park Eun Tae was giving a presentation to the student from Department of Musical and Junsu came to greet the students
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Lee Seung Gi has suddenly come under fire on suspicions that he’s dissed Park Yoo Chun in his drama.

After netizens pointed out that a line of dialogue from the April 12 broadcast of MBC’s The King 2Hearts seemed like it was aiming a blow at SBS’ Rooftop Prince, fans of both dramas have been pitched into a battle regarding the line’s original intent.

The dialogue appeared in the scene where Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won) dances to Bo Peep Bo Peep to make the sad Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi) laugh.

Hang Ah put on cute bear paws to dance out her cute dance, but Jae Ha only started scolding her, saying, “Are you going to hit your stalker fans with those?”

The line, however, seemed to refer to JYJ, Park Yoo Chun’s group, which was involved in an incident in which the members had been accused of using violence against their stalker fans.

The viewer boards of Rooftop Prince were swamped with posts about Lee Seung Gi’s line in The King 2Hearts, asking after the intent of the sudden reference to stalker fans.

Lee Seung Gi’s line probably wasn’t trying to be a direct hit at Park Yoo Chun and Rooftop Prince, but the fans were thoroughly ruffled anyway.

Before the Lee Seung Gi controversy, Lee Si Young started one of her own when she left a post on a DC Inside drama gallery (forum) that said ‘Rooftop Prince will catch up to The King 2Hearts’ and that she’ll ‘bet [her] wrists on it’.

She won’t be having her wrists taken away from her anytime soon because Rooftop Prince recently sprinted past The King 2Hearts, but The King 2Hearts fans have started coming up with movements to watch the drama on time for more viewership ratings, saying they won’t be leaving Lee Si Young’s wrists alone.

The battle between The King 2Hearts and Rooftop Prince is that fierce, and it’s getting more heated by the minute.

The King 2Hearts aired two episodes in a row on April 12, but its viewership ratings have been showing a definite downward trend, falling past those of Rooftop Prince. The King 2Hearts scored 11 percent and 12.5 percent in viewership ratings (AGB Nielsen Media Research) for an average of 11.75 percent on that day. Rooftop Prince, however, is on the rise with 12.5 percent, and KBS2’s The Equator Man is following suit with 10.8 percent.

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Recently in an online community, a photo of Park Yoo Chun holding a VIP black card surfaced in a thread under the title, "Acting Cool With Only $100."

The photos uploaded were screen captures of Park Yoo Chun during a particular scene from the SBS drama, "Rooftop Prince." In the drama, Park Yoo Chun plays Yong Tae Yong, a man who comes from a wealthy background that goes back three generations. And so, for this particular reason, every time Yong Tae Yong needs anything, he pulls out his black card that allows him to purchase whatever he wants.

However, the black card that Park Yoo Chun's character so often pulls out, hides a great (?) secret. It is not the card with unlimited credit that it pretends to be-- In reality it is just a gift card. In plain English, the words gift card is printed on its face along with the amount 100,000 won which is a little less than $100.

Netizens who noticed this little error jokingly replied, "The props team must be punished~," "Only the color was black," "If he were in the Chosun Era, that amount would be worth a fortune."

In the drama, "Rooftop Prince," Crown Prince Lee Gak (played by Park Yoo Chun) travels 300 years forward in time with his loyal subordinates after losing his beloved Crown Princess. The drama paints a story of how this prince from the past tries to adapt to the 21st century and finds love with his true soul mate.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

“Rooftop Prince” has retained its title as number 1 in the battle between the Wednesday-Thursday dramas of the same timeslot.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research ratings firm on 13 April, the episode of “Rooftop Prince” which was broadcast on 12 April recorded viewership ratings of a national average of 12.5%. The ratings remain unchanged from the episode which was broadcast on 5 April, and has achieved the highest viewership ratings for that timeslot. “Rooftop Prince” had surpassed “The King 2 Hearts” during episode 6, which was broadcast on 5 April, to achieve number 1 in viewership ratings.

Meanwhile, “The King 2 Hearts”, which had two episodes broadcast consecutively, recorded 11% and 12.5% viewership ratings for episodes 7 and 8 respectively, while “The Equator Man” recorded viewership ratings of 10.8%.

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