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[INFO] Sungkyunkwan Scandal Won the 2012 Bronze World Medal in TV Mini-Series for New York Festivals

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[SCANS] Tohoshinki for Josei Seven Magazine

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[TRANS] 120314 JYJ, “6000 Fans Thrilled”, Peru Concert A Great Success

JYJ has successfully completed their first South American tour. JYJ held their 2nd concert in South America in Peru on 11 March (local time).

The concert featured songs such as “Empty” and “Get Out” by JYJ, driving 6000 fans wild. Some 3000 people were also attracted to JYJ’s concert in Chile on 9 March prior to this, proving their popularity.

Notably, upon JYJ’s arrival in Peru, they caused traffic in the surrounding areas to come to a standstill. The 3000 fans which surrounded the airport showed their excitement for the South American tour, when they did things such as shouting “JYJ”. Related personnel from (JYJ’s) management agency stated, “The local fans could be seen chasing after the vehicle that JYJ was in, in cars, on motorcycles and in mini buses.” The fans also had a coach specially designed to have (JYJ’s) concert photo printed on it, and began camping in tents around the concert venue a week before the concert. One of JYJ’s fans, Miss Gonzales (23), said, “I made an effort to come here and join the queue from Saturday. I cannot believe that I will be able to see JYJ.”

In addition, the media also showed much interest in JYJ’s concert. An influential Peruvian paper reported, “(JYJ) received a warmer welcome than when American pop stars came. In Peru, JYJ’s music is part of the mainstream pop music, and is not only appreciated by a handful of people.” Also, during the press conference on 10 March, over 30 influencial media corporations, including the state-owned TV Peru, were present to cover the event.

JYJ said during an interview with local reporters, “We are surprised. We were also surprised in Chile, but we really did not expect (such a warm response) in Peru. We were surprised because such scenes, that can usually be seen in Asia, were also seen here in South America.”

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[VIDEO] 120315 TVXQ『E-DA SUPER ASIA Music Festival』 Greeting Message

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[PHOTOS] 120315 HoMin - Osaka Airport

Base on the uploader tweet, HoMin's heading to Tokyo
Next concert will be at Saitama: 17-20 March
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[FANCAM] 120314 Tohoshinki Tone Live Tour 2012 in Osaka

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[PHOTOS] 120314 Tohoshinki Tone Live Tour 2012 in Osaka

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[TRANS] 120314 JYJ’s Yoochun, Drama Filming Cancelled Due To The Passing Of His Father…”No Problems With Broadcasting”

JYJ’s Park Yoochun’s scheduled filming sessions for SBS’s new drama “Rooftop Prince” have been cancelled as he is grieving the loss of his father, who passed away on 14 March.

According to representatives of the drama “Rooftop Prince”, which Yoochun stars in, Yoochun returned to Korea in the afternoon. The filming for episodes 3 and 4, which were originally scheduled for 15 March, have been temporarily cancelled. They said, “The situation is rather hectic (for Yoochun), with the passing of his father. Thus, it has been deemed not possible for the filming scheduled for tomorrow afternoon to go on as planned, and Yoochun’s filming schedules have been cancelled.”

Following that, representatives also said that, “As there is footage that was taken in advance, there will not be problems for the first broadcast on 21 March.”

Another member of the production team stated, “Originally, Yoochun did not have filming scheduled for 14 March, but was scheduled to participate in filming for the 4th episode on 15 March. Due to the sudden news (of the passing of Yoochun’s father), the schedules for 15 March have been changed totally, and Yoochun’s filming has been cancelled.”

The production team member then went on to say, “Currently, only the filming schedule for 15 March has been confirmed, but I think it is probable that Yoochun will not be able to partake in filming until the day of the funeral mass. Everyone on the production team would like to express our condolences.”

“Rooftop Prince” will be having its first broadcast on 21 March, and will last 20 episodes.

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[TRANS] 120314 Bigeast Staff Report : Osaka-Jou Hall Day 2

Today was the Osaka-jou Hall concert! Being in the Kansai region, there was Okonomiyaki catered at the concert venue!

The aroma of Okonomiyaki could be smelt a-ll around the concert venue, and we were able to enjoy the atmosphere of coming to Kansai! Yunho and Changmin also ate the hot Okonomiyaki deliciously!

Also, today, 14 March, is release day of the new single「STILL / One More Thing」!
Just as the 2 members said during the MC segment, “Today is White Day when ‘Still’ is released!” , it is a CD filled with the feelings of gratitude from the 2 members to everyone who is always supporting them!
For those who have not gotten the CD, please do check it out for sure ♪

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[NEWS] 120314 At end of world tour, JYJ captivates in Chile

SANTIAGO, Chile – The Teatro Caupolican in Santiago was packed with screaming fans from all over Chile and abroad, cheering on K-pop group JYJ last Friday.

As the crowd shouted, “La colita [Shake your booty]! La colita!” the three members of JYJ – Jae-joong, Yu-chun and Jun-su – turned around and did a short booty dance in response.

“It is amazing that JYJ is in Chile performing and also amazing that you guys even know about us,” said Yu-chun. “After receiving such great enthusiasm from you all this time, I don’t think we can exclude Chile from any future world tours.”

The concert was a first, not only for the group, but for any Korean pop group to perform as a solo act in Chile.

The group’s agency, CJeS Entertainment, said that JYJ’s 14-city world tour is the first solo concert for any Korean musical act in Spain, Germany or South America.

“The members of JYJ are the first Korean artists to hold a solo concert in these parts of the world and also the first Korean act to complete a world tour of this scale,” CJeS Entertainment said in a press release.

The 3,000 available seats at the Teatro Caupolican were sold out for last Friday’s concert. Fans wore red T-shirts, for JYJ’s official color, and many were wearing handkerchiefs decorated with the Korean flag on their wrists. Signs reading, “I will keep you safe Jae-joong” and “Will you marry me?” in Korean could be seen amidst fans yelling out, “Mi hijito rico [My love].”

During the show, JYJ performed hit songs including “AYYY Girl,” “In Heaven” and “Get Out,” as fans from around the world sang along in English and Korean.

The concert went on for an hour and 50 minutes, but the crowd was reluctant to leave the stadium even after it was over.

Camelia Rodriguez, 19, who is a member of two JYJ fan clubs in Chile, including JYJ Chile and Cassiopeia Chile, said that she was almost in tears to see JYJ perform, after waiting to see them live for more than seven years.

Ana Maria, 54, said that she became a JYJ fan six years ago when her 19-year-old daughter, who accompanied her at the concert, introduced her to the group.

“JYJ is a fantastic group, and the members have beautiful voices and sing and dance really well,” she said, adding that in her opinion, there is no pop act that can compare with JYJ.

To secure good seats at the stadium, some hardcore fans even camped outside the venue starting last Monday.

Andrea Briceno, 19, said she had saved up all her money from doing part-time jobs in order to fly 10 hours from Sweden to Chile, just to see JYJ in person.

“My dream is to sing with JYJ before I die,” she said.

Another 19-year-old, Carolina, said she came to the concert in Chile with two other friends from Bolivia and that she gets a sense of hope whenever she watches JYJ concert footage.

“It is like a dream to see them perform in real life instead of through the Internet,” she said.

JYJ’s world tour, which started last April, has been a hot success.

Besides the sold-out concert in Santiago, its concert in Lima, Peru, the last city on the group’s world tour, was sold out as well. And with requests from fans pouring in for more seats, the organizers sold an extra 1,000 tickets on top of the original 5,000 available.

The tour was attended by more than 200,000 fans, and the band played an average of 18 songs per concert.

Influential Peruvian newspaper El Comercio wrote a big feature story on the group’s success, writing, “It wasn’t Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus, but the Korean group JYJ that saw record sales of concert tickets in Peru.”

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[NEWS] 120314 JYJ members, Song Ji Hyo, and more pay their respects to Park Yoochun’s father

As reported earlier, the father of JYJ‘s Park Yoochun and actor Park Yoohwan has passed away.

When the news broke, Park Yoochun was on a plane headed to the States for a layover after a successful independent JYJ tour in South America and the news did not reach him until much later.

More recently, the Korean media reported photos of a tearful Yoochun dressed in sweats and slippers upon his arrival in Korea.

Upon hearing the news of the funeral service, his fellow JYJ members as well as CJES labelmate Song Ji Hyo did their part to offer condolences to Yoochun and the family.

Fellow group members Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu were the first to arrive at the funeral location in Seoul. Upon their arrival, they offered their deepest condolences to the family and paid their respect to his father.

Additionally, Kim Junsu’s twin brother and singer JUNO also attended the service dressed in a black suit, looking somber and grave.

Fellow label mate Song Ji Hyo was also present, offering her encouragement and condolences to Yoochun and paid her respects to his father.

The father of Park Yoochun & Park Yoohwan has reportedly passed away due to a chronic illness, and Park Yoohwan has currently cancelled all of his filming schedules for his new drama, ‘Strongest K-Pop Survival‘.

We offer our deepest condolences to Park Yoochun, Park Yoohwan, and their entire family. May their father rest in peace.

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[TRANS] 120314 JYJ & The Feverish Night of Kpop Phenomenon in Lima

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[VIDEO] 120314 Tohoshinki on Sakigake

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[VIDEO] 120314 Tohoshinki - Making of Glico Bokujo Ice-Cream CM

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[NEWS] 120313 TVXQ debuts at #1 on Oricon with “STILL”

TVXQ has catapulted their 34th Japanese single to the top of the Oricon chart!

The boys of TVXQ unveiled their latest Japanese single “STILL” on March 14th and according to the latest results of the Oricon Daily singles chart, TVXQ claimed first place by selling 84,029 copies. In second place was mega popular group Arashi with “Wild at Heart” which sold 9,096 copies and was released back on March 7th.

Congratulations to TVXQ on this achievement!

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[TRANS] 120314 Tohoshinki’s New Single, Released On White Day, To BeThe CM Song For “Bokujou Shibori”

It has been decided for Tohoshinki to be the mascots for Ezaki Glico’s new ice cream “Bokujou Shibori”, which will be on sale from 19 March.
Tohoshinki’s new single “Still”, released on 14 March, will be used as the BGM of the commercial for “Bokujou Shibori”. They will be performing this same song on the 17 March (Saturday) episode of TBS’s “King’s Brunch”, as well as the 18 March (Sunday) episode of NHK’s “Music Station”. Fans, please do not forget to check those out.
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