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Is this the Charles Bridge in Czech Republic?Anyway, it's beautiful~
This one's the Bridge of Paris..
Oddly, since I was a child... I've always liked photos of beautiful sceneries from all over the world..~I've always liked paintings of sceneries more than things like fine art, portraits, figure paintings, and sculptures.. Whenever I look at pictures or paintings of beautiful landscapes, can I say that it's a feeling of having my heart that has stopped somehow be revived?Anyway, yeah.. it's a comforting feeling...

Now, even at this view, I get a vague feeling of relief that I can breathe in a beautiful place like that...

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B2ST visited JYJ’s Kim Junsu at his musical Elisabeth, and took a picture to prove it.

On April 11 B2ST’s Lee Gi Kwang tweeted, ‘We happily watched Junsu hyung ‘s (big brother) musical’.

In the photo, B2ST members Lee Gi Kwang, Jang Hyun Seung, Yang Yo Seop and Yoon Du Jun are shown posing with Kim Junsu, who is acting as Tod in Elisabeth.

Kim Junsu still has all of his makeup on, and sports a ‘v’ sign with the B2ST members.

Yang Yo Seop also tweeted on the musical, saying, ‘Elisabeth was such a great musical…. Junsu hyung is the best!’ and Yoon Du Jung said, ‘We’re back after seeing Elisabeth! Ahhhh- I knew he would be great.’

Netizens left comments such as, ‘B2ST is great. It looks nice,’ and ‘I think Yang Yo Seop would do well in musical.’

Elisabeth is biggest hit musical for the first half of the year, and will be performed until May 13 in Samsung-dong.

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Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong will be sharing his hidden passions through an MBC special titled ‘K-Pop Stars Captivating the World‘.


The program will show Kim Hyunjoong's Arena tour in Japan, fan-meeting in Korea, and the preparation of his comeback album in June. Also this show will reveal Kim Hyunjoong suffering depression during his promotional activities in Japan, and the friendship with Kim Jaejoong for the last ten years.

The program airs on April 14th 12:20 KST.

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While celebrities are simultaneously uploading proof shots (of themselves voting) during the 4.11 General Elections, “JYJ Fans Proof Shots” have become a topic of discussion instead.

JYJ’s fans are responding to member Jaejoong’s tweet on 9 April, “Everyone please do take part in the general elections votings. Please upload proof shots~^^” JYJ fans each took proof shots in front of voting posts, while holding JYJ related items such as CDs, pictures and messgaes, and uploaded them.

Aside from the individual proof shots, the large “Proof Shot Mosaics” which were made have also become topic of discussions. As of 10.32am on 11 April, there were 153 proof shots, and this increased to 248 photos by 12.03pm. This number has continued to increase.

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TVXQ's official photo book of their largest tour ‘TVXQ Live Tour 2012 TONE’ which is currently being held in Japan is confirmed to release in May.

In this photo book, fans can choose photos they like from hundreds photos taken in the tour through shopping website. Each photo book will be made and delivered one by one after fans' selection.

The hardback photo book will contain 48 pages. Price is 4,000 yen ($50) including tax and it will be sold in the Japanese shopping website 'Seven Net Shopping.'

The tour of TVXQ will include performance in Tokyo Dome from this Saturday for 3 days with 165,000 fans.

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JYJ is gaining unprecedented exposure in Japan through opening their official Japan website on April 9.

In lieu of the launch the trio has garnered large attention as even the website servers were down due to the influx of access to the site.

It will be interesting to see how the trio global popularity will fan out in Japan igniting the hearts of their Japanese fans.

The group also is to hold a large scale ‘fan exhibition’ for JYJ’s global fans supervised under C-Jes Entertainment. The agency announced its plans to expand the membership system in Korea to Japanese fans as well.

The group will hold a fan meeting in June as well inviting 15,000 Korean and Japanese people randomly to be selected.

For the lucky Japanese fans that are selected to attend the event, the agency will provide cheap plane ticket and accommodation as a special package. It was announced for Korean and Japanese fans who have membership will attend the event for free.

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JYJ’s Yoochun has formed the “Rooftop Defense Corps”, bringing laughter to the fans.

On 11 April, Yoochun revealed a photo on his Twitter account of cast members Han Ji Min, Jung Suk Won, Choi Woo Shik and Lee Min Ho of SBS’s “Rooftop Prince”, which is currently being broadcast.

Yoochun evoked laughter with his explanation, “Rooftop Defense Corps, Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Heart, Captain Rooftop Man”, which was full of humour. In the photo which was revealed, Han Ji Min is standing in the center, and Yoochun, Jung Suk Won, Choi Woo Shik and Lee Minho are standing around her in a line while striking a pose. In another photo, the actors, excluding Han Ji Min, flash the whites of their eyes, adding to the comical effect.

Netizens expressed, “They are posing so seriously” and “Han Ji Min is cute”, among other responses. In particular, the international fans who follow Yoochun’s Twitter account replied his tweets in their respective languages, showing their passionate responses.

On another note, the broadcast of “Rooftop Prince” will continue with both episodes 7 and 8 being broadcast back-to-back on 12 April.

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Tohoshinki’s Japanese single “Still”, released 14 March, was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of Japan as of the month of March. A gold certification requires cumulatives sales of more than 100,000 copies.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

(Doojoon) Came to watch Elisabeth!!! Euahhhhhhhh as expected it's Junsu-hyung :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)
(Kikwang) Watched Junsu-hyung's musical well and am leaving now^^~~!! Wow!!
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You all are truly citizens of Korea~ I'm very impressed...!

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Watching Todd sitting in a flower garden ♬ㅋㅋ
Who is this flowers from~?ㅋ Thank you Thai fans ^^♥
(Note: Flowers from sharingyoochun~)
(Min Young Ki) There! Finally succeeded! Smirk-sabeth!
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3. Oh who could this be? Isn’t it his majesty the crown prince!
When I arrived at the waiting room, hyung (Park Yoochun) was already there. Although we live together, we have not seen each other at home for a long time since we are both busy. As he was filming “Rooftop Prince” in Incheon, he also came by our set on Yeongjong Island. Perhaps it was because “Rooftop Prince” ranked first on the day he came. Hyung was smiling very widely.

4. “The Park Clan”, our staff members
Hyung and I have almost the same staff members. It has been more than a year since I began working with these people. If filming ends at dawn, they will come over to our house to stay the night. We are really like a sports team haha. ‘The Strongest K-POP Survival’ ‘Rooftop Prince’ Fighting!

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Rooftop Defense Corps!!!!

Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Heart, Captain Rooftop man

A picture drawn by the rain..

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The cast of “Rooftop Prince”, which recorded the highest viewership ratings amongst the Wednesday-Thursday dramas, shared their thoughts on this achievement.
SBS’s “Rooftop Prince” recorded viewership ratings of 12.5% on 5 April, the highest among the dramas in the same timeslot (according to AGB Nielsen Media Research ratings firm, national average). On 10 April, JYJ’s Yoochun, who plays the role of Lee Gak, expressed his thoughts through SBS, “I think that the first place is the same as the last place. Because with the achievement of first place, comes the need to work even harder so that we will not slump.”
Lee Tae Sung, who plays the role of Yong Tae Moo, said, “I think that this is just the beginning,. Right now a spring that is hotter than summer is coming our way. Perhaps a few of my evil deeds will be forgiven.” Choi Woo Shik, who actively plays the role of Do Chi San, a member of the 3-man consort, also said, “Although we are really tired because we often film through the night, I think we managed to produce good results because we put in all our effort.”
Han Ji Min, who plays the role of Park Ha, also said, “We really feel a lot of support from the viewers. I am enjoying playing the role of Park Ha. Please continue to stay tuned right till the end.”
Meanwhile, in the sixth episode of “Rooftop Prince”, which was broadcast on 5 April, Lee Gak becomes closer to Sae Na (played by Jung Yoo Mi), while Park Ha begins to show signs of affection for Lee Gak, though these feelings appear to not be returned.

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