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Picture drawn by the rain..
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“We will always include CHILE in our worldwide tours”

With an amazing show, the south korean group, debuted in our country before thousands of fans who packed the Teatro Caupolicán. The concert was a dream came true and we revive it here for you.

They came, literally, from the other side of the world, and because of that they caused such a great revolution on Chilean’s and other southamerican’s media. But for Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu, members of JYJ, distance wasn’t a problem, in fact they didn’t care about it, so they decided to travel to this large and thin strip called Chile.

After two days traveling -including a delayed in Los Angeles, USA- they arrived to Santiago to delight their thousands fangirls and fanboys, who dreamed to see with their own eyes the amazing performace of the group, that surely they had enjoyed a lot by youtube.

On Friday, the 9th (march), at 9 pm, lights turned off in the Teatro Caupolican, and the craziness of the audience started. Images of the boys showed in two big screens were the perfect prelude for the show. As soons as the first chords for “Empty” started, JYJ appeared in the scenario with very eye-catching red suits. The hysteria of the fans was mixed with the happiness to see them at just a few meters of distance.

“Ayyy Girl” and a remix of “Be my Girl” continue the show, that was interrupted for their individual introduction, the ment. The songs “I love you” (Yoochun), “I will protect you” (Jaejoong), and “Intoxication” (Junsu) surprised the fans. Especially the last one, that was brilliantly danced and performed. Night went on, and the show interspersed songs with great videos -one of them made in Santiago- to have time in order to change their outfit.

Despite the language barrier, the boys of JYJ were really eager to communicate with the crowd. So, with two translators, they made a very moving speech, and then interacted with their fans.

The response didn’t wait, and between screams, and the classic “mijito rico” (T/N: In Chile you use that to say that a boy is super-ultra hot/handsome/yummy/etc xD), girls asked for “La colita”, although they were surprised, they agreed happily and said they were never asked to do something like that. They also said it was incredible to be in South America, that everything was like a dream, and they were so amazed by the country that they made a promise: “We will always include Chile in our worldwide tours” .

When everything seemed to be ending, the boys were back in the scenario, and they trully turned the theater into an electronic party. They sang and danced the remixed versions of “Get Out” and “Empty” leaving every single soul with the energy sky-high. The concert ended with a goodbye video and fans didn’t move from their place till it was finished. Many of them bursted into tears inconsolably. Without noticing that Kpop phenomenon is going to last on for a while yet.

The same they JYJ arrived to Chile, they made a press conference at Hotel W. And we will tell you the details of it now.

- We had never travel like this, two days more or less, we got to know how difficult was to reach to a country in South America, but when we entered to the airport and we saw all the fans, all the tireness of the journey inmediatly dissapear. In Chile we found out people greet each other with a kiss on the cheek, at the airport, a fan approached to me to greet me, he was taller than me so I couldn’t do anything -laughs-.

- In our country, pop, in any language, is recognized. Music is a language that connect everybody, so the rhythm and passion is a real feeling. I think it’s possible.

- South America is the end of our worldwide tour, we don’t know the exact date, but in june or july, summer time in Korea, we have planned to release our second album. We think at the end of this year we are going to start our new tour.

- I really appreciate your question. In our history as a band, we have made japanese, and english songs, therefore, we think someday we are including songs in Spanish, which will help us to learn and understand a little bit more of this language.

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The cast of “Rooftop Prince”, which recorded the highest viewership ratings amongst the Wednesday-Thursday dramas, shared their thoughts on this achievement.

SBS’s “Rooftop Prince” recorded viewership ratings of 12.5% on 5 April, the highest among the dramas in the same timeslot (according to AGB Nielsen Media Research ratings firm, national average). On 10 April, JYJ’s Yoochun, who plays the role of Lee Gak, expressed his thoughts through SBS, “I think that the first place is the same as the last place. Because with the achievment of first place, comes the need to work even harder so that we will not slump.”

Lee Tae Sung, who plays the role of Yong Tae Moo, said, “I think that this is just the beginning,. Right now a spring that is hotter than summer is coming our way. Perhaps a few of my evil deeds will be forgiven.” Choi Woo Shik, who actively plays the role of Do Chi San, a member of the 3-man consort, also said, “Although we are really tired because we often film through the night, I think we managed to produce good results because we put in all our effort.”

Han Ji Min, who plays the role of Park Ha, also said, “We really feel a lot of support from the viewers. I am enjoying playing the role of Park Ha. Please continue to stay tuned right till the end.”

Meanwhile, in the sixth episode of “Rooftop Prince”, which was broadcast on 5 April, Lee Gak becomes closer to Sae Na (played by Jung Yoo Mi), while Park Ha begins to show signs of affection for Lee Gak, though these feelings appear to not be returned.

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Everyone please definitely take part in the general elections voting. Please post proof photos~^^

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A parody of SBS’s “Fashion King” and “Rooftop Prince”, “Rooftop Fashion King”, has become a topic of discussion online.

On 9 April, a video titled “Rooftop Fashion King”, made by a netizen (ID JukHyulYah), was uploaded onto various online communities, receiving much popularity.

The netizen uploaded an edited video, saying, “I was confused as to whether to make a parody of “Rooftop Prince” of “Fashion King”. I made this video as I was curious what it would be like if Park Yoochun and Yoo Ah In’s two characters, which are overflowing with individuality, were to meet.”

In the video, the crown prince Lee Gak (played by Park Yoochun), who is dressed in the imperial robe, shouts “You demon, hurry and undo this spell you have cast on us.” To this, Young Geol (played by Yoo Ah In) replies, “What do you think you’re doing?”

Following this, the drama OST “Happy Ending”, sung by Park Jae Bum is played, when the duo suddenly transform into Seon Joon and Geol Oh from the KBS drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”. With this, the affinity of Park Yoochun and Yoo Ah In from 300 years ago is introduced.

Later, Yoo Ah In is seen making omlette rice for Park Yoochun and his 3-man consort (played by Lee Min Ho, Choi Woo Shik and Jung Suk Won) in the rooftop house, and they begin bickering as usual.

Park Yoochun also looks up Jae Hyuk (played by Lee Jae Hoon), who had insulted Yoo Ah In, and says “Your business is sure to fail”, before saying to Yoo Ah In, “It’s sweet and refreshing, such an interesting taste,” the popular lines from the drama.

This video has currently recorded over tens of thousands of views. Netizens expressed, “As the video flows very well, it feels like a movie,” “It would be great if this could be done for the entire series of ‘Fashion King’ and ‘Rooftop Prince’,” and “The editor’s skills are really amazing,” among other responses.

In response to this, SBS Drama representatives said, “When we first watched the “Rooftop Fashion King” video, it was like watching a movie. It made one suspect if you were seeing or hearing things.”

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Starring JYJ member Park Yoochun, the drama “Rooftop Prince” will not be broadcast on 11 April due to the government elections.

On 11 April, the SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “Rooftop Prince” will not be broadcast, due to the airing of the ballot of the 19th National Assembly elections. Replacing “Rooftop Prince” will be the program for the ballot results of the National Assembly, the “Citizen’s Choice”. SBS personnel said on 9 April that “Rooftop Prince will not be broadcast on 11 April, which is the day of the National Assembly elections. Episode 7 will be aired on the next day, 12 April.”

As the drama airs twice a week, it was also mentioned that they are considering the airing of two episodes back to back on 12 April.

Also, the comical performance of the actors in “Rooftop Prince” have surpassed Lee Seung Gi’s “The King 2 Hearts”, and have become the top drama of the Wednesday-Thursday slot, gaining much popularity.

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(Yoochun) Us nowadays..^^
(Yoochun) ~^^(TAE_SAMA) @6002themicky my face is cut in halfㅋㅋㅋ
(Yoochun) @TAE_SAMA I cannot reveal the face beside it!!

(Yoochun) "One Kill"-nim's pose is different from everybody else
(Yoochun) We're in Black Card, starting from our shoes^^♥(TAE_SAMA) @6002themicky "One Kill"-nimㅋㅋㅋ I get cold feet in the set~~ as expected, the people livng in the rooftop can withstand the cold better ㅋ slipperㅋㅋㅋ
(Yoochun) @TAE_SAMA haha before the drama ends, if I get "One Kill" once again, then do I die three times? Nuclear Punch

(Yoochun) Undisclosed (photo)...
(Yoochun) @heartj0126 Maeum-ah?? (Heart) I like you

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Translation: Today the weather is very nice ~^^

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JYJ Japan Official Website is opened today...Congratulations Japanese fans ^_^
Check out the official website: http://jyjjapan.jp/

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