Sunday, March 4, 2012

[TRANS] 120304 Junsu Twitter Update

(Junsu) @Evi_pui Erm... I didn't cut my hair... could you not exaggerate? (T/N: she's a fan btw, didn't trans her tweet because it's not important lol)

(jbghhtpa83e08ty) @1215thexiahtic Won't you do broadcasting activities? You're still of young and rising age but as you're only doing concerts tied by feet to a few genres, JUNSU fans are slowly having their inside burnt. If also this year you don't appear on national TV, you will be forgotten by the general public and you won't have any fans left who will support you until the end

(Junsu) @jbghhtpa83e08ty You don't know...Or you know and you're acting like that?... Is this us who doesn't do it...Or can't do it? Think a little before you talk~

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[PHOTOS] Tohoshinki 2012 Weekly Calendar

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[TRANS] 120302 The Teaser For ‘Rooftop Prince’ Created Topics

‘Rooftop Prince’, premiering on the 14th March, is about crown prince Lee Gak who time-travelled 300 years ahead in order to find his one true love and the incidents that happened.

After the last episode of “Take Care Of Us, Captain!” on the 1st, the drama started its official trailer with Lee Gak (Park Yoochun) shouting “Where is this place?!” and the way Park Yoochun ran, together with the standing stance of Park Yoochun and his courtiers attracted attention.

Especially when Park Yoochun intensely stared at the ramyun with him donning the imperial outfit and the head dress caught netizens’ attention. After which when Park Ha took out the ten thousand note, Park Yoochun and his courtiers knelt down, bowing while shouting “Your Highness!” upon seeing the King Sejong on the note. This made many burst out laughing.

Lastly, the teaser concluded with Park Yoochun and Han Ji Min’s commentary of “Living as though dead, dead as though still living, even after 300 years, I will still remember you.”

The production team expressed, “There have been a lot of fan-made graphics and videos recently, thus we felt the popularity rising. After the teaser was released, we received great response online and therefore we will definitely give an interesting and good piece of work to everybody.”

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[TRANS] 120304 Jaejoong Twitter Update

Monitoring Junsu and Yoochun! My good and handsome brothers, my members^^ Even though I met yoochun and junsu, as expected I don't get weary... The best

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[INFO] 120303 Tohoshinki Awarded Top Pop Artist at Billboard Japan Music Awards 2011

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[PHOTOS] 120303 Stalking JYJ

Jaejoong went to visit Yoochun at Rooftop Prince filming location. Junsu is elsewhere ^^

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