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JYJ’s Kim Jun Su recently said that he has fallen in love with Park Ha on SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday series Rooftop Prince.

The series, which has aired 4 episodes, is a romantic comedy combined with mystery. The ratings for the series are keep rising.

Lead actors, including Park Yoo Chun, Han Ji Min, Lee Tae Sung, and Jung Yoo Mi also receive many favorable reviews by performing the double roles in both the past and the present

Park, who plays the role of a crown prince, also said that many people are telling him they are enjoying the series. He said, “Before I started appearing on the series, some old people didn’t recognize me. But these days, wherever I go, people say that they are enjoying the series very much and support me. It really makes me happy.”

Park also talked about Kim Jun Su, “Kim said that he will fall in love with Park Ha, played by Han Ji Min. He said he is watching the series because of Han not because of me.”

In the 5th episode, which will air on April 4 at 9:55 at night, Park will reveal himself to his grandmother Ban Hyo Jung that he is her grandson Yong Tae Yong, who has been missing for the past two years.

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It has been revealed that SMTOWN will be having holding their 3rd SMTOWN Live World Tour on April 3rd.

The world tour will begin on May 20th, 2012 in Anaheim, California at the Honda Center. SMTOWN will return to Los Angeles on August 4th, which will be followed by a concert in Tokyo on August 5th at the Tokyo Dome. On August 18th, SMTOWN will perform in Seoul at the Jamsil Stadium. The date for the Beijing SMTOWN concert has not been determined as of yet.

The event will be the first SMTOWN in California since the first North American SMTOWN happened in Los Angeles, in 2010. The event is sure to be a huge success as it has been in the past, especially with the debut of EXO, return of SHINee, and BoA's comeback looming in the near future.

In addition, MBC and SM Entertainment has joined hands for the Los Angeles concert and their joint sponsorship will showcase the "MBC Korean Music Wave in LA - SMTOWN SPECIAL." The program will give viewers a look backstage and more!

Koreaboo has also learned from sources that this years event will include many special perks, such as the chance to watch rehearsals.

Will you be catching SMTOWN's concerts this year?

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TVXQ has once again evidenced their immense popularity in Japan.

The group is planning to hold performances for their Japanese fans at the Tokyo Dome from April 14th to the 16th. The tickets went on sale for the public on April 1st at 10 a.m. (local time) and within 30 seconds, all the seats had completely sold out. Additionally the tickets for their Osaka Kyocera Dome concerts, which will be held from April 21st through the 23rd, also sold out in a mere two minutes.

The Tokyo Dome and Kyocera Dome seat 55,000, and 36,477 respectively. With the three concert dates at each location, the total seats at each location amount to 165,000 and 109,431, respectively.

In addition, the ticket reservations over the phone also sold out, leading to a ticket war between the fans. The tickets that originally sold for 8,500 to 9,500 Yen, has been marked up to 10 times the amount, and is being bought by fans at 80,000 Yen.

Although the group has already added additional dates to their concerts, fans are still desperately requesting for even more dates.

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TVXQ Yunho‘s past drawing was recently featured on Running Man.

BoA and Jung Jae Hyung guest-featured on the ‘Music Fairy’ special of SBS ‘Running Man‘ that aired on April 1st.

Gary, Yoo Jae Suk, and BoA were all on the same team and headed to the Da Vinci Museum at Jeju Island. Once at the museum, they made an unexpected discovery.

At the museum, the trio found a drawing of a rhinoceros drawn by TVXQ’s Yunho who had previously guest-featured on ‘Running Man’ last year.

The drawing which had created quite the impact was now proudly on display at the museum and simply titled, ‘Rhinoceros’, by U-Know Yunho.

Yunho’s drawing served as a clue for the ‘Running Man’ members to crack the code for the vault.

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Top idols TVXQ participated in the launching event of “L’eau De Missha”, which was held successfully.

As the models for Missha, TVXQ participated in the launching event for “L’eau De Missha” in Seoul on 30 March. This perfume is produced by Missha, the top cosmetic brand shop in Korea. On this day, around 150 fans and customers who previously submitted applications, were invited to attend the event. Hundreds of TVXQ fans also gathered outside the venue, causing traffic in the surrounding areas to come to a standstill at one point. A second video clip, “Fascination”, was also released together with the screening of the teaser video “Arrival”, which had been shown since 16 March. TVXQ’s charismatic and mischievous images in the making film were also attention grabbing.

“L’eau De Missha” consists two different types, “Always Be Mine”, which emphasises the feeling of a mature woman, and “Stay Beside Me”, which gives off the feeling of a shy female. To commemorate the release of the perfume, a limited edition package (70,000 won), including the two perfumes with TVXQ’s signatures engraved on them, as well as a photobook, was also released. The two products under the “L’eau De Missha” line will officially be on sale beginning 2 April, and will be made available at all stores nation-wide, as well as on beauty homepages online.

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Monday, April 2, 2012

On March 31, Park Yoo Chun held a fan meeting to meet his fans and promote his current drama, "Rooftop Prince." This fan meeting was held in Korea, but was open exclusively to Park Yoo Chun's Japanese fans. Through this event, 500 lucky Japanese fans had a chance to participate in a fan meeting and check out "Rooftop Prince"s filming set. The tickets sold out almost immediate after the pool was open, proving Park Yoo Chun's popularity in Japan.

Excited Japanese fans prepared placards not only for Park Yoo Chun and his previous dramas, but also for "Rooftop Prince," which has not yet aired officially in Japan. A Japanese fan commented, "Many K-drama and Park Yoo Chun fans are very excited for 'Rooftop Prince.' We watch it almost in real-time via internet."

An official from this event commented, "Both of Park Yoo Chun's previous dramas, 'Sund Gyun Kwan Scandal' and 'Miss Ripley' are widely popular in Japan. As a result, he has become one of the leading Hallyu actors. Many online fan communities were formed in Japan instantly after Park Yoochun's casting news was released."

During two hours of fan meeting, Park Yoochun updated his fans about "Rooftop Prince" and his recent activities. He also participated in many mini-games and made Onigiri (also known as Triagular Kimbab in Korea) with the fans. He thanked his fans for visiting, "Although 'Rooftop Prince' only recently started airing, I've gotten so much love and support already. Thank you all for your support and visiting me. Please keep cheering for 'Rooftop Prince.'"

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After a long time... I had a phone call with Joongie... But.. he's caught a cold huh.. Wait just a while more... I'll go..and make you porridge at least... Don't be sick~~

@Shie486 I'm at Joongie's house now

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The poster and teaser of the movie “I AM”, featuring SM Entertainment artists, has been revealed.

“I AM” documents the making of history, as SM Entertainment artists including Kangta, BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee and f(x), become the first Asian artists to stand on the stage of New York’s Madison Square Garden. The film attracts interest as it depicts the scenes of SM Town artists, who have gone beyond Asia to the world, before and after their performances, as well as while they prepare for their stages.

In the second movie poster which was revealed this time, what is seen is not the glamorous on-stage looks of the artists, but rather their casual and natural appearances, increasing the anticipation which people have for the movie.

Also, the teaser of the film “I AM” captures the nervous expressions of the artists before they go on stage, and the preparation which they undergo behind-the-scenes in order to present passionate stages for the fans. The film is labelled “The first, the best, and with the most possibility”, hinting at the real side of these artists which can be seen.

Upon seeing this, netizens expressed, “It cannot be missed” and “It seems to be a film with a lot of passion and hard work. I am looking forward to it.” among other responses.

On another note, this film “I AM”, which has once again sparked interest among the fans with the release of the second poster and teaser clip, will be screened in May.

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Newbie group EXO expressed their gratitude towards the seniors from their management agency.

EXO held their first showcase and and a press conference at the Olympic Hall, Olympic Park, Bangi-dong, Sopa-gu, in Seoul on 31 March.

During the press conference, EXO’s leader, SUHO expressed, “Super Junior’s Lee Teuk sunbae gave much advice to me about the qualities and responsibilities of a good leader.”

Kris also said, “TVXQ’s Uknow Yunho sunbae gave us a lot of assistance and guidance during this period of time with regard to our dance practices.”

In addition, EXO also said, “Our goal is to promote our music not only within the Asian music industry, but also to the world. We want to perform with our seniors and stand alongside them.”

Kai also expressed his yearning when he said, “I want to perform with Uknow Yunho sunbae in music programs. He is a senior which we have a lot to learn from, from his cool performances to his stage charisma.”

(irrelevant portions omitted)

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Who is...
Getting ready.
My two eyes that have already gone red are essentially in preparation for the next thing to come...

Because I... was unable to prepare.

New DP

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