Thursday, February 23, 2012

[PHOTOS] 120223 JYJ - 'The Day' Screening

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[TRANS] 120223 Junsu Twitter Update

omg Junsu talking about nail polish, my life is complete \o/
(Joo Hyun, 12:25pm KST) That nail polish is Shu Umera GPR285~!
(Junsu, 2:18pm KST) @joohyunieee Noona, I really think that nail polish color is the best one ever~~

I believe this is in reference to the bs article about Junsu ‘appearing in a movie’. Stupid reporter -__-
(Junsu, 4:44pm KST) Why would they be in a debate over me.. when it's something that I’ve never even heard of… haha That’s just laughable

Sexy child♥
(Junsu, 7:16pm KST) Aja (T/N: It’s similar to ‘Let’s go’)~!

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[VIDEO] 120223 JYJ - NII S/S Collection, RUN & Heart Campaign

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[VIDEO] 120223 Junsu - Singles Magazine Making Film

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[PHOTO] 120223 JYJ Facebook Update

Finally you can see the movie "The Day" in Korea. There will be JYJ members' stage greeting! and the surprise event will be happening? you will see^^

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[PHOTOS] 120222 Junsu - Elisabeth Musical Curtain Call

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[PHOTOS] 120222 Stalking Yoochun Part 2

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