Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Earlier this month, local news outlet “Dispatch” turned the Korean entertainment industry upside down by releasing an audio file of JYJ members physically and verbally abusing fans. Earlier today, “Dispatch” released another audio file involving the members of JYJ assaulting their “sasaeng” fans.

On March 20, C-Jes Entertainment officially announced its plans to sue “Dispatch” for defamation. According to a representative of C-Jes Entertainment, “‘Dispatch’ published these malicious articles specifically to hurt the members of JYJ. We have decided to take legal actions because we could no longer sit and watch these defamatory articles.” The rep added, “We have already prepared the documentations needed to sue for libel and will submit it to the court sometime today. The members of JYJ are still trying to recover from Park Yoo Chun’s father’s passing, and we simply cannot understand why anyone would want to release such things during this time."

JYJ’s attorney stated, “The file was illegally recorded. Releasing the file without confirming it with the party involved is considered defamation and an invasion of privacy.

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TVXQ has launched their 10th single to the top of Japan’s ‘Oricon‘ weekly chart!

On March 14th, the duo’s latest release, “Still“, debuted at #1 on the ‘Oricon’ daily singles chart. A week later, it has still maintained its position at #1, coming in with yet another remarkable achievement for the group.

Not only that, but this is the first time in Japanese music history that an international artist landed 10 singles at #1 in the weekly chart, and has beat the previous record (also set by the same group) in Oricon’s 45 years of history.

The records don’t stop there! “Still” also marks the group’s 26th single that made it to the ‘Top 10′, demonstrating that the boys still have what it takes to maintain their popularity in Japan. The ‘Oricon’ made sure to make note of this achievement on their official homepage, acknowledging the men for setting a new record in 45 years of its history.

In related news, the boys are currently on their 11-city Japanese tour.

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We ask various questions about things that the duo usually think about, or events in their daily lives ♪
We plan to have updates each month, everyone please look forward to them ★Question 6: What is the thing you need the most in life?
Yunho : People
Changmin : Happiness, time, money, people that I like

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To Cassiopeia, Thanks for giving us strong energy as always, Let’s create more beautiful memories together in the future~

To Cassiopeia: Thanks everyone for coming all the way~ ^^ I’ll repay everyone with a handsome performance, doing it well~ ^^

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Monday, March 19, 2012

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