Monday, February 20, 2012

[NEWS] 120220 JYJ’s ‘The Day’ Ticket Orders Crash Website Server

The ticket orders for JYJ’s documentary movie The Day crashed server for Lotte Cinema’s website.

On February 20, Lotte Cinema started selling tickets in advance for the movie, which will be released only in Lotte Cinemas. The movie will play in 8 theaters, where JYJ members will also visit to meet their fans.

The website’s server was crashed as soon as the cinema started selling tickets. Lotte Cinema tweeted, “Over 110,000 people rushed to the site and made the server crash. We are sorry for the inconvenience. We will do our best to restore the website.”

The documentary movie, featuring JYJ’s everyday life, was going to air on QTV but the plan got canceled. Then the movie was going to be released in GGV theaters, but CGV finally decided not to release the movie. As a result, the movie will be released in Lotte Cinemas on February 23.

The movie will play in 8 theaters in Seoul, 5 in Gyeonggi, 4 in Gyeongsang, and 1 in each Chungcheong and Jeolla Provinces starting on February 23 through 26.

JYJ members will visit 4 theaters in Hongdae on February 23 and 4 theaters near KonKuk University on February 25. The cinema will start selling tickets for the movie without having JYJ members appear on February 20 at 4:oo p.m.

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[PHOTOS] Junsu for Singles Magazine March Issue

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[PHOTO] JYJ 'The Day' Documentary Poster

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[TRANS] 120217 Xiah Junsu’s Charm… 99% Of The Audience Of The Musical “Elisabeth” Are Females

“Due to an insufficient number of female washrooms, some washrooms intended for use by males have also been converted to female washrooms.”

As each of the musical performances that Kim Junsu performs in attracts a large number of female audiences, even the washrooms in the performance venue have to be changed.

During the intermission of the performance of the musical “Elisabeth” on 15 February, during which Kim Junsu played the role of “Death (Tod)” , the number of female audiences in the washrooms at the Blue Square Musical Hall in Seoul spiked. On this day, (the management) of the theatre opened the male washrooms on the basement floor for use by female audiences. The caretaker turned away male guests who were trying to use that washroom by saying, “It’s only because Kim Junsu is performing today, please understand.”

Since their opening in November 2011, although the theatre has realised that there is a large influx of female guests when local musicals are being performed, and has since increased the number of female washrooms, it is still insufficient on days when Kim Junsu performs. The capacity of the female washrooms in the theatre are already the highest in Korea, with an average of 1 female washroom cubicle for every 25.9 seats. The Charlotte Theatre in Jamshil (only) has one female cubicle for every 33.5 seats.

Such “situations” arise because the tickets for shows in which Kim Junsu performs in are all sold out, and a majority of the audiences are female. Interpark, which provides the online ticketing service, expressed that over 99% of the buyers of tickets for Kim Junsu’s performances of “Elisabeth” are female purchasers. Although female purchasers may bring males along to watch the performance, but this is unseen in the history of Korea’s musical theatres.

The 20 shows of “Elisabeth” in which Kim Junsu will be appearing, with a total of 31,960 tickets, all sold out within 10 minutes. The tickets for his shows are also the only ones which are being resold by ticket scalpers. According to reports, prices in Japan have been marked up from the original 150,000 won to 100,000 yen (approximately 1,440,000 won). The theatre rents out approximately 100 opera glasses (binoculars used for watching performances or shows), but there are plans to purchase more in preparation for Kim Junsu’s performances.

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[VIDEO] 120220 JYJ The Day Commentary

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[TRANS] 120218 Park Yoochun, Crown Prince Wearing A Tracksuit & Drinking Coffee? “Totally Unlike Kim Soo Hyun”

A picture of Park Yoochun, who was transformed into a crown prince on set, was revealed.

On 18 February, Park Yoochun left a short message via his personal twitter account, saying “Allways, all ways..” and uploaded an image together with it.

The attached image was of Park Yoochun on set, wearing the headpiece of his character the crown prince, and smiling. Although he has a Joseon dynasty headpiece on, his outfit was a bright red tracksuit, and he had a coffee in his hand as he smiled slightly.

This is an image taken at the set of the latest SBS drama “Rooftop Prince”. Park Yoochun is playing the role of a crown prince from the Joseon period that travels through time into the modern day, and the outfit in the photograph aptly describes Park Yoochun’s role.

Netizens who saw this photo of Park Yoochun said, “So this is the Power Rangers’ outfit” “Totally looking forward to it, seems like a mischevious crown prince.” “So cute” and other comments.

“Rooftop Prince” has become a hot topic due to its strong cast of Park Yoochun, Han Ji Min, Jung Yoo Mi, Lee Min Ho and other actors, and will be first broadcast on 14 March.

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[TRANS] 120220 Junsu Twitter Update

To those who asked me why don't I go sleep this late at why don't you guys sleep...T

It's because I have no performance tomorrow........hahaha

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[PHOTOS] 120219 Junsu - Elisabeth Musical Curtain Call

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[TRANS] 120219 Bigeast Staff Report : Niigata Makuhari Messe, Day 1

Tohoshinki’s first time in Niigata after five years!

Even in February, the streets look like it is a silver world. The powder snow is really beautiful.

Such a first day in Niigata, was Changmin’s birthday. During the encore, just as Yunho disappeared from the stage, the tune of “Happy Birthday” sounded in the arena, and Yunho reappeared carrying a huge cake! With well wishes from everyone at the stadium, the candles were blown from the cake happily, and to exact revenge for the previous incident, Yunho came from behind Changmin….but he was noticed by Changmin, and rushed to take the fresh cream from the anxious Yunho, but eventually Changmin’s face was smeared with fresh cream. (Laughs) This was another of the special moments where the close relationship between the two men could be seen.

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