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@mjkim8200: I’ll be finally meeting you today^^ Director-nim…Everyone know you’re always the best!! I’ll tell you how to handle your mind and body against those postings…!! Hwaiting!!

@yoonphantom: I’ll try my best with a new attitude again^^ Help me hyung~!!

It really feels like everything passed like a storm during the last 2 weeks.. Like a sunnier day comes, Father give us the courage.. Yoochun who is filming again.. and Jajoongie hyung who is more worn out these days.. and me.. Let’s cheer up everyone!!

Like I always did..Let’s laugh away…^^People say there is nothing more difficult than being loved by everyone..If so, we must be walking in the right path..right? (T/N: the literal translation is “we must be walking pretty well..right?) Woorie Jaeoongie hyung..and woorie Yoochun.. Let’s work just a bit more harder..just a little bit more. Woorie members, I love you and am always thankful to you~

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After laying his father to rest this past week, JYJ’s Yoochun has returned to the film set for his SBS drama, ‘Rooftop Prince‘.

Officials expected his return by March 19th at the earliest, but he returned earlier than anticipated. He appeared on set during the morning of the 17th. Although he looked tired, he made sure to greet every staff and co-star by bowing his head. Fellow co-stars Han Ji Min, Lee Tae Sung, and Jung Yumi were seen holding his hands in consolation.

Director Shin Yoon Seob also had a lengthy conversation with Yoochun before filming began, making sure to thank him for an early return despite his circumstances.

Yoochun was reported to have done his absolute best, concetrating hard amongst his co-stars all throughout the day.

The drama will begin airing on March 21st.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

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SM Entertainment’s fresh faces, EXO-K, recently graced the cover of ‘High Cut’, a fashion publication that has some of K-Pop’s most iconic stars under its belt. Amidst the magazine’s glossy pages featuring the six up-and coming-idols, the EXO-K boys sat down for a brief interview, spilling their pre-debut stories, dorm room antics and future goals. While the boys seemed timid and shy by the unfamiliar atmosphere of an interview, High Cut’s first encounter with these young idols proved to be a down-to-earth and a heartwarming one.
When you first joined SM, who was the one sunbae you wanted to be close with?

Chanyeol: When I was younger, I wasn’t really in the know about idols or singers, but the first idol group I ever got into was TVXQ. Out of the five members, I liked Yunho sunbae the most. He was just so charismatic and I respected his unconditional care and leadership

Suho: Yunho sunbae has helped us so much throughout our trainee days. Whether it be dancing, singing or performing, he was always there to help us. Leeteuk sunbae has also become a great help to us too. He always taught us that manners, responsibilities and teamwork comes first before anything in this line of work.

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Korean Idol star you like?
Aron: DBSK sunbaenim is the best. They're no longer an Idol Star, But i really enjoy sunbaenim's songs when i'm doing my activities
Minhyun: DBSK, Big Bang
JR: DBSK. If you ask why? Because It's DBSK. When we have a hoobae (junior), I'd like to hear our group name if they were asked "Who's your favorite artist"

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On 14 March, “Elisabeth” became a topic of discussion after it ranked 1st, in Interpark’s daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sales charts among 342 musicals.

The margin between the musical which ranked 2nd on the weekly charts with a sales figure of 4.7%, and “Elisabeth’s” 18.7%, proves “Elisabeth’s” exceptional popularity.

“Elisabeth’s” box-office boom is also unusual in the musical industry overall.

Although “Elisabeth” is being performed for the first time locally, it has been receiving much attention since a few years ago, for being the most anticipated production, catching the eyes and ears of audiences. After it opened, the response was explosive, and the seats were all sold out for consecutive days.

“Elisabeth” not only beat anticipated musicals such as “Notre Dame de Paris” and “Wicked”. It also surpassed “Doctor Zhivago”, which has received much interest as it features Jo Seung Woo, and French musical “Mozart Opera Rock”, to be ranked 1st on the sales charts.

Top actors and actresses including Kim Seon Young, Ok Joo Hyun, Ryu Jung Hwan, Song Chang Ui, Kim Junsu and Park Eun Tae showcase large-scale performances which encompass both perfect performances, and an ever-changing stage. Under the glamourous theme, the musical depicts the story of a true character, Queen “Elisabeth” from the Imperial House of Habsburg in Austria, and a fictional character, “Death”, who is in love with her beauty. The musical, which has both the elements of beautiful music as well as harmony, has been highly acclaimed worldwide for this reason.

Relevant personnel from Interpark expressed, “Not only were the presale figures very high, the response from the audience in the stands has also proven it to be the a top performance. Applause sounds after every scene, and the entire audience gives a standing ovation each time. This surprised even the members of the musical industry. Also, it has been a long time since a musical has had shows which sell out on both weekdays and weekends, irrespective of how the cast switches around.”

A member of the audience who watched the performance expressed, “It was large-scale, and with the actor’s and actresses’ good acting skills, coupled with their singing abilities, I think it was well-worth the money. It feels like I’ve been compensated for the high ticket price.” This member of the audience also said, “It is an interesting musical which is rare nowadays. I would recommend it to my friends, and I feel like watching it again and again,” expressing her satisfaction after watching the musical.

On another note, the musical “Elisabeth” will be holding performances at the Samsung Hall in Blue Square, Hannam-dong, till 13 May.

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The sales of Tohoshinki’s new single exceeded 100,000 copies within 2 days.

Tohoshinki released their new single “Still” in Japan on 14 March. This time, they recorded 84,029 copies in sales on the first day, and sold another 25,183 copies on 15 March, bringing their total sales to 109,212 copies within two days. Their single has been very successful on Japan’s Oricon single charts.

Tohoshinki, who are best at powerful performances, showcased their charisma through the medium-tempo ballad “Still” in the single this time. Their nation-wide Japanese tour, which began in Yokohama on 18 January, has also been very well received. In adddition, the other track recorded in this single, “One More Thing”, became the theme song for the Bee TV drama “Let M”, which became a topic of discussion for being the drama through which Erika Sawajiri will be making her comeback in after a 4 year hiatus.

Tohoshinki is currently holding their large-scale tour, which will attract 550,000 audiences in total.

Source: [BaiduTVXQ + Sports Chosun via Nate]
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Friday, March 16, 2012

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With the sudden death of his father, JYJ’s Yoo Chun hurried to his mother and brother’s, Park Yoo Hwan, side as soon as he landed at Incheon International Airport. Jaejoong, Junsu, Song Ji Hyo, and other members of C-Jes Entertainment stayed by Yoo Chun’s family throughout the night as friends and family came by to pay their respects. Those who attended the service included celebrities Alex, JUNO, Kara’s Nicole, Park Sung Kwang, and several members of the cast of Yoo Chun’s upcoming drama “Rooftop Prince.”

Yoochun has canceled his entire schedule until the funeral service on March 16. His brother, actor Park Yoo Hwan, also canceled his filming schedules for his latest drama Channel A's "Strongest K-Pop Survival."

A representative of the production staff for “Rooftop Prince” stated, “Once he recollects himself after the funeral service, Park Yoo Chun will return to filming on March 19. We have already shot the first four episodes, so the original broadcast date will not be affected.”

“Rooftop Prince” is about a Chosun era Crown Prince Lee Gak (Park Yoo Chun) who was in the midst of investigating the death of his Crown Princess (Jung Yumi) when he mysteriously gets sucked into the future and meets his destined love (Han Ji Min). The historical-fusion-contemporary-fantasy drama “Rooftop Prince” will premiere on SBS on March 21 at 9:55PM KST.

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After news of Park Yoochun and Yoohwan's father's passing were reported, a number of their close friends and family members paid their condolences by visiting the wake.

It was reported that Park Yoochun, Yoohwan, and their mother, along with other members of the agency were present at the wake. Only close family, friends and people from the agency are allowed to enter the funeral parlor as they tried to control reporters and other outsiders from crashing in.

Meanwhile, a friend of Yoochun was then quoted saying, "All the members of the group must've gone through a hard time with the stalker fan issue. Handling the tour alone must have been such a great deal but hearing this sad news when he hasn't even recovered yet must be a great shock. It seems like he couldn't eat or sleep well until right before he went on stage on the tour and I'm worried he might not be well mentally and physically."

Aside from Yoochun's colleagues from C-JeS Entertainment, along with JYJ and Song Jihyo, it was also revealed that the cast and staff from upcoming drama "Rooftop Prince" will also be making their way there today. There were supposed to be plans for filming to happen on the 15th, but it was temporarily postponed.

Yoochun and Yoohwan's father passed away during the morning hours of March 14th due to a chronic illness. A burial service is scheduled for March 16th, at 7 AM which will be held at the Seoul Memorial in Wonjidong.

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It seems that JYJ‘s Park Yoochun who is still broken hearted over the recent death of his father will be returning to work even before his tears have had a chance to dry.

According to a broadcast insider, Yoochun will be heading over to the set of his new SBS drama ‘Rooftop Prince‘ after his father’s burial on March 16th.

Until now, the ’Rooftop Prince’ staff members have planned their filming schedule around JYJ’s Chile and Peru concerts, but they did not expect the sudden passing of his father.

Because Yoochun plays a leading role in the series and ‘Rooftop Prince’ is set to broadcast its first episode on the 21st, the situation cannot be helped and it will be difficult for the staff to allow any delays.

A staff member remarked, “Yoochun’s representatives have been told of the circumstances. He must be both physically and mentally drained, and everyone sees this as an unfortunate event.”

‘Rooftop Prince’ is a romance story that spans 300 years. The first episode will air on March 21st.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

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JYJ has successfully completed their first South American tour. JYJ held their 2nd concert in South America in Peru on 11 March (local time).

The concert featured songs such as “Empty” and “Get Out” by JYJ, driving 6000 fans wild. Some 3000 people were also attracted to JYJ’s concert in Chile on 9 March prior to this, proving their popularity.

Notably, upon JYJ’s arrival in Peru, they caused traffic in the surrounding areas to come to a standstill. The 3000 fans which surrounded the airport showed their excitement for the South American tour, when they did things such as shouting “JYJ”. Related personnel from (JYJ’s) management agency stated, “The local fans could be seen chasing after the vehicle that JYJ was in, in cars, on motorcycles and in mini buses.” The fans also had a coach specially designed to have (JYJ’s) concert photo printed on it, and began camping in tents around the concert venue a week before the concert. One of JYJ’s fans, Miss Gonzales (23), said, “I made an effort to come here and join the queue from Saturday. I cannot believe that I will be able to see JYJ.”

In addition, the media also showed much interest in JYJ’s concert. An influential Peruvian paper reported, “(JYJ) received a warmer welcome than when American pop stars came. In Peru, JYJ’s music is part of the mainstream pop music, and is not only appreciated by a handful of people.” Also, during the press conference on 10 March, over 30 influencial media corporations, including the state-owned TV Peru, were present to cover the event.

JYJ said during an interview with local reporters, “We are surprised. We were also surprised in Chile, but we really did not expect (such a warm response) in Peru. We were surprised because such scenes, that can usually be seen in Asia, were also seen here in South America.”

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Base on the uploader tweet, HoMin's heading to Tokyo
Next concert will be at Saitama: 17-20 March
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