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[TRANS] 120219 Jaejoong Twitter Update

Received the belated chocolat~ Thank you~

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[PHOTOS] 120219 Tohoshinki Tone Live Tour 2012 in Niigata (Day 2)

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[TRANS] 120219 TONE Concert, Niigata (Feb 19) Various Staff & Fans' Tweets

(my tweet) [INFO] TONE Niigata (second day) will be held today, Feb 19 (Sun) 16:00JST at the Niigata Toki Messe. Goodies will be on sale from 12:00.

(cr:megucchi549) Niigata this morning, it isn't snowing now.

(cr:wanko201011) premium seat goodies booth queue

(cr:wanko201011) goodies booth queue.. many are in line

(cr:mal_san) So, the opening day, 9th time xD! Opening soon m(._.)m

(cr:mal_san) snow is falling...

(cr:sam0113 SAM-san official twitter) @mal_san hwaiting!

(cr:mal_san) @sam0113 SAM-san, hwaiting, too! Please give my best regards to everyone.

(cr:kei_takkuknow) Today's bibari & rui started from Changmin!!! Yunho was surprised, his face became red xDD

(cr:syeri8xq) bibari & rui MinHo version! but, unbelievable xDD Changmin's expression and his way of approaching is too fierce xD Yunho was saying "Should your fighting spirits be so stirred up?" .... but I think it is a different story xDD

(cr:sayumiabear) Changmin was endlessly talking about how delicious the Niigata rice he ate yesterday was, it was too much xDD (T/N: Niigata is very famous for its rice) And Yunho was smiling, ignoring all the rice talks, and said that the soba (T/N: buckwheat noodles) he ate yesterday was very delicious!

(cr:sayumiabear) YH "Of course Niigata rice is delicious, but I, Yunho, like everyone in Niigata much more!"

(cr:naaao0405) For the MC, Yunho was trying to say the words which Changmin normally says. But he couldn't memorize all of them, and said to Changmin "It is your part." Then Changmin said "Oh, yes? You're stupid~" xDD

(cr:MariEleptic) Again today, Changmin was about to make a mistake in saying the release date of STILL as "juuhatsu (18).. juuyokka (14)" xDD Then Yunho said "SO, it is JUUYOKKA (14)!!" xDD According to Changmin, his birthday date is stuck in his head xDD

(cr:hachami_) Today, Changmin was a bit nutty xD Yunho was the one who was calm xDDD

(cr:syeri8xq) This is the first time I heard Yunho saying Bigeast is a Kazoku (T/N: family). It wasn't stiff, heavy, a fixed phrase, he said it naturally during his talks, I was very happy.

(cr:hachami_ ) Rice 1. Changmin really seems to love the Niigata rice, he was endlessly talking about it. CM "Yesterday, we had dinner at a restaurant in Niigata" Audience "Where? What??" CM "Yes?" Audience "Kya~kya~" CM "Can't I even eat my dinner?" xDDDD

(cr:hachami_ ) Rice 2. CM "I don't want to admit it, but it was very delicious, and I was really impressed. REALLY! It was as if 'OMG' " Yunho came on stage. CM "Don't you think so? It was really good!" YH "...yes..xD"

(cr:hachami_ ) Rice 3. CM "Niigata rice has the same look as the rice in Tokyo... I didn't know (until yesterday)!" Changmin was over impressed by the Niigata rice xDD

(cr:hachami_ ) Rice 4. CM "I want to come again to Niigata, just to eat rice." Everyone living in Niigata, congratulations!!

(cr:hachami_ ) Changmin during STL, just after "kondo no koi koso ai ni shitaiyo", he looked into the camera. THANKS!!

(cr:hachami_) STILL introduction 1. CM "Everyone should have a bitter experience. For instance, lovers break up..." YH "That's enough xD" CM "Your dog runs away from your house..." Audience "????"

(cr:hachami_) STILL introduction 2. Yunho burst out laughing. He was pointing at the audience and said "They are all laughing xDD There are laughing so hard at the story of the dog xDDD" CM "... well, it will happen one day.." Changmin, you aren't making sense xDDD

(cr:hachami_) Yunho said "Hegisoba (T/N: buckwheat noodles)" was very delicious~!

(cr:metabo_w90) Yunho pointed to me, I'm sure, thanks to the rhino T shirt \(^ー^)/

(cr:brillianthomin) Yunho seemed sick. According to a friend who was sitting in the first row of the premium seat, he was really pale (and there were many pimples under his chin). He was closing his eyes often, too. Again today, he was sweating. But he didn't have the idea of reducing his pace, he is so sincere. During Easy Mind, he was doing cute dances (3 patterns), more than what he performed yesterday.

(cr:50FOB , TOHO dancer) Niigata 2 days were the best!! Snow, japanese sake (rice wine), LIVE concert, and again, the surprise birthday party, super hyper!! I will go back to Tokyo on the MAX (Shinkansen)! CHEERS!!

(cr:fukuchomasao , TONE band member) Niigata two days finished ~d(^_^o) Again, today, it was really a happy live concert! The next is Sapporo next week(^^) I was really impressed by the delicious food these two days(^_−)−☆ Looking forward to Sapporo, too~(^^)

(cr:fukuchomasao , TONE band member) This first class car (T/N: of Shinkansen) is a charted train for the fans and the band members, to Tokyo (^_−)−☆

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[PHOTO] 120219 Jaejoong Spotted at KARA's Concert?

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