Wednesday, March 14, 2012

With a heavy heart, we report the following news.

According to Sports Chosun, JYJ member Park Yoo Chun’s father passed away on March 14. Park Yoo Chun’s brother Park Yoo Hwan received the news before his scheduled filming for Channel A’s new drama “K-Pop Survival.” Unfortunately, Park Yoo Chun is currently on his way back to South Korea from JYJ’s Chile concert and will arrive at 4pm today on March 14.

A representative of JYJ’s agency stated, “Park Yoo Chun’s father passed away. It was so sudden that we have yet to learn about the whole situation. It looks like Park Yoo Chun has not received the news yet.”

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

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Sorry I put the wrong airport name earlier~

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Reuters recently covered on JYJ’s concert in Chile capital Santiago on March 10. “JYJ becomes the first K-Pop group to perform in the South American country,” stated Reuters.

The video clip of 50 seconds described, “More than 5,000 Chileans flocked to Santiago to see the trio - singing and dancing along to their hits. The young singers have just two studio albums, but already have a loyal and growing fan base in Asia and beyond.”

Also stated, “The group's pop sound with elements of dance and R&B kept the audience on their feet throughout the show. JYJ will continue their tour in Peru.”

The video footage has been used on several news website including but not limited to the Chicago Tribune,,, and LA Times.

Below is the Reuters video.

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JYJ‘s Yoochun recently showed his generosity by gifting his entire staff team with sneakers!

On March 13th, fellow member Junsu shared on his Twitter, “We went into the ‘Adidas’ store. Our Crown Prince told each of us to pick a pair of sneakers. I picked one out as fast as possible. He looked at me and said he didn’t mean me. I stood my ground and stared back. He finally agreed and let me get sneakers too. Crown Prince.”

With Yoochun in the middle, his staff pose as a group while holding up blue bags containing their new sneakers. You can spot a blonde haired Junsu in the back, which makes the picture even funnier considering the behind story he revealed for his fans.

Talk about amazing, free advertisement for Adidas!

Netizens commented, “Yoochun oppa, buy me some, too,” “The total must’ve come out to over a thousand bucks,” and “Junsu is adorable!”

In related news, Yoochun’s upcoming drama, ‘Rooftop Prince‘, is awaiting its pilot episode on March 21st.

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He is one of JYJ's dancers ^^

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(Junsu) Sundaeguk-ie...Suddenly I want to eat it ㅜ (T/N: Sundaeguk is a soup dish made with blood sausage)

(Junsu) Like a flash, yesterday's concert concluded one year of our journey.. I'm too filled with emotions for words.. It's yet another beginning and a new leap...... while dreaming~

(Youngki) You worked hard, it must have been difficult on you mentally as well.. Now its time for you to return as Death, XiahTod!!
(Junsu) @poimin73 Hyung it has to be almost morning right nowㅋ Aren't you sleeping?

(Junsu) We went into Adidas departmental store.... Our Crown Prince was going to buy all the staff a pair of sports shoes each... I reached out to snatch one too.. He glanced over and saw me.. And said "Not you".. And met my eyes unyieldingly... Then allowed even me to have one too pleasantly.. Crown Prince Forever

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Tohoshinki, who are currently holding their nation-wide tour “Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2012 ~TONE~”, with 26 concerts in 11 venues, held a free live viewing of the Fukui Sundome concert on 10 March (Saturday) for the residents of three areas in the Tohoku region which were hit by the disaster.

A year since the Tohoku Earthquake, in which many Tohoshinki fans were also affected by, these live viewings were decided as (Tohoshinki) wanted to bring smiles and strength to the victims of this disaster, even if it was just one person.

The live viewings were held at 5 cinemas in the Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture. 2000 people from these three prefectures, including fanclub members residing there and students in the disaster areas, were invited to the viewings for free.

The duo shouted, “Everyone in the Tohoku region, let’s get excited together!”, and showcased powerful stages including their new single “Still”, which will be released on 14 March, as well as “The Way U Are”, which was specially prepared for this day. During the encore, they had happy expressions on their faces as they said, “I feel deeply connected to everyone in the Tohoku region,” and “We would be happy if today’s live managed to bring you laughter, no matter how little,” captivating over 17,000 audiences over the 2 days.

At the cinemas, red penlights were distributed to the viewers as they entered and they enjoyed the concert, singing and waving their penlights along with the songs.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

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