Saturday, February 11, 2012

[PHOTOS] 120211 Stalking Jaejoong

At NOEL's (Korean male vocal group) concert

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[TRANS] 120211 Jaejoong Twitter Update Part 2

Info: Fan gift send by a Thai fan @TLT2606 ^^
A parcel arrived..waa~~

Unpacking it..

Second elephant wrapper, unwrapping again

Another square box

There was another square box inside..inside that..

Was a female doll...

Doll under 5 layer of packaging where did you came from..Good work ㅠ

Went to Noel's concert with Jae Yeong~ Noel hyung, as expected, the best!

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[SCANS] Yoochun - Miss Ripley Official Guidebook

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[PHOTO] 120211 JYJ for NII

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[TRANS] 120211 Jaejoong Twitter Update


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[NEWS] 120210 jTBC responds to accusations of using Yoochun’s pictures

jTBC has issued an official statement in response to the accusations of using JYJ member Yoochun‘s photos.

During a phone interview that took place on February 10th with StarN, a jTBC representative remarked, “It is true that we have released a report regarding an idol star and naked photos, however, we did not make any mention of Park Yoochun.”

Ahead of this on the 9th, jTBC reported that the former girlfriend of an unnamed idol star was using naked photos to blackmail him for over $800,000 USD.

In the report, they had used blurred photos of Park Yoochun and netizens had found the original copies of the photos in comparison, thus drawing conclusions that the idol star was Yoochun.

However, jTBC stood their ground saying, “We did not violate any principles of news reporting. The photos were pixelated / blurred before being released, and we have never revealed the identity of the idol star in question. It was the third parties who speculated that the idol star was Park Yoochun, and therefore it has nothing to do with us.”

Meanwhile, JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment strongly denied the reports saying, “The idol star in question is not Park Yoochun. In the event that these rumors prove to be false and an invasion of privacy, we will immediately seek legal action through legal advisors.”

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[SCANS] JYJ Come On Over Director's Cut

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