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[TRANS] 120210 Junsu Twitter Update

Having flashbacks of Tri-angle right now O__O
(Junsu, 9:31pm KST) My hair… I thought it was melting off…ㅠ

I guess no one will have any troubles spotting him if he goes out :P
(Junsu, 9:39pm KST) My wig was suddenly.. cancelled….ㅠ It’s fine for when I’m on stage.. but the problem is.. when I’m not on stage…

(Junsu, 9:42pm KST) Whatever.. Anyway, see you all on Sunday~~~~^^

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[TRANS] 120130 “I Was Drawn To The Transcendental Role Of ‘Death’, Which Seems To Have No Real Answer”

■ Musical ‘Elisabeth’ Kim Junsu

Begins on the 9th of February At The Blue Square Samsung Electronics Hall
Worried about his lack of experience-age when compared to Ryu Jung Han or Song Chang Ui

Kim Junsu had already experienced the musical ‘Elisabeth’ in 2010. Though most of the songs that were performed at the ‘Kim Junsu Musical Concert – Levay With Friends’, which was held at Composer Sylvester Levay’s request, were from the musical ‘Mozart!’, six songs from ‘Elisabeth’ were also performed.

Kim Junsu himself sang ‘When I Wish to Dance’ and ‘The Last Dance’, two songs by ‘Death(Tod)’. Singing the songs gave him a greater hunger for the role. A domestic performance of the musical hadn’t been confirmed at the time but everyone in the staff already had Kim Junsu marked as the perfect person for ‘Death’.

‘Elisabeth’, a musical that has been performed for the past 20 years from 1992 and is considered one of the most successful German musicals in history, is finally opening in Korea. The curtains will rise on the 9th of February at the Blue Square Samsung Electronics Hall in Hannam-dong. As a fantasy presence who seduces ‘Elisabeth’, a Hapsburg empress who meets a tragic fate, till her assassination, the role of ‘Death’ naturally went to Kim Junsu.

“I’m sure all actors feel this way, but I consider music to be the most important factor when choosing a production, more so because I’m a singer. Though I knew it was a great show, its appeal increased because I got to sing the songs myself. Also, death isn’t an actual person in the musical but an imaginary, transcendental presence. The role itself is so appealing. I think Playwright Michael Kunze’s idea to incorporate a fantasy element in Elisabeth’s chronicles in the form of ‘Death’ was brilliant.”

But this didn’t mean he accepted the role without any hesitation. It was because he believed that the role of ‘Death’ required an air of stately dignity. He worried that he would fall short when compared to Song Chang Ui and Ryu Jung Hwan’s experience and age.

“I was hesitant at first but I was asked, ‘Who said that a transcendental figure has to have a stately dignity?’ I thought about it and they were right. I gained confidence when I was told that all I needed to do was to show my own interpretation of Death.”

He interprets Death as a sweet seduction to Elisabeth, who longs for freedom
The musical has a star-studded cast as it prepares for its first domestic performance

To him, ‘Death’ is represented by ‘sweetness’. For Elisabeth, who never ceased to long for a life of freedom but was trapped in the tragic life of an empress, Death was a sweet seduction that could offer her peace and rest.

“There’s no real answer to death. We could never express it perfectly as no one alive has ever experienced it. I thought that if I were in Elisabeth’s shoes, there would be nothing sweeter than death. Though my voice and the music are dark, I tried to keep a hint of sweetness in my interpretation.”

From his debut in ‘Mozart!’, through ‘Tears of Heaven’ and now ‘Elisabeth’, Kim Junsu has always taken on the lead role in musicals that were being showcased in Korea for the first time. Though it could have been a great risk for the production companies to do this, it was possible because they believed in Kim Junsu’s potential for growth as he made his mark as a musical actor in just one year.

“I’ve been given an amazing opportunity, though that may not have been what was intended. If you perform in a musical that is being showcased in a country for the first time, the image you portray becomes the image to follow for those who come after you. I’m happy that I’m able to showcase a side of me that is different from those in my previous two musicals. It’s a production that gives me the opportunity to take on step further and mature as a musical actor.”

Though his schedule as a member of JYJ is packed, he always listens to musical numbers because he feels as though he is still lacking as a musical actor. He even watched other shows whenever he had the chance.

“This production will feature the greatest musical actors in Korea. That’s the power of Elisabeth. All I should be worrying about is doing well myself. I wasn’t concerned much about my voice as it’s adequate to portray a transcendental figure, but I spent a lot of time on improving the small details, such as facial expressions, and hand and body movements.”

The musical ‘Elisabeth’ will also feature musical actors such as Ok Joo Hyun, Kim Seon Young and Park Eun Tae.


“English was a greater torture to me than the actual rehearsals themselves”

As JYJ have been setting off on various legs of their world tour, English has become a must for Kim Junsu. He continues to study English whenever he has a spare moment. Robert Johanson, the producer of ‘Elisabeth’, has even become his English teacher. They converse in English for ten minutes every rehearsal.

“When our producer heard that I was studying English, he said that we should converse in English for ten minutes. It’s harder than the actual rehearsal itself. Though I don’t completely understand what he’s saying, I always pretend that I do. It’s torture. Haha.”

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[TRANS] 120130 Kim Junsu, “Musicals Helped Me Find Hope… I’ll Continue To Show A New Side Of Myself”

Kim Junsu, who appears in the musical ‘Elisabeth’
“Got to perform interlude songs early on, and hoped to perform”
“Though there was controversy over my high salary, I’ll continue to contribute to the musical market in return”

This man really confuses people. It feels as though he grew up too quickly from the aftereffects of the struggle that happened earlier with his former management agency when he says things that are beyond his years. Then, he breaks into laughter and returns to a mischievous youth in his twenties.

I’m talking about the JYJ member and musical actor Kim Junsu (Xiah Junsu, 25). We met him on the 30th of January, 10 days before the opening of the musical “Elisabeth”. Debuting with ‘Mozart!’ in 2010, he performed in ‘Tears of Heaven’ and the encore performances of ‘Mozart!’ last year, and is now ready to tackle his third production.

He’s entrance into the musical industry was like that of a shooting star. Not only has his popularity been compared to that of Jo Seung Woo, a well-known top star in the industry, but his works so far have been critiqued favorably as well. His entrance was a welcome gift to the musical industry that was searching for a star who would help expand their market, and in return, musicals became a great gift to him as well.

“(After leaving TVXQ) No one would look for me and I was even scared to meet people, but musicals gave me a new sense of hope. It was the only way I could communicate with the audience, so I began my career in the musical industry with desperation in my heart.”

Of course, he was also filled with fear as the vague dream of “I’d like to appear in musicals in my thirties or forties,” was suddenly upon him so early on in his life. “It was because I was in a state of worry and fear and I had to stand on stage for the first time in a while, not as a great singer, but as a musical actor.”

Luckily, the first role he took on was that of Mozart, a musician who also worried about his life of fame. “I gained a lot of courage from playing the role of Mozart, who could never attain freedom in his own life because he was a genius.” After appearing in the production, he became a top star in the field, receiving offers to appear in just about every musical out there.

Of all the choices he had, Kim Junsu chose ‘Elisabeth’. He said that he had wanted to appear in the musical ever since he performed a couple of the track songs two years ago at his musical concert. The production is based on the life of Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Kim Junsu will be playing the role of Tod, the personification of death. Tod falls for young Elisabeth’s beauty and stays by her side for her entire life, enticing her to follow him. The reason he chose ‘Elisabeth’ was because he wanted to, “Don’t be complacent and always greet the audience with a different image every production.” He smiled and said, “But you know how it goes, the role you want to play and the role you actually play are always different,” and “I think things will really get kicking once I perform extremely well in a production like ‘Jekyll and Hyde’, one that many great seniors in the industry have gone through.”

“Because I’m not a musical actor who worked his way up to the lead role from a member of the ensemble, there are still some musical fans who see me in a negative light. My job is to work hard enough to change their perspective of me.”

Another aspect of his musical career that fans of the industry looked upon unfavorably was his high salary. With a running guaranty, Kim Junsu received 30 million Won for every performance of ‘Mozart!’ when it first opened two years ago. He stated, “I think the controversy came about because the musical industry has such a smaller market than other genres,” and “I want to contribute to the expansion of the musical industry so that the high salary that I received is justified.”

We were curious of his future plans as he has tasted both the sweet and sour flavors of life so early on in his life.

“Life isn’t something that will go in the direction that you want it to. I don’t have any concrete plans but I’d like to be a person who always takes on new challenges and keeps learning, even into his sixties or seventies. I first have to find a way to repay the musical industry for giving me a new sense of hope.”

The musical will be held from the 9th of February till the 13th of May at the Blue Square Samsung Electronics Hall.

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[PHOTOS] 120210 Japanese Fans Shows Support for JYJ Through Hummer Limo Ad

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[PHOTO] 120210 JYJ Facebook Update

Just got YuChun's picture! He was at the beach for the firist drama filming. How you like this picture? Does he look like the crown prince?^^

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[TRANS] 120210 JYJ Yoochun "Idol Blackmail Scandal Rumours Are Regrettable"... Will Take Legal Action

With regards to the issue of Yoochun's name being listed as the related party for the popular idol blackmail scandal, JYJ Yoochun's management company clarified that they are planning to take legal action.

On the 10th, CJES Entertainment expressed their official stance, "It is really regrettable that recently, Yoochun has been linked to malicious news articles which caused rumours to be spread." They continued, "In order to prevent such articles and rumours from spreading further, we would like to request the cooperation of the fans and media. In a situation where the articles and rumours are found to be untrue and infringe upon his private life, we immediately contact our legal representatives from Sejong (the company's legal firm/advisor) and take legal action."

On the other hand, on the 9th, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office raised a summary indictment against Ms A, an ex-girlfriend of Mr B, a member of a popular male idol group, for suspicion of criminal intimidating for threatening to publish nude photos.

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[NEWS] 120210 JYJ’s Yoochun denies that he is the idol victim who got blackmailed by an ex-girlfriend

Some info for those that miss out on the earlier things.
A Korean news site published an article that was translated by Allkpop. The article use a blurred out photo of JYJ (Jaejoong & Junsu) performance on Billboard. The article also include a blurred out video of JYJ Billboard performance & also Yoochun's High Cut Shooting (the photo & video might have been blurred out but it was easily recognized by fans & netizens). This lead to people speculating & believing that the 'unnamed idol' was Yoochun.

Earlier today, allkpop reported about an idol star who was being blackmailed by a former girlfriend, who threatened to release photos of his naked body.

The news is currently the hottest issue online, and netizens began to speculate that the unnamed idol was none other than JYJ member, Park Yoochun. The rumors spread like wildfire on the Internet, causing JYJ to personally step out and address the issue.

On February 10th, a JYJ representative spoke with eDaily Star and stated, “We’ve checked with Park Yoochun and learned that he has no connection whatsoever with the event. These are unproven speculations, and to be honest, it is shocking to us as well. We’ve been struggling to decide whether we should make an official announcement about this matter since we had nothing to do with it. However, we became increasingly worried as the rumors spread.”

The issue revolves around a former girlfriend of an idol star, who threatened to leak a naked photo of his upper body. The girlfriend also threatened his agency, saying that if they did not pay her 1 billion KRW, she would release more photos, supposedly taken in October of 2011.

But the problems don’t stop there. Additional rumors are spreading on the Internet, asserting that there are also videos of the idol and his former girlfriend. Prosecutors have announced that they have collected the pictures from the woman, but videos were not found.

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[PHOTOS] 120210 HoMin - Suvarnabhumi Airport

Leaving Thailand & heading to Japan

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[PHOTOS] 120209 Stalking HoMin in Thailand Part 2

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