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After more than 30 hours of flight in which they had to spend more than 10 hours at the LAX airport in Los Angeles due to the delay of their plane, JYJ members finally arrived at the Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez airport in Chile.

Fans who were waiting for the trio since the early hours of the morning on March 7, waited for their arrival to the airport at 4:30 am in the morning of March 8.

When JYJ finally got off the plane, fans started screaming in excitement and the order they previously established to receive the members became utter chaos. All of the fans tried to reach the members and touch them, causing the managers and staff to take the members out of the airport as soon as possible.

Later that same day, after getting some rest from the hours of flight, the group held a press conference at 4:00 pm at the Hotel W in Santiago. The members expressed how thankful they felt for the warm welcoming to their country. They also said that they were surprised by Chilean manners and that they were really happy to be in Chile.

The press asked them their impression on their fans, to which Yoochun turned off his microphone and let Jaejoong answer the question. He answered that they were really surprised because in Chile (and most countries in Latin America) people say 'Hi' with a kiss on their cheeks. As a funny fact, upon their arrival, Jaejoong got kissed by a male fan and while laughing he said, "I couldn't reject him because he was so much taller than me" causing the other two members to laugh at him.

Then they got asked about their thoughts on music piracy. Junsu answered, "We think music is a language that unites us all." They spoke about their feelings on doing a song in the Spanish language. Also, they expressed they were really amazed by the view from their hotel and that Chile has an amazing scenery (more specifically the Andes Mountains).

When talking about their Sasaeng fans and verbal abuse, the members opened up about the issue and told the press how hurt they feel because of the behaviour of them and sometimes it feels like they are trapped. However, Jaejoong apologized for their behaviour in the past, hoping to clear up the issue and move on.

For their stay in Chile, JYJ arrived at the country with 40 korean journalists to cover their short stay and to record their concert that is scheduled on March 9. They also requested the presence of a Chilean chef to taste the traditional food of the country and also a Korean chef so they wouldn't miss their korean food too much.

JYJ will hold their concert in Chile by March 9 and then they will travel to Peru on March 11.

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We have decided to hold a “Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2012 ~TONE~” After Party!

[Date / Location/ Time]
Tokyo Performance : 14 April Tokyo Dome Hotel / Reception : 21:30 / Start Time : 22:00/ End Time : 25:00 (Tentative)
Osaka Performace : 22 April Swissotel Namba Osaka / Reception : 20:30 / Start Time : 21:00/ End Time : 24:00 (Tentative)


- Watching of the live concert held on that same day on a big screen
- Standing Buffet (with Free Drinks)
- Original Toiletries (Goods)
- 2D1N (Breakfast Provided)
- Hotels: 14 April Tokyo Dome Hotel, 22 April Swissotel Namba Osaka

(Application information omitted)

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JYJ attended a press conference before their first ever South American concert on March 8th (local time), and addressed the controversy surrounding the group, and their thoughts about holding their first South American concert.

The group has found themselves the most talked about topic of the week with audio files, recorded back in 2009, belatedly being revealed to the public on March 6th.

The members entered the press conference with dark expressions on their faces. The boys began by revealing some of the hardships they had endured due to the actions of sasaeng fans. “Ever since debuting in 2004, we suffered from sasaeng fans everyday for eight years.”

Yoochun stated, “Having someone watching me every second, and following me around wanting to share every thing, is like being in a prison without bars.”

Junsu also added sadly, “They exposed all our phone calls, GPS-tracked our cars and secretly chased us around, and even frequently broke in and took pictures of our personal items. They even tried to kiss me while I was sleeping, and they even caused a minor collision between their taxi and the car we were in to try to see my face. A fear choking the breath out of me would wash over me everyday, and I just want to at least live like a person through this indescribable suffering.”

The group then issued an official apology for causing their fans to worry with the outbreak of the controversy. Jaejoong, stated, “I’m sorry for my wrong doings in the past… I’m sorry that many fans have been heart-sick due to this issue. From now on, no matter how mentally hard, or how far beyond the limit the situation is, we will think about all the people who love us, and for them we will not falter and fulfill our responsibility as public figures.”


The group then went on to discuss their thoughts and feelings on becoming the first ever Korean artist to hold their own concert in Chile (March 9th) and Peru (March 11th).

Junsu stated, “I’m so surprised that we have many fans in Chile and Peru, where we have never visited before, and so happy that we can perform here.”

Jaejoong added, “We never thought we’d be able to come to South America. It was hard to believe that there were fans here who liked our music, but after seeing all the fans who came to greet us at the airport, we’ve come to believe it.”

With the problems they experienced on their journey as a bird got sucked into the propellers of the plane that was supposed to carry them from LA to Chile, the members lightheartedly stated, “We hope there will be a flight that goes directly from Korea to South America.”

Jaejoong revealed their future hopes as he stated, “Until a few years ago, even if we performed just in Asia and one place in the U.S., the term ‘word tour’ was used. However, we have traveled all over the world including Asia, Europe, U.S., and South America. We take pride in having a true world tour. Having come to South America, we feel that there are even more countries to visit. We look forward to our second, and even third world tour.”

In related news, the group’s concerts have drawn much attention from the locals as well as the media. As if to evidence their popularity, 400 fans showed up at the airport to see the group arrive at the airport.

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At the end of their 2011-2012 World Tour, popular South Korean K-Pop group, JYJ, arrived in Santiago, Chile to perform in a concert in front of thousands of fans.

They confessed, this South America tour has a unique significance for them, since it is an independently produced concert for Latin American fans.

"We are happy to be able to fulfil our promise to our fans and we will prepare a flawless performance to match the passion Latin America," declared the K-Pop idols in a statement.

"The countries are of a distance, with 30 flight hours. Also, although the countries are far away, we've always have a sense of closeness," he added.

Press conference

During the press conference, they express that they disagree with piracy, arguing that the issue will not only "affects" them as a group, but also the other groups that strive to be successful.

Referring to Chile, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu confessed that they imagine a "distinct" country. They felt that the metropolitan capital was a relatively quiet town.

One of the characteristics that caught their attention was the Chilean culture. For example, they mentioned the reaction of a fan that was waiting anxiously at the airport when they saw them coming, (the fan) approached and embrace them warmly, a practice that is not common across the globe.

The members of JYJ said that they did not expect to find such a large number of fans. The South Korean teen idols are happy to see that K-Pop has successfully expanded throughout the world.

Finally, they emphasized that for them music is a language without borders "that unites all."

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Popular trio JYJ are already in Chile for their scheduled concert that’s to be held on Friday March 9 at the Caupolican Theatre.

For that, they appeared before the national media at a press conference on Thursday where they discussed the trip and other issues.

By 4pm, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, posed for the cameras and expressed their appreciation to be in Chile.

Despite being in the country for only a few hours, they express their surprise in witnessing the Chilean culture.

Also, Junsu expressed his views regarding music piracy, a controversial issue to which the group said that "music is a language that unites all."

Additionally, the group have scheduled a second performance in South America on Sunday March 11 in Lima, Peru.

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