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Korean group JYJ have a huge fanbase here in Peru. Half of the tickets for the concert was sold out in just half an hour.

Heading to South America
The group left yesterday heading to this region for two concerts in Chile (March 9) and Peru (March 11). Park Yoochun tweeted a photo of himself and Kim Junsu on the plane. He wrote to his fans, "we will have a good trip.”.

Devoted as few, JYJ’s Peruvian fans bought half of the tickets for the concert in Lima in just half an hour. The organizer says that it is a record. This remarkable event made headlines in Korean news portals.

Excellent Ambassador
Ambassadors of the United Nations, JYJ have been involved in many charitable causes. One of which was a concert to support the reconstruction of Japan after the earthquake and tsunami of March 2011.

Under the label K-Pop Korean bands, JYJ and others falls under diverse genres including pop, rock and electronic dance music. On August 25, 2011, Billboard chart created the K-Pop Hot 100 chart for this powerful movement.

With the help of Kanye West
For their debut into the US, JYJ received unexpected support from rapper Kanye West who produced the song Ayyy Girl, in which he also took part in.

The name
JYJ stands for the initials of the group members, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu. The three were part of a successful Korean quintet boy group TVXQ, until their separated because of legal problems with their representatives.

The Beginning
In September 2010 their debut album, The Beginning (sung entirely in English), reached the number 1 spot on the Oricon charts. It includes fan’s favourite such as ‘Be My Girl’ and ‘Empty’.

Overwhelming Success
With a large fan base gained almost over their ten years career as musicians, it was not hard to imagine the success of their new project: In South Korea over 140,000 people bought JYJ’s first album in its first week.

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The Korean K-Pop group never imagined that tickets for their show in our country would be sold out in a single day.

The news made its way to Korea. Junsu, Jaejoong and Yuchun of the group JYJ made history in Peru’s music events when tickets for their show in Lima sold out in just over half an hour. These three characters, which may not seem important if you are not an active follower of K-Pop, one of the most popular music genres in Asia, will arrive on Saturday to our capital, to the delight of the thousands of their fans from this part of the world. Without a single song on the radio or appearance on television, this trio is capable of unleashing more hysteria than Justin Bieber himself, something that surprised even the members, as we told Junsu, a member of the group, in an exclusive interview with

Your visit to Lima will be remembered for its record sales. Did you expect that?
It was really unexpected. That is, we are from a country that is far away from yours and this will be our first time there. Obviously, we never imagined this would happen. It was a surprise to learn that we have followers here in South America and we are very grateful for that. I recently saw a TV show where they were interviewing our Peruvian fans. We were touched. We were really thankful for that. We know that it must not be easy being a fan of singers who is very far away.

Have you heard anything about Peru?
We have heard of a great civilization of people that is spread throughout South America and how the people are described as very happy, beautiful and passionate. Exotic dancing comes to mind.

It was to my knowledge that you were in Brazil for a while. What was your initial impression of out continent?
I felt the culture shock, but I liked it. The people know how to enjoy life and were very friendly. I am excited to return to South America. We know that there are wonderful countries there but unfortunately this time we would only visit two. Perhaps next year

Many girls had taken to learn Korean in order to understand your songs. Have you thought about returning the effort with a Spanish song?
We definitely have that thought. What we want for this world tour is to share emotions and feelings. Just as our fans, we are interested in their culture and language. If we have the opportunity to do so, we will. Now, truthfully, I do not think we are ready to do it well just yet.

You have recorded a number of songs in English. How important is the US market to you?
We do not want to enter the US market. What I mean is, when we think of the US market, we think of the fans we have there and the great artists there. What’s important to us is not the market, we only think about the capability for us to create wonderful material and how much we could learn from that country.

Did you expected to be as successful as JYJ when you separated from the TVXQ?
I think it would be more appropriate to say we separated with the company we were with at the time. TVXQ as five members will always be significant to us. When we parted with the company as I told you before, we thought we were over (T/N: Their career). Fortunately it did not turn out that way. There were many people who kept their love for the three of us and were waiting for our return. It was these people that motivated us to create better music and better songs to return again

Are you working on new materials?
We will be releasing a new English album in the second half of this year which is followed up by a new world tour. The shows will take on a different concept from this tour. Also, each of us has different individual activities: Yoochun has been filming for a TV series as "Crown Prince of Rooftop House", Jaejoong was casted for an MBC series and I've been in a musical.

Have you thought about moving that individuality, that is, towards a solo music careers?
For now, we only have plans as JYJ.

Note: Interview seem to be with only Junsu

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(Junsu) >Now, in the end I don't know what luck is this anymore...

(Junsu) now it was supposed to be the time that we arrived at Chile already... i'm still at LA.....aih what a twist of fate..ㅜ

(Junho) @1215thexiahtic Still not arrived yet????!!!!! Really tiring......( T_T)\(^-^ )

(Junsu) I arrived at 10am LA time,2pm flight to Chile was pushed to 4pm,than to 7pm..cos of technical defect...boarding starts at 10 but,finally the huge engine is making sound to start.but right before sunrise it suddenly break

(Junsu) At that moment..whole plane was covered with burning smell, something is weird with the propeller, now what..

(Junsu) Jjangjang..after 12 hours waiting at airport, i've eaten all 3 meals there, finally i thought we can leave...but there it was cancelled again today, where can i go?

(Junsu) It all started with the faulty propeller, that's why it was delayed for 8 hrs, but what is most important is...when we r just getting ready to set off, the plane always set off in a very fast pace at first right, at that moment something unrecognizable were sucked into the propeller..

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Jun-chan resting =3

[FANACC] I asked Jaejoong can I have his autograph he nodded his head then I asked him can you write 'To:' he said it's okay. He was so gentle and sweet. He said yes it's okay then he asked for my name, even reading out every letters to confirmed the spelling of my name!
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Arrived in LA......Once again...Another 11 hour flight awaits me.......Gasp........You're kidding, right....?

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Tohoshinki info, continued. We have got their cute polaroid photos with their autograph! We will present them to the readers. Please check MEN'S CLUB Mar 24 issue for the details.

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They are taking a connecting flight to Chile at 2pm (local time)
Note: Flight got delayed

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