Wednesday, February 8, 2012

[PHOTOS] 120208 Stalking HoMin in Thailand

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[INFO] Additional dates for Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2012 ~TONE~ Dome Concert

Added dates:
Tokyo Dome - 16 April (Mon) - 16:00/18:00
Kyocera Osaka Dome - 23 April (Mon) - 16:00/18:00

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[PHOTOS] 120208 JYJ for NII Spring/Summer Collection

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[TRANS] 120208 Junsu - Ok Joohyun Twitter Update

Ok Joohyun plays Elisabeth in the musical

Three cute dalmatian brothers

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[PHOTOS] 120208 Jaejoong - Incheon Airport

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[NEWS] 120208 JYJ’s Jaejoong Receives a Special Thank You from ‘Foreign Affairs and Trade’ Minister

JYJ member Jaejoong received a special thank you from the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Kim Sung Hwan.

Minister Kim wrote via his Twitter page on February 7th, “We had an opportunity for the Ankara University students to speak with Korean president Lee Myung Bak who is visiting Turkey, and JYJ’s Jaejoong who is currently serving as an honorary ambassador for Korea’s Nuclear Security Summit was with us for a brief while. Thank you so much.”

“Kim Jaejoong told us that he was in Turkey to participate in an autograph signing event,” he continued.

Ahead of this post, Minister Kim also wrote on February 3rd, “I would like to thank the three members of JYJ who have agreed to serve as honorary ambassadors for Korea’s Nuclear Security Summit.”

Jaejoong was invited by the Korean Embassy in Ankara to hold a fan meeting and greet for 600 fans at the Ankara University in Turkey. On February 6th, he was also invited to dinner at the Presidential Palace in Turkey along with South Korea’s president Lee Myung Bak and the president’s wife.

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[VIDEO] 120208 Jaejoong - Invited to the State Dinner at Presidential Palace of Turkey

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[INFO] HoMin Missha CF Filming Schedule in Thailand

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[TRANS] 120208 Junsu Twitter Update

Goodnight everyone~^^

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[FANCAM] 120207 HoMin - Incheon Airport

Changmin back from Japan

HoMin heading to Thailand

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[PHOTOS] 120207 HoMin - Suvarnabhumi Airport

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