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(Junsu) This lazy afternoon.. Could it be the after-effects of the performance yesterday... My eyes opened but my body has just been on the bed like this... For the second hour and twelfth minute already........

(Junsu) I never really liked lying down in the afternoons to begin with... But today something just feels good ab out it.. With the curtains closed, in the dark, listening to the sounds of cars moving coming from outside.. The fumes spouting out from the humidifier over there... My legs that are resting atop the cooling comforter... In this busy lifestyle.. Here I am lazing around on my own.

(YoungSeok - He plays Franz Joseph in Elisabeth Musical) @1215thexiahtic Good work for yesterday guys~^^ Get some rest~^^ Still a long way to go~

(Junsu) yoonphantom Yeah ㅠ In the mean time Death will show a great performance so please watch it~^^

(Hyojun - He plays the child Rudolf in Elisabeth Musical) @JUNO_Japan Hyung!!! You dont know about this...kekeke I call this the 3 brothers...kekeke
(Junsu) @AmadeRudolph Haah~!

(Junsu) Seems like today is finally Seunghyun's first performance as Rudolf and his first step as a musical actor.. When I saw your face yesterday, that somewhat wornout face and that nervous look brought back memories of my nervous self two years ago before I first stepped onto the stage as Mozart..

(Junsu) Of course Hyung is also still a newbie as a musical actor but still I'm supporting you as a sunbae who is one step ahead of you.. The Rudolf of your thoughts.. The Rudolf that you paint, without losing heart unleash it all as you please~ At least atop today's stage, it's you who are the main actor as Rudolf.. Just, regardless of anything fighting!!!

(Junsu) Sorry that Hyung can't go because of work today~~ You must be nervous but.. at the moment when you actually go on stage, forget all of that and I'll pray that on that stage, only Rudolf that's portrayed by you stands there, solely~ ^^

(Junsu) And above all, this musical genre isn't something you're doing alone, right..? I'm sure you'll gather a lot of strength and courage just on the fact alone that you are going to create one drama together with the best artists~ Believe in your actor hyungs and noonas^^ No matter how you do, they'll probably be able to play to it perfectly~I'm praying for a successful first performance

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JYJ member Park Yoochun, who is playing the lead role in the drama “Rooftop Prince” revealed a comical image for the drama’s official poster.

In the morning of 29 February, SBS released three different official posters for “Rooftop Prince”. In the posters, Park Yoochun makes use of a comical expression to show the unique traits of his character, which is that of a crown prince from the Joseon Dynasty who travels 300 years into the future. He shows the dignified expression of a crown prince, wearing his headpiece coupled with a red track suit, a unique outfit that brought about laughter. The traits of the crown prince, who comes to the 21st century unintentionally and has to adapt to modern life, are well expressed in this image. Another poster with female lead Han Ji Min showing a docile expression beside Park Yoochun also hints at the love story between the two.

The “Rooftop Prince” PD Kim Na Yeon said, “The core concept of the posters is a timeslip. We matched the traditional outfits with modern day style as a key point to express how the Joseon dynasty crown prince has come to the modern times.”

“Rooftop Prince” will broadcast beginning 14 March, following “Please Take Care Of Us, Captain”.

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Recently there have been topics of male fans’ love for Kim Jaejoong with the appearance of acknowledgement photos of male fans from all over the world in discussion forums.

As the ratio of male fans for a male group has always been low as compared to female fans, Jaejoong would usually in particular show his concern towards male fans. At the special stage appearance on the 23rd for The Day showing, Jaejoong even asked a male fan where did he come from.

Netizens expressed, “Kim Jaejoong indeed is the one who can even capture male fans”, “Indeed Kim Jaejoong, everyone ranging from different gender and ages likes him too.”

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Group JYJ’s Kim Junsu has attracted attention after having a family photo of himself revealed. Junsu’s twin brother Junho, tweeted ‘I watched ‘Elisabeth! Junsu was indeed amazing!’ and along with this comment uploaded a family photo. Junsu is currently enthusiastically performing as ‘Death’ in the musical ‘Elisabeth’, and as it can be seen by this photo, it seems that Junho has attended this musical along with the rest of the family.

In this photo, Junsu was seen with yellow hair (T/N:not actually yellow, they mean the blondness of it), wearing a black jacket and with rich smoky eyes make up, he has received a lot of attention. What was particularly eye catching was Kim Junsu’s twin that looked identical to him and the great appearance of his parents, these four people courted such a heartwarming appearance that is envied by people all around.

Internet users commented, ‘I envy Junsu’s mother for having two good looking sons like them.’ ‘Kim Junsu’s family photo is really great.’ ‘Elisabeth fighting!’, amongst others.

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Watched Elisabeth!! As expected Junsu was the best!(^-^)

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