Sunday, January 29, 2012

[PHOTOS] 120129 Stalking Changmin - Filming in Japan

Rumor: Filming for a Japanese movie. Changmin is a shopboy selling tofu xD

Credits: 日博 + 2paradise + BaiduMAX
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[TRANS] 120129 Junsu Twitter Update

Dang, how much weight have you lost?? No me gusta :(
(Junsu, 8:03pm KST) It’s cold…

lol you’re bestowing him with such a great honor, Jun-chan XD
(Sung Kwang, 7:11pm KST) Today’s the day that our new (skit) corner begins airing on TV~~!!!!! Please watch Gag Concert!! hahaha Ah, I hope the viewers find it (the new skit) funny…. haha
(Junsu, 8:04pm KST) @skpark81 I’ll watch it lol

Source: [Junsu + Other's Twitter]
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[FANCAM] Tohoshinki Tone Live Tour 2012 in Nagoya Part 2

Credits: lovelycoconuts + okaemi1213
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[PHOTOS] JYJ Lotte February Calender

Credits: Lotte
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