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[VIDEO] 120128 Jaejoong - Luxury Force Idol

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[VIDEO] JYJ - Special Event Signed CD

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[PHOTOS] 120128 Yunho - Gimpo Airport

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[TRANS] 120128 TONE Concert, Nagoya (Jan 27) Various Staff & Fans' Tweets

(my tweet) [INFO] Today Jan 27 is the 3rd (last) day for Tohoshinki "LIVE TOUR 2012~TONE~" Nagoya (NIPPONGAISHI), starting 18:30JST.

(cr:Kakiyan37, band member, keyboard) Nagoya, the 3rd day! I definetely think I've got fatter, I'll do my best again today!

(cr:soratomax) ball point pen, sold out.

(cr:ayunoya) At the Tohoshinki Gaishi yesterday, the husband of a middle-aged woman was first standing, without holding anything. But when I realized around "BREAK OUT!", he was livened up swinging the stick light, and afterwards, was always swinging the stick light with a smile on his face. The two charmed him in the twinkling of an eye! I saw with my own eyes the moment when he became a fan of Tohoshinki. (Jan 26)

(cr:Sonny_PRIMETIME) Yesterday, RYO-kun of the original TOHO dancers came to cheer us. Again received power from our precious friend

(r:emu331) TONE Nagoya, final day→Yunho was taking a walk around the stage, saying that Changmin's MC is so long!

(cr:jjsakihan) Yunho said "macchi bou (T/N: matchstick, the joke that SMAP taught them)" during singing the song STLヽ(;▽;)ノ

(cr:emu331) a granny in her 70s came out on the wheelchair. It was her dream to see the 2 perform, she came from Osaka with an attendant. She seemed so impressed, she said that her dream had come true(ToT) She even said to me "Please take care going home!" I'm happy! She said she was a fan of Yunho♡

(cr:emu331) The audience was saying its set phrase "Eeee~!!" when Changmin started to introduce the next song. Then Changmin said "This is the truth!!" Again today, the CHOEGANG Changmin in Nagoya!

(cr:emu331) CM "Shiratori-san is beautiful, but she isn't my type xD" YH "She isn't my type, too"

(cr:emu331) Yunho was embarrassed by a voice from the audience "Cuuuute~♡"

(cr:emu331) Yunho was standing too nearby, Changmin really seem to dislike it, and said "Please stop". Are you serious, Changmin?ヽ(^。^)丿 I think you are delighted!

(cr:emu331) The formation and video differs from that of Yokohama! Karaoke together with everyone (^з^)-☆

(cr:emu331) Yunho said "Bigeast and Cassiopeia are friends"

(cr:emu331) during the latter MC part, Changmin said "We want to be Tohoshinki, worthy of the name!"

(cr:ematw1) YH→We are really happy that the Japanese Bigeast and the Korean Cassiopeia are getting along well, and supporting us together! That is the reason we can do our best!! Thank you!

(cr:ematw1) Today, SAM-san came. He was almost always standing during the live, laughing at Yunho & Changmin's MC, and talking notes. SAM hyung! Please take care of Tohoshinki in the future, too(☆^∀^)ъ

(cr:ematw1) When Changmin was introducing the new song to be released in March, his talk was too long, and Yunho was walking round and round the sub stage (*≧∀≦*)

(cr:ematw1) Today, Yunho didn't say anything about his physical condition! Great (^0^)/

(cr:ematw1) At the very first part of Summer Dream, Yunho talked too much, so his talk and the song overlapped! Yunho seemed "OH!", he was really cute xD

(cr:ematw1) CM → When he was on the center lift and high up in the air, Changmin didn't move at all, standing by the iron railing.. Yunho was smiling at everyone. Changmin, do you have fear of heights? xD

(cr:95tomo) Changmin's talk was so long, Yunho was making a gesture with his hands like "shorten the time!" But Changmin wasn't looking at Yunho at all, and continued the talking. The fans were laughing aloud, looking at Yunho (*≧з≦)

(cr:simvanilla) Once there was a time that Yunho had difficulty in singing, and Changmin glanced at Yunho for a moment. Afterwards, Yunho still had the expression that he had the difficulty, then, Changmin was singing with all his might. (For that song, it was the best performance of the 3 days in Nagoya.) Changmin should have thought that he had to help his hyung.

[PIC] (cr:makimarix) The silver tape with Yunho & Changmin's words.

(cr:hyaaaaaz) during an important part in a ballad song, Yunho's voice did not come out. (i don't know if it was because of Yunho's condition, or, we had trouble breathing). I cannot forget Changmin's glance that he sent to his hyung. After that song, the whole audience was cheering "YUNHOOOO!". Everyone was worrying, but we all felt kind hearted.

(cr:50FOB) Nagoya Gaishi 3 days in a row finished!! We did it!! It was the best!! Yesterday, RYO-san of the original Toho dancers came to see us!! Tohoshinki fans are dera (T/N: very much, Nagoya dialect) passionate! Thanks for the 3 days!!

(cr:Achi_wilder) The surging waves, Nagoya 3 days!! I gave out my power the best that I could!! I really think that the power we receive from the audience is great!! It is wonderful that we can get impressed right on the stage.

(cr:mashamaro69) Today's Changmin's vocal was really truly wonderful. It was powerful, and also extending... But I know he will continue to make efforts.. he will never be satisfied. I am proud of such a wonderful man, Changmin

(cr:may0702) Since it was Nagoya, they said "We enjoyed the evening dera (T/N: very much)!" And the two bowed more than 90 degrees, the deepest bow. The last was Yunho's "See you~~♪". I will be looking forward to the two's activities, Tohoshinki. It tells all that there was a long queue for the registration for Bigeast after the performance.

(cr:hiroyunhoho) Yunho didn't say anything about his cold today, but he couldn't sing a phrase during BTT, he coughed after he took the microphone away from himself. At that moment, Changmin glanced at Yunho with great speed. We can see that when Yunho is not in good condition, Changmin takes care of Yunho, and Yunho takes care of Changmin when Changmin's condition is not complete.

(cr:tcramoko) When Yunho walks rapidly ahead the passageway, Changmin quietly follows him with a smile on his face. When it is Changmin's turn to go ahead, he sometimes turns around and checks Yunho, and Yunho gently goes after Changmin. Their balance is miraculous (  ̄▽ ̄)♥

(cr:sam0113, choreographer SAM) Yunho's dance is AWESOME.

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[NEWS] 120127 Peruvian Press Covers JYJ’s Upcoming Concert

Ahead of their performance in Peru, the boys of JYJ are receiving a lot of press in the local area.

A Peruvian news program Frecuencia Latina ‘Punto Final’ introduced the boys for ten minutes straight, talking about the level of fame they have in Korea.

The program is one that airs every Sunday, delivering news regarding politics, economics, entertainment, and more. The anchor remarked, “JYJ’s influence continues to grow by the day. Both online and off, their fame and popularity is explosive.”

Furthermore, the boys’ concert was also advertised on an influential local media source, El comercio.

Their agency CJES Entertainment remarked, “All 5,000 tickets sold out in a matter of two days. The fans that could not get their hands on a ticket did not stop calling to ask for more seats, and we are even considering adding about a thousand more.”

JYJ’s concert in Peru will take place on March 11th.

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[TRANS] 120127 Chinese Fans Put Up Subway Advertisements In Myeong-dong In Celebration Of U-know Yunho’s Birthday

TVXQ U-know Yunho’s popularity in China has also been proven in Korea.

A photo with the title “Chinese Fans’ Birthday Advertisement For Yunho In Myeong-dong” was uploaded onto a particular.

This was an advertisement placed by a U-know Yunho Chinese fansite in celebration of Yunho’s birthday on 6 Feb, in Myeong-dong subway station, at the platform headed towards Danggogae.

The text on the advertisement reads, “Happy Birthday. Our most precious treasure!” and “Jung Yunho, soar like the dragon”.

Upon seeing this, netizens commented, “Chinese fans are admirable. Their advertisements can be seen even in Korea…”, “Wishing Yunho oppa a Happy Birthday”, among other responses.

On another note, Yunho’s fans donated 140 tonnes of rice to the Community Chest of Korea in Seoul, for his birthday last year.

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[INFO] 120127 Jaejoong Fanmeet in Turkey

Yes. It's true. JYJ Youngwoong Jaejoong will be coming to Turkey
Venue: Ankara University, Faculty of Language & History, Farabi Hall
Time: 5th February 2012, 12:00-14:00
* Entrance starts at 11.00
In the email include:
- First & last name
- Gender
- Age
- City
- Phone number
- A question you would like to ask to Jaejoong
* First 500 people will be admitted
* 1 application per person

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[PHOTOS] 120127 Tohoshinki Tone Live Tour 2012 in Nagoya Day 3 Part 2

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[INFO] The Japan Gold Disc Award 2012 Results

Best 3 Albums (Asian)

Info: The other 2 album that won in this category are KARA 'Girl's Talk' & SNSD 'Girls Generation'.

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