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1st Quarter – TVXQ (Keep Your Head Down)

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[TVXQ] Part one of the CF is out ㅠㅠ

This CF consists of two parts. The part that I have mentioned, which will be released on 28 February ,is the “Arrival” part. Although it is only 1 minute long, it cannot be said to be a preview clip. Because it’s different.^^ (The screen capture is from the ending scene of the “Arrival” part.)

Also, the “Allure” part…will be a 4-5 minutes long clip. It will be revealed at the venue of the release ceremony on 30 March. ^^

They are two parts which are very different.. I am curious… How the responses from TVXQ fans, and also customers who like Missha, will be like.. Please wait for awhile~~

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Three fansites for JYJ's Park Yoochun,, Blessing Yoochun, and Park Yoochun's Nanal have come together to donate to Naver's Happy Bean Campaign on behalf of his upcoming drama, "Attic Prince". The fansites collected 13 million Korean won in total (around 13,000 USD) comprised of 5 million in cash and 8 million of food items such as rice.

Donating to charities on behalf of celebrities is a common practice among Korean fans, and has been done by fans of Yoochun in the past. The exact beneficiaries of this donation are not yet confirmed, but it is likely that the money and items will go to senior citizens living alone and study rooms for those with lower incomes.

Meanwhile, to build anticipation for "Attic Prince", SBS has released videos of the stars, Yoochun and Han Jimin, at a poster photoshoot. Watch the two videos below:

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Which group is the best among idol groups?

Posts were recently released on an online community with the caption, “The newest version of girl groups ranking,” and “Boy groups ranking.”

SNSD ranked first and proved that they are the best girl group. The group was followed by 2NE1, T-ara, Wonder Girls, and KARA.

After the girl groups ranking was released, ranking for boy groups was also released.

On February 21, an online community posted pictures, which are captured images from tvN’s E News, which aired in January, 2010.

The show aired boy groups ranking, which was made by 30 entertainment reporters. The ranking was based on evaluation criteria, including, popularity, income, singing ability, dance skill, and fashion sense. As a result, TVXQ ranked first.

A person who posted the pictures said, “Since the ranking was made last year, Infinite and CNBLUE need to be added.” Then the person posted ‘The newest boy groups ranking’ and TVXQ still ranked first. The group was followed by Super Junior, Big Bang, and 2PM.

People responded: “The ranking is just for fun.” “The result will be changed if we rank groups again.” “TVXQ members are the best!”

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A new drama series Dr. Jin is expected to air in the first half of 2012. On February 21, the production team of the drama series announced that JYJ’s Jae Joong plays Kim Gyung Tak, a military officer of Joseon Dynasty.

Kim Gyung Tak is the highest-ranking military officer from a renowned military official family, generation after generation. He is a person of self reverence and high competitive spirit, but very devoted to only a woman.

Jae Joong made his impressive debut with SBS’s 2011 popular drama series Protect the Boss, but Dr. Jin will be his first challenge to appear in a historical drama series. Jae Joong is determined to display his dignified charismatic part with well-honed martial arts

His successful transformation into an actor turning from one of the most favored ‘idol’ singer in Asia surely is the focus of the people’s attention. That’s why his following step as an actor is drawing much attention both at home and Asian regions.

Dr. Jin is a historical medical drama series with special features: The best known doctor living in today’s Korea traces back to the Joseon Dynasty in the 1860s. Based on a Japanese hit comic book, which created a huge sensation when it was produced in a Japanese drama series in 2009, Dr. Jin is newly adjusted this time to Korea’s typical sentiment.

A representative of the production team says, “This will be a good chance for Jae Joong to reveal his different appeals from Protect the Boss. Please keep your interest and support for his challenge in this historical medical drama series.”

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New PV presumed to be of 'Still' but no further info given

NTV ZIP! (Feb 22 5:50-8:00), Tohoshinki's new song MV will be broadcasted

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(Yoochun) Today also hwaiting!!!
[Pic trans] Junsuya~ "Xiahtod" by Wangseja Lee Gak

(Yoochun) Junsu, I love you..
[Pic trans] my lovely junsu I love you/ elizabeth/ should we brake up?

(Yoochun) I love u Jaejoong Hyung
[Pic Trans] hope jaejoong hyung's drama will be great! by: Prince EeGak

(Junsu) Yoochun-a, you're mine!
[Pic Trans]please love me more. until i lost all my black hair, i will love you, Jimin nuna hwaiting! by kim hwa baek

(Junsu) Yoochun-ah, from this morning, thank you.

(Junsu) @youngfeel Hyung~hwaiting ^^

Junsu's new DP

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The CEO of Missha has posted a captured picture from the new Missha CF clip featuring TVXQ on his facebook page. This CF was filmed in Thailand about two weeks ago (see fantaken photos HERE). There will be two seperate CF clips, to be released on 2/28 (part 1) and 3/30 (part 2), respectively.

Look at the two extremely handsome gentlmen! This CF is definitely something for TVXQ fans to look forward to.

[TVXQ] One part of CF clip has arrived

The CF this time consists of two parts. The theme of the first part, to be released on February 28th, is “Arrival”. The clip is about one-minute long but it cannot be treated as a teaser because its content is very different from the other part.^^ (The captured picture is the ending of the “Arrival” episode.)

And about the “Fascination” episode… It will be quite a long clip which is about 4~5 minutes. It is scheduled to be released at the product-launch event on March 30th. ^^

The two episodes are very different… and I do care about how TVXQ fans and the valuable customers of MISSHA would think… Please wait for just a little while~~

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JYJ is now preparing South America Tour! Who is waiting for the concert?:) Let's go Chile! Let's go Peru! YAY!

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JW: Why were you born
JW: Ultimately
JW: Why why
CM: To torture you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You you you you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JW: Kekekekekekekekekekekekekeke
JW: Just go back
JW: Aiyoo, congrats
CM: Eh, such a congratulation!!!!

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JYJ‘s Jaejoong has been confirmed to star in the upcoming drama, ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin‘ alongside actor Song Seung Hun. The drama is set back in 1860 during the Joseon dynasty.

Jaejoong’s role will be of an excellent Joseon military official named Kim Kyung Tak. His character has a lot of self-esteem and a very competitive nature. In addition, he is in love with a girl that he has known since childhood and is very genuine in his loyalty to her.

Jaejoong will be the fateful rival to Dr. Jin Hyuk, played by Song Seung Hun, who travels back in time from the 21st century.

The producers stated, “Jajeoong was very successful through ‘Protect the Boss‘ and will make his small screen comeback to show a different appeal that he has hidden with the role of Kim Kyung Tak in ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’. We hope there will be a lot of interest in his acting transformation as it is Kim Jaejoong’s first appearance in a sageuk (historical) drama.”

Kim Jaejoong will show off a different side from his appearance on modern TV with his martial art skills and his unapproachable charisma.

Are you looking forward to watching Jaejoong on the small screen once again?

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Fans of JYJ member Park Yoochun have shown their support for Yoochun’s drama “Rooftop Prince” via charitable activities., Park Yoochun’s Nanal, and Blessing Yoochun came together to form the “Park Yoochun Fan Alliance” and made a donation to the Happybean campaign with their wishes for “Rooftop Prince” to be successful.

Related personnel said that this donation activity collected about 13 Million Won, including 5 Million won in cash as well as 8 Million won worth of rice, instant noodles and other items.

Currently, the exact beneficiary has not been confirmed, but plans have been made to help the elderly who are living alone in the winter, as well as low income classrooms and other people in need.

The fanclubs in the Park Yoochun Fan Alliance expressed that this is not their first donation. In the past year, they have donated 60 million won in cash to multi-cultural families, as well as 3.2 tonnes of rice and 2 million won of books.

The drama “Rooftop Prince” which stars Park Yoochun as the main lead, is a story about the crown prince Lee Gak who travels 300 years into the future, to modern day Seoul, and falls in love. It will start airing on SBS on 14 March.

Source : [BaiduMicky + TV Daily via Nate]
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(T/N: The title of the original interview was “Trot Singer Hong Ban Jang ‘Arduous Life, Made Better Through Music’” )

We have discovered that you are good friends with TVXQ’s Uknow Yunho?
“I was in the same class as Yunho from Grade 2 to Grade 5 in elementary school. When we were in the 5th grade, Yunho transferred schools, so we were separated. We met again in high school, but I transferred to Seoul after less than a year, so we were separated again. At that time, we lost contact. Then Yunho became a star, and we managed to contact each other again after that. I am very happy to be able to see him.”

Did you tell him you were going to debut as a singer?
“Yes of course. Yunho tried really hard to talk me out of it. He told me that the life of an artist was very tiring and very difficult. Also, it was not guaranteed that I would do well. It seems he could not bear to see a friend suffer. Even so, when I really stood in the recording studio, the first person to come visit and give me support was Yunho.”

(irrelevant portions omitted)

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Idol group JYJ made an “appearance” in the KBS sitcom “Ojakyo Brothers”, and became a hot topic.

On the latest episode of “Ojakyo Brothers” which was aired on 19 February, Big sister Kim Mi Sook (played by Jun Mi Sun) asked her brother-in-law Cha Soo Yong (played by Choi Yong Jun), who works at a radio station, “What about the JYJ signed CD that I asked you for the last time? Our Ha Na is waiting for it”

Actually, just the mention of JYJ, without talking about Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu, has caused the fans to express their elation at JYJ’s appearance on “Ojakyo Brothers” via various SNS.

Netizens said, “I want a JYJ signed CD” “The drama mentioned JYJ, the scriptwriter must be their fan” “I’m so jealous,” and other comments.

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Group JYJ’s daily-life documentary “The Day” is will be hitting the theatres.

According to statistics from the Film Council’s real-time cinema ticket sales figures on the afternoon of 20 February, JYJ’s “The Day” took 1st place with a whopping 42.8%, while “Nameless Gangster (The War Against Crime)” ranked 2nd with 11.5% of the total sales. (JYJ) took 1st place with a large margin of almost 4 times.

Furthermore, once the ticket sales opened, more than 110,000 users logged into the site at the same time, causing the server to crash. JYJ’s management company C-Jes Entertainment expressed, “Seats for “The Day” in all 19 Lotte cinemas have been sold out.”

Representatives of Lotte Cinema commented, “At 1pm, when the reservations for tickets of shows during which JYJ would make appearances were put on sale, 110,000 users were on the site at the same time, causing the server to crash temporarily. And the sales for all 19 cinemas which opened at 4pm also sold out within an hour. In particular, (tickets for) the Busan cinema sold out in a record time of 5 minutes.”

“The Avenuel shop near Lotte Hotel was crowded since morning with Japanese tourists who were there to purchase tickets. Usually, even contents related to singers also only sell about 30%, and the fact that (“The Day”) was able to receive an explosive reaction of selling out so quickly left even the management surprised. They are true Hallyu stars.”

JYJ’s representatives expressed, “As it was produced with the intention of fanservice, we have yet to decide how long it will be running in cinemas. However, as we have been receiving many calls from the fans who have not been able to purchase tickets, we, together with Lotte Cinema, are currently considering increasing the number of screenings.”

“‘The Day’ is a 90 minute production made with the intention of fanservice, for the fans for Valentine’s Day. It records the daily lives of the 3 members of JYJ, as well as their dreams, friendship, happiness and true stories.”

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + OSEN via Nate]
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JYJ member Kim Jaejoong gained attention for his photographic proof of a late valentines’ day.

On 19 February, Kim Jaejoong uploaded an image onto his personal twitter account, which was a photograph of various chocolates in exquisite packaging.

Kim Jaejoong had opened all the presents and arranged them, so that everyone could see the contents, and his careful consideration warmed the hearts of the fans.

Netizens said, “When will you be able to finish eating all these?” “Kim Jaejoong’s photo warms our hearts” “This shows that Jaejoong is a considerate person”

Source: [BaiduTVXQ + TV Daily via Nate]
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Monday, February 20, 2012

The ticket orders for JYJ’s documentary movie The Day crashed server for Lotte Cinema’s website.

On February 20, Lotte Cinema started selling tickets in advance for the movie, which will be released only in Lotte Cinemas. The movie will play in 8 theaters, where JYJ members will also visit to meet their fans.

The website’s server was crashed as soon as the cinema started selling tickets. Lotte Cinema tweeted, “Over 110,000 people rushed to the site and made the server crash. We are sorry for the inconvenience. We will do our best to restore the website.”

The documentary movie, featuring JYJ’s everyday life, was going to air on QTV but the plan got canceled. Then the movie was going to be released in GGV theaters, but CGV finally decided not to release the movie. As a result, the movie will be released in Lotte Cinemas on February 23.

The movie will play in 8 theaters in Seoul, 5 in Gyeonggi, 4 in Gyeongsang, and 1 in each Chungcheong and Jeolla Provinces starting on February 23 through 26.

JYJ members will visit 4 theaters in Hongdae on February 23 and 4 theaters near KonKuk University on February 25. The cinema will start selling tickets for the movie without having JYJ members appear on February 20 at 4:oo p.m.

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“Due to an insufficient number of female washrooms, some washrooms intended for use by males have also been converted to female washrooms.”

As each of the musical performances that Kim Junsu performs in attracts a large number of female audiences, even the washrooms in the performance venue have to be changed.

During the intermission of the performance of the musical “Elisabeth” on 15 February, during which Kim Junsu played the role of “Death (Tod)” , the number of female audiences in the washrooms at the Blue Square Musical Hall in Seoul spiked. On this day, (the management) of the theatre opened the male washrooms on the basement floor for use by female audiences. The caretaker turned away male guests who were trying to use that washroom by saying, “It’s only because Kim Junsu is performing today, please understand.”

Since their opening in November 2011, although the theatre has realised that there is a large influx of female guests when local musicals are being performed, and has since increased the number of female washrooms, it is still insufficient on days when Kim Junsu performs. The capacity of the female washrooms in the theatre are already the highest in Korea, with an average of 1 female washroom cubicle for every 25.9 seats. The Charlotte Theatre in Jamshil (only) has one female cubicle for every 33.5 seats.

Such “situations” arise because the tickets for shows in which Kim Junsu performs in are all sold out, and a majority of the audiences are female. Interpark, which provides the online ticketing service, expressed that over 99% of the buyers of tickets for Kim Junsu’s performances of “Elisabeth” are female purchasers. Although female purchasers may bring males along to watch the performance, but this is unseen in the history of Korea’s musical theatres.

The 20 shows of “Elisabeth” in which Kim Junsu will be appearing, with a total of 31,960 tickets, all sold out within 10 minutes. The tickets for his shows are also the only ones which are being resold by ticket scalpers. According to reports, prices in Japan have been marked up from the original 150,000 won to 100,000 yen (approximately 1,440,000 won). The theatre rents out approximately 100 opera glasses (binoculars used for watching performances or shows), but there are plans to purchase more in preparation for Kim Junsu’s performances.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + DongA Daily via Nate]
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A picture of Park Yoochun, who was transformed into a crown prince on set, was revealed.

On 18 February, Park Yoochun left a short message via his personal twitter account, saying “Allways, all ways..” and uploaded an image together with it.

The attached image was of Park Yoochun on set, wearing the headpiece of his character the crown prince, and smiling. Although he has a Joseon dynasty headpiece on, his outfit was a bright red tracksuit, and he had a coffee in his hand as he smiled slightly.

This is an image taken at the set of the latest SBS drama “Rooftop Prince”. Park Yoochun is playing the role of a crown prince from the Joseon period that travels through time into the modern day, and the outfit in the photograph aptly describes Park Yoochun’s role.

Netizens who saw this photo of Park Yoochun said, “So this is the Power Rangers’ outfit” “Totally looking forward to it, seems like a mischevious crown prince.” “So cute” and other comments.

“Rooftop Prince” has become a hot topic due to its strong cast of Park Yoochun, Han Ji Min, Jung Yoo Mi, Lee Min Ho and other actors, and will be first broadcast on 14 March.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + TVDaily via Nate]
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To those who asked me why don't I go sleep this late at why don't you guys sleep...T

It's because I have no performance tomorrow........hahaha

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