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Tomorrow... to try even harder... to do my best.. (to do) well

Also... Thank you..

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The soccer team FC MEN, which JYJ’s Kim Junsu (25) is the captain of, will be holding a Tohoku Earthquake Charity match at the Kokuritsu Kyougijou (National Stadium) on 28 April.

The opponent will be “Team Yoshimoto + Selected Artists Team”. Members of this team include JichouKachou’s Kawamoto Junichi (36), Shizuru’s Murakami Jun (31), Penalty’s Wacky and others.

“Scheduled to make an appearance for the Korean team are Junsu, his brother Juno (25), 3 members from Beast, Yeoseob (22), Ki Kwang (21) and Doojoon (22), Shinhwa’s Minwoo (32), 5 members from the rookie group M.E.N., that are expected to make their debut in Japan this year, and others.” (Organizing Personnel)

This team, with a line-up of handsome K-Pop idols, are the strongest eleven, who have won the Korean Entertainer’s Soccer League tournament. According to the official website of the team, SS501′s leader Kim Hyunjoong (25) and JYJ’s Yoochun (25) are also members.

“Practice is 3 times a week, for 3 hours each day. In preparation for the match, the focus now is on set-pieces. The mood-maker, Junsu, is the most fired up.” (Organizing Personnel)

Team leader Junsu is also concerned with strengthening the friendship between the members. The team moves as a group to the practice grounds in the same bus, and during trainings, he encourages them to shout out loud energetically and enjoy themselves. While in the bus on their way back to Seoul, it is also routine for the members to have an “evaluation session” facilitated by Junsu.

“(The team) goes out for meals or to bowl, and their cohesiveness has increased. They do not drink alcohol. For bowling, Junsu’s brother, JUNO, is the best at it. With consecutive strikes, he (once got) a high score of 200 points, his average score is 170 points.” (Relevant Team Personnel)

K-Pop performances are also being planned for that day, and more than 50,000 audiences are expected to be at the National Stadium. It seems like it will be an anticipated match between Japan and Korea.

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JYJ’s Yoo Chun, who plays the main character in SBS TV’s upcoming drama series Rooftop Prince, appeared in Chungmuro.

On February 15, Yoo Chun shot main posters of Rooftop Prince, dressed in a royal robe, in Chungmuro.

Yoo Chun seemed to be shy at first. However, as the shoot started, he changed into a prince and perfectly portrayed the character being baffled in an unfamiliar environment.

People passing by recognized Yoo Chun and gathered around him, and soon people from various different countries, such as Japan, China, and Hong Kong, gathered around him, as well.

It took several hours to shoot the posters, but Yoo Chun did his work in a bright and serious manner. He also created a lively atmosphere by getting along with all cast and staff members.

Rooftop Prince stars Yoo Chun, Han Ji Min, Lee Tae Sung, and Jung Yumi. It will start airing in mid-March.

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A picture of the lead cast on Park Yoochun’s “Rooftop Prince” is gaining attention because the lead cast looked like power rangers. The picture surfaced on an online community board with the title “Park Yoo Chun Transforms Into a Power Ranger.”

The lead cast is walking on the street in red, blue, green, and yellow tracksuits. It looked like they were imitating the Power Rangers.

Netizens that came across the post stated, “Look at Park Yoochun’s hair,” “Will there be a lawsuit because of plagiarism?” and “It looks funny from far away.”

The basic synopsis behind “Rooftop Prince” is that a prince from the Joseon period goes 300 years into the future to fulfill his love from his past life. The romantic comedy drama will broadcast after March 14.

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Yesterday, several photos of JYJ’s Park Yoochun while filming his latest drama “Rooftop Prince,” co-starring Han Ji Min, were uploaded to various online communities. Dressed in traditional royal robes, the singer-actor was definitely a rare and strange sight in contemporary Seoul.

Initially he looked slightly awkward, but as soon as the film started rolling, Park Yoo Chun got into character as the Chosun era Crown Prince. Despite the cold temperatures, Park Yoochun completed the shoot with a smile on his face and livened up the atmosphere.

“Rooftop Prince” is about a Chosun era Crown Prince Lee Gak (Park Yoo Chun) who was in the midst of investigating the death of his Crown Princess (Jung Yumi) when he mysteriously gets sucked into the future and meets his destined love (Han Ji Min).

The historical-fusion-contemporary-fantasy drama “Rooftop Prince” will premiere on SBS once Gu Hye Sun’s “Please Take Care of Us, Captain” ends in March.

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(Feb 16 Issue) At the movie's filming scene, with 'Run with the Gold' actors & Takamura (author)

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Jaejoong English tweets are quotes from 'The Interview with God'

Our common conversation
Picture translation:
Yoochun: Really, congratulations^^ You're the best, you're really the kewlest~ (T/N: Yoochun was really talking cutely~^^)
Yoochun: Program bass^^ gives me goosebumps~!!

2011.12.31 10:25pm
Jaejoong: Thanks/hate you haha (T/N: He was about to say "gomawo"=thank you but he said "gomiwo"go+hate you so it could be a play on words~)
Yoochun: hahahaha^^ It was giving me goosebumps~

2011.12.31. 10:53pm
Jaejoong: ㅋㅋI heard you were so nervous~
Yoochun: hahaha^^ but I didn't really look like it~

2012.1.1. 12:11am
Yoochun: Hyung, receive a lot of money (T/N: He didn't actually say 'money' but I'm leaning towards it being a typo rather than meaning something else)~ You did a lot of hard work~^^ Let's try to do well this year too~ ---------^^

Our boring conversation
Picture translation:
Jaejoong: Hyung likes the red one too
Yoochun: hahahahayeah~ The chorus is really nice~
Jaejoong: But isn't it a bit too loud?
Jaejoong: The balance is a killer, I'll need it for the [song] i'm working on~
Yoochun: Yeah~the balance is really a problem~I'm trying out this and that to see if it's really loud
Jaejoong: The sound is all big and goes boom boom, right?haha
Yoochun: O K O K The sound is a killer~
Jaejoong: Feel it well~~
Yoochun: O K O K

The jar is a bit swarmed.

Good Night...

Why did Elisabeth long for Tod(death)? Did she think everything would be healed by dying?

Or…death would bring tranquility and rest?

During those period… Killing oneself was considered as sacred ritual…even Elisabeth and Rudolf thought that way…

But suicide is a sin that would not be washed away!

Whatever happens don’t give up… Cheer up! There isn’t a hardship that cannot be overcome… ^^

Elisabeth is pitiful… but I think Rudolf is more pitiful… The scene where Rudolf begs Mother’s help… Mother can you hear me?… This line …. always makes me cry…

I wish I were mom’s mirror…she would look at me and talk to me…

This lyric… My tear would drop watching this scene… I always get scolded going out on the stage after wiping my tears… because I am Tod.

Because Tod is alone…didn’t he want a fellow-traveler continuously? Although he is omniscient and omnipotent… because he is alone…and could not get over with loneliness…

Although Tod could get Elisabeth by death… because of the death he would lose… although he became one but the love is not reachable… lonely death/Tod.

All the characters in Elisabeth are… pitiful.

SuYongKim: @1215thexiahtic Lucheni too..??^^;;;
JunSu: @nicedragon0314 Ha ackkk! >> @nicedragon0314 하악!
JunSu: @nicedragon0314 Hyung, will you be performing today??
SuYongKim: @1215thexiahtic is this an expression of surprise???
JunSu: @nicedragon0314 ㅋㅋ Yepp! Hyung is the only one I haven’t performed with yet ㅠ

@wowkimsohyun We all must do well~^^ Fighting!!!

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Am I the only one that think Lee Minho (guy in red) looks like a mix of Tablo & Eunhyuk .__.

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