Tuesday, January 17, 2012

[VIDEO] 120117 JYJ Honorable Ambassador of FLL Korea

Info: FLL Korea’ is a cultural festival that brings in participants from elementary school up to high school for a robotics competition.

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[FANCAM] 120117 Junsu - Elisabeth Musical Press Open Rehearsal

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[PHOTOS] 120117 Junsu - Elisabeth Musical Press Open Rehearsal

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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 120116 Jaejoong Sisters Twitter Updates

[Shie486] Am now in Joongie’s house… Joongie who has also received the presents yesterday… 6th sister and me came to help him clear up… Joongie is currently preparing delicious steak… Haha

[Shie486] Joongie is so cute~~ the sisters are cleaning up… Joongie is cooking… (he’s) really good at cookery, haha, envying him much… This time is the real thing.

[Shie486] Hahaha, Joongie, noona is really proud of you, hahaha, how did you managed to cut and prepared the kimchi so beautifully??? You indeed~~~ does it better than noona!!! Noona bought it (T/N: off the shelves) everyday…

[Shie486] This is… the steak Joongie prepared~~ I was taking the photo… and the smell of it came… it was Joongie who fed me personally… Joongie’s hand… hahaha

[Shie486] Ah,… this is… Joongie’s hand.. Joongie… Noona wants to take a photo of the steak only…

[Shie486] Haha, Joongie… is currently working hard… the two sisters are playing… Ha, this pose right?? Hahaha

[Shie486] Hahaha, this is… 6th sister who is pregnant. Haha

[Shie486] The one who uploaded the previous photos was me, keke, the next one uploaded is 6th sister, keke

[Shie486] Haha, the photo Joongie uploaded yesterday.. when we were cleaning… we saw that outfit.. thus made the same pose and took a photo.. Yesterday was Joongie, that’s right.. today were the sisters…

[mk_taiji] I was lying on the sofa listening to Joongie’s song, Joongie is singing, don’t know don’t know, talking to oneself~ exactly what was said~ tired and wanting to go home~ cleaning was done too

[mk_taiji] The pregnant lady wants to eat steak, there’s a lot of sauce on mine, thus it is very delicious

[Shie486] Sleepy.. wants to go home.. Joong ah… sisters want to go home~~~ wuwu~~

[mk_taiji] I’m falling asleep~~ so so tired!!

[mk_taiji] @Shie486 Why is Joongie laughing? ^^

[Shie486] @mk_taiji Why did he laugh?? Keke, must be sisters are too adorable, haha, I’m so bored thus am like this.. very comical right, keke

[Shie486] “@mk_taiji The pregnant lady wants to eat steak, there’s a lot of sauce on mine, thus it is very delicious http://t.co/QPsoHbon” This~ noona has to take a photo, kekeke

[mk_taiji] @Shie486 Like this ^^ Looks like the old people (T/N: refers to themselves) are not up to it~ ^^

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[VIDEO] 120117 Junsu - Musical Elisabeth Press Open Rehearsal

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[VIDEO] 120117 Junsu - FC MEN Message

Hi everyone, I am JYJ’s Junsu.
What is the reason that I am greeting everyone here?
That’s because our FC MEN’s website is finally launched! (applause)
Although our starting was minute, but now we had our official website too, then we had our handsome jerseys and supporters. This allow us to comfortably proceed with our sports and of course this is due to fans’ support given towards us.
Through the official website, any future matches, any various looks or news will be told to everyone at the website.
Therefore everyone please browse the website a lot of times.
In the future, I will work hard in order not to get injured and be healthily active in the new season.
Hope that everyone will be blessed and happy new year.

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[TRANS] 120117 Yoochun Twitter Update

Everyone..how are you? ^^

Yes I'm alive ^^

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[NEWS] 120117 Actress Moon Chae Won Declines Role in Drama "Rooftop Prince"

Actress Moon Chae Won has decided not to be cast in SBS TV’s upcoming drama, “Rooftop Prince.”

On January 16, Moon’s agency revealed through a TV report, “We’ve been reviewing the script for drama ‘Rooftop Prince,’ but have made the final decision not to cast in it.”

An official explained the reason, saying that “after reading the script, we realized that the drama is more sageuk-related than we thought. We decided not to take the role because we wanted to avoid keeping a sageuk image [for Moon], through her recent projects “The Princess’s Man” and "Arrow: The Ultimate Weapon."

The agency continued with, “Miss Moon Chae Won wants to take a break from her busy schedule” and “We will take more time to look carefully for her next project and come back with a familiar and better image.”

Lee Hee Myung, writer of dramas “Mister Q” and “Successful Story of a Bright Girl” will work with PD Shin Yoon Sub, who has directed many popular dramas such as “KAIST,” “Dear Heaven,” “Lovers,” and “Why Did You Come to My House.”

Casting for “Rooftop Prince” has been gaining attention from viewers as it was recently revealed that JYJ’s Park Yoochun has been cast as the male lead. The drama is set to replace “The 3rd Hospital,” and begin airing on March 14. There have been no other castings yet. Stay tuned for more updates!

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