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[TRANS] Jaejoong on Valentine's Day

Yesterday, Jaejoong went to Bum's Story restaurant. My acquaintance was there at the restaurant as well. She hurriedly handed a chocolate that she bought to Jaejoong. He then seemed very happy like his tear was about to burst. Hahaha. This must be because he really wanted the chocolate, didn't he?

T/N: I decided to use 'she' as I am not sure whether her acquaintance is male or female, so I assumed.

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Child actress Kim So Hyun has fallen for the charms of actor-singer Park Yoochun.

Acting as the crown princess in the MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama “The Moon Embracing The Sun,” Kim So Hyun received news of her participation in the SBS drama “Attic Prince” and fell for the charms of Park Yoochun, and caught the attention of the netizens.

On 14 February, Kim So Hyun sent a message via her personal twitter, saying “Haha, do you still not see it? With one look, ah! My favourite crown prince! That’s crown prince Park Yoochun. When he found out that we share the same birthday he greeted me happily, and I’m totally touched. From now on, my ideal type is crown prince Park Yoochun,” and uploaded a picture together with this tweet. Kim So Hyun and Park Yoochun share the same birthday, on 4 June.

In the photo, Kim So Hyun is dressed neatly in a hanbok, and smiling at the camera. You can see the drama set behind her in the background.

Responses to this image include, “The 13-year old Kim So Hyun has totally fallen for the charms of Park Yoochun,” “The devilish man, Park Yoochun” “Kim So Hyun, who previously acted as the crown princess” and other comments.

“Attic Prince” is about the crown prince of the chosun dynasty who loses his beloved princess then travels with his consorts 300 years into the future to the modern day, a fantasy-romantic comedy. It features Park Yoochun, Han Ji Min, Lee Tae Sung and Jung Yoo Mi, and will be broadcast in mid-march.

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We are sorry for the changes in the screening of the JYJ daily documentary “The Day” .

The JYJ daily documentary cinema edition was to commemorate Valentine’s Day in February, but it was cancelled unilaterally by CGV due to contractual issues.

Initially, we also considered delaying the screening or amending the contract so that the contract could be effected, but eventually we made the announcement to the fans for the cancellation of the screening.

We had produced this cinema version because this documentary that could not be broadcast, to cater to the local fans. It is a pity that we can only choose to screen it in theaters. However, the determination of wanting to share this movie with the local fans callled to us, and we worked hard to reach an agreement with Lotte Cinema, and managed to screen the movie within the shortest time possible. Also, there will be a special stage greeting from JYJ for the first day and weekend screenings.

We would also like to clarify that this is a reproduced version of the TV documentary, that was edited for cinema screening, so please bear this special circumstance in mind when watching the film. Please meet with the normal, yet extremely special daily lives of JYJ from one year ago~!

From 23 – 26 February, “The Day” will be aired in 17 theaters across the country. Please give this film lots of love.

Tickets will go on sale from 20 February, further details will be provided on the C-JeS and Lotte Cinema (( homepages before 17 February.

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“The scene of a meeting between actors/actresses and musicians seems cheerful and full of energy.” U-Know Yunho, who was very cheerful during the CF shoot, played the role of the one who was very concerned with the little details, but kept filming without a single complaint . When asked about what he thought, he said, “It is regretful that the culture of CD’s is slowly diminishing. I’m very happy to have the power to be a part of the cultural industry now.”

(irrelevant portions omitted)

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(Kim Junsu has gained the attention of people for taking up challenges and achieving results. He is not complacent, and always does his best to progress.)

Kim Junsu Speaks To Reporters About ‘Challenge’

Someone once jokingly said, “When you realise that it’s late, then it must be really too late.” In this extremely competitive society, compared to “challenging”, learning to “give up” is more a facet of the life of the youths today. If there is no “challenge” there will be no result.

But the process before getting a satisfactory result is very important. Both ‘The 88 thousand won generation’ and ‘Jobless youths’ alike, would simply say they are not up to it before taking on the ‘challenge’. If this is their attitude, even if they managed to land a job in the company, they would be unable to adapt to society and would often feel lost and helpless. When he/she is not familiar with the work and has to rush through it, it will be tough even if he/she is trying to build relationships with colleagues in the company.

Newbie reporters Kim Jungwoo (29), An Soyeon (24) and Choi Joo Heung (24) take learn simple lessons from Kim Junsu, an ordinary youth turned top idol star, and a singer that continues to “challenge” himself as a musical actor, on ‘challenges’.

Pressure Towards Challenges

Kim Jungwoo: Challenges are called challenges because they are difficult and thus makes one fear them. Life is interesting because there are challenges. If situations are placed before you simply as they were, how uninteresting would that be? Junsu-ssi, it seems like you are like everyone else, always challenging new areas. All the musicals you appear in, be it “Mozart”, “Tears of Heaven” or “Elisabeth”, are all being performed for the first time locally. It must be very pressurising to (take on) a character without anyone to refer to.

Kim Junsu: To me, challenges are a double-edged sword. Actually, as an artist, there are not that many things you can choose from. If you do not want to be eliminated, then all you can do is to constantly change. Of course, there are times when it just cannot be done, but even if you fail, it is a valuable experience.

Dating And Marriage For An Artist

An Soyeon: People seem to start learning from here, things like marriage do not seem to be things that (just happen) naturally. I think that (even normal) things which have to be done in your life can also be considered challenges.

Choi Joo Heung: That’s right, aren’t they called the 3-stages of life? Dating, marriage, having children… This is an era where you have to work hard to fulfill the things like “When I am this age, I should have become this right?” which you would have imagined since you were younger.

Junsu: Perhaps it is because we are all aware of that, that artists including myself do not date carelessly, because we know that we would receive a lot of unwanted attention. You cannot walk around as you wish either. Once you know (about the risks), you begin to hesitate. In my case, because I was not aware (in the past), I used to just do things recklessly. On hindsight, I was acting blindly. But having a heart that does not fear has allowed me to move forward. My character of wanting to finish whatever I start has helped me a lot.

(Kim Junsu, who is a singer as well as a musical actor, in conversation with Focus News’ newbie reporters, Choi Joo Heung, An Soyeon and Kim Jungwoo (from the left).)

“You gain as much as you lose
I have developed a habit of always thinking,
What is it I have gained”

Sometimes Ordeals Are Necessary

Soyeon: I think it is better to regret after you have tried. If I think about it seriously, no matter what the challenge is, I do not have much to lose.

Joo Heung: In the past, I used to be the type that would think very hard (about things). I had the habit of always thinking about things specifically, like “What will I be like in a year’s time?”. However, while I was preparing for the reporter’s exam, everything was a blank and nothing seemed to appear in my mind. I was lost, but everything started from having no plans. Compared to a year ago, today I am more focused on achieving my goal starting with the smaller things, like what I need to accomplish tomorrow.

Junsu: It may also help to imagine the worst-case scenario. Sometimes you also need to experience difficulties, having to experience “bitterness” 10 times in order to experience “sweetness” is also worth it.

Jungwoo: It seems important to manage your mindset. For me, should I fail an exam or interview in the company, I always thing “Seems like I am not fated” or “Seems like I failed because there is a better place waiting for me”. Perhaps it is because of all this that the feelings of failure usually do not hit me as hard.

Joo Heung: Even if it is a company that you struggle very hard before getting in, it does not mean that it is the end of your challenges. It has been 2 months since I entered the company, whenever I receive crticism from the seniors about articles that I write, it is always hard for me. Junsu-ssi must experience many such instances as well, I am curious how you overcome them.

Junsu: Even if it is something which you cannot achieve immediately, as long as you have the heart of wanting to work hard at it, you will succeed. Work hard to find breaks through your struggles in order to succeed.

Soyeon: Have you ever had second thoughts about becoming an artist?

Junsu: I did during debut. Not being able to date freely, not being able to have your own life, it was hard. But as much as I had to give up all this, I also gained a lot, so while we were having activities, I grew into the habit of thinking about what I could gain.

Jungwoo: It seems very important to know how to be content with what you have. During my training, I had to leave home very early and only get back very late at night, but I have been able to find employment in a company that allows me to exercise my potential, and for this I am very thankful. At first I realised there were difficult obstacles holding me back, but the sense of accomplishment (after overcoming them) is also very big. Although there are times when it is hard, but as long as you control your own emotions, you will be able to control your heart.

Soyeon: When I was preparing to get a job last year, everyday was heartbreaking. After all, how lucky must you be in order to get a job even before you graduate. From now on, my first mission is to settle down as a reporter in Focus.

Joo Heung: Being able to do the job that I have always wanted to is amazing, which is why I feel kind of dreamy. Not many people are able to get the job which they have dreamed of since they were young. The difference between “very tiring” and “very tiring, but enjoyable” is very big. Firstly, for me, it is very important to find a job that suits you. The starting point should be what you like, then you work on it from there.

Soyeon: I want to live being a reporter for more than 20 years. I want to be a reporter that says only what is necessary, and listens more to what other people have to say.

Junsu: Recently, I have been very interested in producing. By looking at the agency system and naturally learning how musicals or singers are made.

“You are always strong enough to withstand the difficulties
Think of people less fortunate than you are
Find happiness in despair.”

Everything Depends On Your State Of Mind

Jungwoo: Finally, please give some useful advice to the younger generation like us, who have just stepped out into society.

Junsu: Everything depends on your own state of mind. Although Mozart became famous because he was a music genius, but his life was an unfortunate one. Even rich people may not be happy, isn’t it? Rather than being in despair over the way you are, be aware that there are others that have it harder than you. If you can find happiness from there, then you could achieve your dreams and overcome failure, isn’t it? It would be good if everyone could bear in mind that you are always strong enough to withstand the difficulties. Let’s work hard, everyone. Fighting!

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SBS Drama Special “Attic Prince” held its filming at Mount Hwangmae in Hapcheon County on the 11 February (Saturday).

Over 80 cast and staff members, including Park Yoochun who plays the role of Lee Gak, as well as a dozen representatives from Hapcheon County, participated in the filming in Hapcheon County which lasted 10 hours, from 8am to 6pm.

“Attic Prince” depicts the romantic story of a price from the Choseon era, Lee Gak, who travels through 300 years through time to the modern day, to fulfill a love from his past life that could not be. It will begin broadcasting from 14 March.

(The venue) which was used on this day was also where movies such as Taegukgi Hwinallimyo (Tagukgi The Brotherhood Of War) and Welcome to Dongmakgol, as well as dramas such as Jumong, Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi (The Legend), Queen Seondeok and Warrior Baek Dong Soo had filmed at. (This place) was also recently chosen as the “Top 50 Representative Tourist Attractions in South Korea” by the CNN and is the most popular mountain in Kyungnam, with more than 1 million visitors each year. In particular, in May each year, the azaleas on Mount Hwangmae bloom, and 600,000 square metres (of land) become home to the azaleas, giving it the nickname “Mini-Mount Kumgang”.

(T/N: Mount Kumgang is one of the most well-known mountains in North Korea)

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