Tuesday, February 14, 2012

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What chocolates? Single heaven couple hell!

(Yoochun) @wowkimsohyun Annyeo~ng. It's Yoochun-oppa. I read the news and got to know you were on Twitter~^^
(Sohyun) @6002theMicky It hasn't been long since I started using Twitter hehe. Filming must be so tiring♥ so please take care of your health! I'm shy so I can't find the words..^^
(Yoochun) @wowkimsohyun hehehe I see~ you must be busy even while not filming, so take care of your health~^^
(Yoochun) When will I be able to receive chocolates??^^..

(Yoochun) Hwaiting!!!

New DP
New bio: Hurm..

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Fans who were disappointed by CGV Cinemas‘ decision to pull JYJ‘s documentary will now be able to watch the film through Lotte Cinema!

On February 14th, JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment said, “JYJ’s documentary, which couldn’t be shown due to CGV suddenly canceling the contract, will be screened by Lotte Cinema starting from February 23rd. The documentary was edited to be appealing to fans and will be filled with real stories and scenes from their daily lives.“

They continued, “Due to conflicting schedules, it is not likely that JYJ will be able to come greet fans at each of the premieres. However, they are planned to attend the opening day and weekend in Seoul. JYJ has prepared a special video for their fans in the cities that they will not able to go to.“

JYJ’s documentary, ‘The Day‘, will be shown through Lotte Cinema in 17 theaters; it will have its first screening on February 23rd. The specifics will be released on February 17th through C-JeS Entertainment’s official website and on Lotte Cinema’s homepage.

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I am Kim Junsu! Today, should I tell you my story~?
I think there is nothing in this world that you can carry out by yourself.
I want to be together, to work together, to share with each other. "Together"
My favorite words are...
"Loyalty" "Eagerness" "Experience" "Friendship" "Devotion" "Friend" "Bravery"

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JYJ’s Jun Su has successfully finished his first performance in the musical Elisabeth.

On February 13, C-jes Entertainment, Jun Su’s agency, reported that Jun Su received favorable reviews from experts for his first performance in the musical Elisabeth.

The musical Elisabeth is a musical play loved by many people for neatly 20 years ever since it was premiered in 1992 in Vienna, Austria. In the musical, Jun Su is playing the role of Death, who falls in love with Elizabeth, a woman longing for freedom, by destiny.

At the premiere performance, Jun Su appeared in an alluring see-through look and captivated the audience with his eyes and dances. He perfectly performed “The Last Dance” and “The Shadow Has Grown Big Today” with his distinctive husky voice and beautifully described his dark and dreamy character.

Music director Kim Moon Jung said, “Jun Su’s husky voice helped make his character Death more mysterious and sexy. I think he has finally grown up as a genuine musical actor who knows how to interact with other actors and audiences. He’s genius that he could have such a great performance at the premiere performance.”

Composer Sylvester Levay said, “Jun Su performed with various different charismatic looks. Sometimes he was scary, sometimes he was dark, and sometimes he was like a beast, following around Elisabeth. Jun Su’s performance was so perfect and satisfying.”

Jun Su said, “This is a musical performance created by the best crew and the best cast members. I’m just so proud and happy that I can be part of this play. I’m also desperately in love with Death. I wish this musical can be an opportunity for many audiences to think about their life and happiness with my sweet character Death. I’ll do my best to show you better performances.”

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Monday, February 13, 2012

The character Rudolf is the queen's (Elisabeth) son. Because of stress & depression he 'embraces death' aka commit suicide. That's where this kiss scene came from xD

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Last weekend JYJ recorded a video message for sweet valentine's day! The video will be uploaded on JYJ Official Youtube Channel in the afternoon of February 14. ^^

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