Sunday, February 12, 2012

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Yoochun went to watch Elisabeth Musical

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Yunho: Everyone came today~ ♡ I gained a lot of strength~ ^^ Really very happy!
Changmin: We are currently in Fukuoka stop~ ^^ Please give us more support and we will finished the concert healthily! For the better activities and the meeting with everyone next time, we will work even harder~ ^^

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You can download the fancam from kokayz@lj

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After the 2:00pm performance

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@1215thexiahtic Junsu ya fighting for today's show ^^ Show us Death ㅎ

3 songs were born in 1.5 mths. I really love the ballad that was completed today~ Yuchun gave me praise... It seems like I'm weak when it comes to compliments~ Haha

End of Jaejoongie's diary

New DP

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Today was the first day at the Marine Messe, Fukuoka! This photo was taken in the waiting room right before the actual show. They really suit the staff parka for this tour very well ♪

For today’s live, as 6 February is Yunho’s birthday, a big cake was brought onto the stage during the encore ♪ Yunho was a little embarassed with everyone at the concert wishing him a happy birthday, but really happy! And suddenly, Changmin’s mischievousness flared up as he stuck the cake into Yunho’s face, and Yunho’s face was smeared with whipped cream. This scene was really amusing, and became a really fun surprise birthday♪

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On the flight to Japan from Thailand

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(cr:ceciluknow) Yunho's hair color was changed to dark brown. I think that for Honey Funny Bunny, golden hair is better ( ̄ロ ̄;)

(cr:chamishino) Finished~♪( ´▽`) Changmin's spirits were so high! In the first half, he was grinning.. he was saying during the MC "I'm feeling so funny even if there isn't anything." (^^;;

(cr:yuccaun) YH: We want to talk seriously. We wanted to hold a live concert all the time since we resumed our activities in Jan 2011. We wanted to meet and say thank you to all the fans who have been waiting for us even during the time we cannot hold activities as Tohoshinki.

(cr:yuccaun) YH: We are saying these red towels and stick lights are "RED POWER". We are always receiving so many powers from all of you. Please support us in the future, too. (bowed deeply, more than 90 degrees)

(cr:yuccaun) CM: Lately I'm filming something different, I'm getting thinner, and tired. YH: I'm worn out, too, since ◯◯ & ◯◯ (dance songs) continued. CM: I was tired from the 2nd song.

(cr:yk_cham) During the Bibari & Rui (Pikaru no teiri) gag, Yunho threw his arms around Changmin \(^o^)/

(cr:yk_cham) During Bibari & Rui, Yunho buried his face in Changmin's neck, Changmin seemed really surprised\(^o^)/

(cr:yhxcm_212) During the MC, walking back from the center stage to the main stage, Yunho's jacket turned up and bared his chest, and Changmin gently fixed it up (∵)< Changmin, you're so kind!!(*´・J・`)<…。(∵)<So cool!!(*´・J・`)< He silently did it, that means, he should have been worrying that Yunho's chest be bared xDD

(cr:i_know_you1973) After Yunho came back (from wiping his face), he said "I have no make up now!" ←Handsome-! So cool ! calls were raised from the audience. He said he had a lonely birthday on Feb 6 (´Д`) OMG~

(cr:chamishino) During easy mind, Changmin blew a kiss towards the camera(((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) This time, it was a kiss like "I'll do it!" Changmin was super hyper today xDDD

(cr:yuccaun) After the encore song, CM said "So, the next is my corner!" YH "???" (The song "Happy Birthday" was ringing out in the venue, and the cake appeared) CM "Yunho, Happy Birthday!"

(cr:sachixiah) After the "Rising Sun" of the encore, the cake appeared, and we celebrated Yunho's birthday\(^o^)/ Immediately after Yunho blew out the candle, Changmin seized a bit of the cake and put it on to Yunho's face xDDD

(cr:keikochami) What was the most most most most impressive thing was that, after the cream (of the cake) was put on Yunho face, he wiped his face saying "That was pleasant!". Changmin said "Are you abnormal? You're saying you're feeling good after you've been hurt." xDDDD

(cr:hrcm218) CM: So the next is, YES! this is a new song, when you say Mar 14, it is White Day, and boys give candy to girls..but we ..will release such lonely songs.......buuuuuuu"←he was laughing by himself

(cr: rayco_oh) SAM-san was laughing at Changmin's talk during the encore. Oh, I should watch Tohoshinki, not SAM-san xDD

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

At NOEL's (Korean male vocal group) concert

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