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To Thailand for Missha CF filming

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On February 6th, JYJ’s Jaejoong was invited to dinner at the Presidential Palace in Turkey along with South Korea’s president Lee Myung Bak and the president’s wife.

Jaejoong toured Turkey with President Lee, held a cultural fan meeting, and attended a state banquet.

Turkey’s Korean Council said, “Turkey’s favorite Korean artist, JYJ’s Jaejoong, was invited and a fan meeting was held. We hope that the fan meeting has contributed to the spread of Hallyu and will help better bonds between Turkey and South Korea.”

President Lee Myung Bak held a special lecture at Ankara University, where he introduced Jaejoong himself. Jaejoong then shared his reflections on Korean culture, and in return, learned some Turkish phrases from the students.

After the lecture, Jaejoong attended a state dinner with Lee Myung Bak and Turkey’s president, along with other Turkish officials.

Jaejoong revealed his thoughts on his stay saying, “When I entered the banquet, I was greeted by the Turkish president and President Lee Myung Bak, who greeted me saying, ‘You came’. I was really nervous to be in such a position, but I eventually relaxed because everyone was so friendly and called me ‘JJ’, so I had a good time. Over these three days, many people told me how JYJ is really popular [here] — I hope to come back soon with the rest of my members to hold a concert.”

Jaejoong’s agency C-JeS Entertainment stated, “We have heard that JYJ and Jaejoong played a big role in popularizing Korean music and dramas in Turkey. Also, Jaejoong has met many important people at the banquet and they took a photo together to remember this special occasion. Jaejoong has completed his cultural mission.”

Jaejoong will now focus on preparations for JYJ’s concerts in Chile and Peru in March.

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“I’ll treat today!”

Shouldn’t such a day be considered a true ‘lottery win’? To be able to eat with the “oppa” of their dreams, it is to the extent that these fans must still have been half-asleep. An unexpected surprise birthday party. For Uknow Yunho and the fans, 6 Feb was a time of special memories.

We were able to see Uknow Yunho at an eatery in Apgujeong-dong at 7pm on 6 Feb. Korean fans and Japanese fans were gathered around the eatery. We learnt that this day was Uknow Yunho’s 26th birthday. Every fan had painstakingly prepared presents, and looked on as Yunho sat in the eatery.

However, at this moment, the voice of Uknow Yunho, who was eating in the restaurant, was heard.

“Please come in to eat~”

A love for his fans which is different from others. Uknow Yunho must have felt sorry for the fans waiting outside, and thus asked them to come in to have their meals together. The fans gathered outside were unable to hide their shocked expressions at this unexpected care from Uknow Yunho. Seeing the expressions on the fans faces, Uknow Yunho was full of smiles.

(He) was really caring. Uknow Yunho arranged for a bowl of potato soup to be served to all the fans who were seated in the eatery. He greeted and interacted with the fans until the ordered food was served. The food was served shortly, and fans expressed their gratefulness by saying, “We will eat well”, and began enjoying their meals. Uknow Yunho watched them happily.

After the pleasant meal ended, Uknow Yunho walked out of the eatery with his fans. The fans then began saying, “Oppa we ate well”, “It was very delicious” and “Happy Birthday”, like a scene from a fanmeeting. It was really a meaningful birthday.

Uknow Yunho seemed a bit embarrassed, and waved his hands in response. When receiving the gifts from the fans, he bowed his head to express his thanks to each one of them. (They are) really an idol and fans with very good manners. The meeting reluctantly came to an end here, and Uknow Yunho left in his own car.

How was Uknow Yunho’s fashion like on this day? Comfortable and not idol-like. Uknow Yunho was dressed in a print white T-shirt with a beach landscape, paired with a black padded jumper with yellow inner lining. Even with casual wear on, he looked as charismatic as in stage outfits. Even his newly dyed light brown hair matched well.

Without any additional disguise, or even the masks and caps that idols usually like to wear, he was unmindful of the looks of people around him, chatting with and greeting the fans carefreely. It seems obvious what his secret is, to being loved by fans over such a long period of time.

Uknow Yunho and Choikang Changmin are working under the name TVXQ, and are global stars that receive much attention not only locally,but also throughout Asia, Europe and many other countries. But in front of the fans, (he is) an affectionate older brother, as well as a friend. “Dispatch” will continue supporting (him), and hopes that he will be able to form even closer friendships with the fans.

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JYJ member Kim Junsu who has built a strong fan base in Korea as well as overseas is now being featured in his third musical.

He took a different route from his fellow members Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong who opted to star in drama series. He explained his choice for going into musicals instead by saying, “There’s a unique charm to musicals that’s different from concerts.” Also, he liked the challenge of expressing the art of acting through music.

It is also a genre that he came to know during the most difficult time in his life, after leaving his former group TVXQ.

The singer, whose first musical was ‘Mozart‘ back in 2010 has reached higher heights than anyone had anticipated. Tickets for the musicals sold out due to his appearance, and he seemed to channel all of his anxiety and pent up emotions towards his former agency into this musical, and his acting became that much more natural and passionate.

“‘Mozart’ was a project that I took on during the most difficult period in my life, and because of that, it is one that I will never be able to forget as long as I live,” he said.

He didn’t need to think twice about being in his current musical. It was a new project by Sylvester Levay, the composer behind the ingenious music of ‘Mozart’, the musical that Junsu feels so attached to.

This third musical is none other than ‘Elisabeth‘, a musical equally emotional and shocking as ‘Mozart’.

‘Elisabeth’ is a musical about Queen Elisabeth that comes from a royal family in Hasburg, and Kim Junsu plays the role of ‘ambassador of death’, Tod. Once Elisabeth marries Austrian emperor Franz Joseph, she continually experiences discord and tension with her mother in law. Her free will and freedom feels threatened and Tod who sees this tempts her to go to a world where she can experience true and perfect peace along with freedom.

It must have been difficult for Junsu to act in this musical as he does not have a real, concrete character but he remarked that it was easier for him to freely express himself because of that very same reason.

“I didn’t think the character fit well with my past experiences and my personal style,” he said. “It was also a bit intimidating at first because of the fact that I was portraying death itself. But Sylvester Levay told me that because I play a transcendental role in the musical, to just be more like my actual self.”

Although he is starring in the musical alongside big names in the industry such as Song Chang Eui as well as Ryu Jung Han, Junsu will stand out with his youthful energy and use his experience as a dance artist in the musical. The role of ‘death’ in the musical has freedom to taken on different personalities depending on the actor, and Junsu is determined to take full advantage of that. He will dance more than others, and take this as an opportunity to show his fans a new side of himself.

And although this is already his third musical, he still feels a bit of lack in confidence. He is afraid of making mistakes, and afraid that he will inconvenience the other professionals on stage with him.

“I think I’m getting a little closer to becoming a real actor,” he said. “I want to show people that I can do more than just sell tickets. It’s something I need to work on. I want to be both a successful singer and an actor. I guess I want to become like Cho Seung Woo who goes back and forth so naturally from the stage to the small-screen.”

When he builds 40-50 years of experience, the singer would also like to star in major musicals such as ‘Les Miserables‘ as well as ‘Jesus Christ Superstar‘. He also would like to expand, writing and composing songs. Interestingly enough, he also evoked laughs by randomly admitting he would also like to put together an international celebrity soccer team.

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[TRANS] Turkey’s weather is very cold but I’m taking with me different forms of warmth as I go back (to Korea). Thanks~ Turkey~

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Jaejoong shaking hand with President Abdullah Gül of Turkey (Note: The 1st & last picture was was most probably taken at the state dinner instead of at the university). President Abdullah Gül hosted a state dinner for President of South Korea, Lee Myung Bak, which Jaejoong also attend.
Jaejoong with Kim Yeon Koung, South Korean women's volleyball player. She currently plays for Turkish giants, she is South Korea’s most decorated player within the last few years and is known as the Asian Gamova.

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