Saturday, January 7, 2012

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 120107 Jaejoong Twitter Update

If I want to become younger, I have to take many selcas too~~^^

I'm uploading this because it's too funny~ More of such pictures will probably be uploaded* onto our Facebook in future ^^

Source: Jaejoong's Twitter
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[TRANS] 120106 Tohoshinki’s Japanese Concert Will Have Total Audience Of 450,000 People…Largest Scale Thus Far

Tohoshinki, who will be holding their live tour in Japan, has added 2 extra performances each at the Tokyo Dome and the Kyocera Dome Osaka. The live tour is expected to rally a total crowd of approximately 450,000 people.

The “Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2012 ~TONE~” was originally scheduled to begin at the Yokohama Arena on 18 Jan, and would see 20 performances held across 9 cities in Japan, including Nagoya, Fukuoka, Niigata, Sapporo, Hiroshima, Fukui, Osaka and Saitama. Due to the explosive response from fans, 2 days of additional performances have been scheduled at the Tokyo Dome and the Kyocera Dome Osaka each, bringing the total number of performances to 24, and held across 11 cities.

The additional performances will be held in Tokyo Dome on 14 and 15 April, and in Kyocera Dome Osaka on 21 and 22 April. As the Tokyo Dome and the Kyocera Dome Osaka are extremely large concert venues, which have capacities of 50,000 and 45,000 people respectively, this tour will be of the largest scale that Tohoshinki has done so far, with 450,000 people mobilised. This, once again, is proof of Tohoshinki’s position as top artists in Japan with high popularity.

Source: [JoongAng Daily Japanese Edition]
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[TRANS] 120104 A Ticket War Rages On For TVXQ’s Japanese Tour! Even ‘Restriced View’ Seats Are Set Up

A war is raging on to secure tickets for TVXQ’s Japanese tour.

TVXQ will be holding their ‘TONE’ live tour all over Japan from the 18th of this month, starting off in Yokohama. Tickets were sold out almost as soon as they went up for sale and due to the flood of requests from fans who were unable to obtain tickets, an additional six concerts have been scheduled in, proving just how popular the group is in Japan. Currently, tickets are being sold on auction sites such as Amazon Japan for as high as four times the original price (8,500 Yen) at 36,509 Yen (approximately 475 USD).

Fans requested for ‘restricted view’ seats to be set up for those who were unable to obtain tickets, and Avex has decided to meet the fans’ demands.

Avex stated, “We will begin selling tickets for the additional seats on the 6th. Though the fans may not be able to see the entire stage, we’ve made this decision so that more people will be able to attend the concerts,” and “We apologize in advance for the fact that the view of the stage will be restricted for those who buy these tickets. The tickets will be sold at a first come, first serve basis.”

Source: [sports chosun]
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