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[VIDEO] 120104 JYJ - NII Fan Event Footage

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[TRANS] 120104 CJeS Announces that the Charity Event in Japan is False

Notice Concerning "The 1st Anniversary for the Eastern Japan Great Earthquake Charity Party"

This is C-JeS Entertainment.

Some days ago, there was an advertisement in Nikkei Newspaper from the promotor "Earth Project Kizuna" that JYJ will perform in "The 1st Anniversary for the Eastern Japan Great Earthquake Charity Party"
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C-JeS has never made a contract with the so called agent whatsoever concerning the above article, and the contents of the article has been proceeded one-sided, without any discussions with our company.

We have been requesting the correction of the false contents through the same media as the said article was published, however, since there was no revised article published up to the promised date, we are making such announcements. We thank you for your understanding.

JYJ will not participate in "The 1st Anniversary for the Eastern Japan Great Earthquake Charity Party"
To all the fans, please take care not to become the victims.

Thank you for your understanding.

Source: C-JeS Entertainment
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[NEWS] 120104 JYJ’s South American tour dates confirmed!

JYJ has announced that they’ll soon be performing in South America!

On January 4th, C-Jes Entertainment revealed, “JYJ’s South American tour has been confirmed. JYJ’s solo concert will be held on March 9th in Chile followed by March 11th in Peru.”

The March 9th concert will be held in Santiago, Chile at the Teatro Caupolican, while the March 11th show will be held in Lima, Peru at the Explanada Sur del Estadio Monumental.

The South American promotion agency for JYJ remarked, “The popularity of JYJ in South America is in a different class altogether from the craze for K-Pop. Their popularity exceeds that of domestic artists as well as American pop artists, and they have the passionate support of teens as well as those in their 20′s.”

The JYJ members stated, “The countries are very far with flight times over 30 hours. After releasing an English album in 2010 with Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins, the amount of fans in the Americas have grown rapidly. Thus, although the [countries] are so far away, they have always felt familiar [to us].”

They continued, “During the 2010 Worldwide Album Showcase, many South American fans came to our concerts in cities like L.A. and San Francisco, and even to Europe; they’ve wanted us to come to South America for a long time. We are happy that we can keep our promise to our fans, and we will prepare a perfect performance to match the passion of South America.”

Baek Chang Joo, CEO of C-Jes, stated, “The K-Pop craze and JYJ’s happiness have different paths. …We don’t want this to be thought of as Hallyu’s new challenge. It’s not about about where one goes to hold their first overseas concert, it’s about how much substance and what kind of content is brought into the shows.”

He continued, “This is not a concert meant to try and gain new fans, this is a concert where we wanted to repay the JYJ fans for their love and support. For the South American fans who have waited so long, we will put on a well-made performance filled with JYJ’s vocals and amazing harmonies, as well as numerous other performances.”

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[VIDEO] 120104 Tohoshinki - Kouhaku Backstage Cut on Morning Bird!

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[TRANS] 120103 Public Vote Taken On Twitter – “The Musical Actor In My Heart Is?”

According to a twitter poll conducted by Sports Donga, Kim Junsu received the highest votes for the question “Who is the musical actor that made your heart race from the moment he appeared on stage?”.

With regard to Kim Junsu, who showed his excellent acting skills in “Mozart” and “Tears Of Heaven”, and will be performing in “Elisabeth” in February, voters commented, “His voice is full of emotion”, “An actor that makes one smile like a mother once he appears” and “Always performs above expectations”.

It is also notable that a majority (of the voters) were originally Junsu’s fans, and ended up being attracted to musicals after watching Kim Junsu’s musical performances. Some of them also commented on Twitter, saying “Thanks to Junsu, I discovered the interesting side to musicals” and “Although I went to watch musicals only because of Junsu, I ended up becoming a fan of many other musical actors as well”.

In the 2nd to 5th places are Hong Kwang Ho, Ock Ju Hyun, Uhm Ki Jun and Park Eun Tae respectively.

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Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Donga Daily via Nate]
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[NEWS] 120102 TVXQ’s Changmin baby photo draw smiles from netizens

TVXQ member Changmin‘s baby photo is causing quite the stir amongst netizens online.

The above photo surfaced on an online community site on January 3rd, and in the photo, Changmin is ‘driving’ his toy car.

He smiled happily for the camera, and fans were surprised that he hasn’t changed a bit.

Netizens who saw the photo left comments such as, “Cute~ looks exactly the way he did when he was younger“, ”He has the same face~“, and more.

In related news, Changmin along with his fellow TVXQ member Yunho recently attended the 62nd annual NHK ‘Kohaku Uta Gassen’ in Japan.

Source & Image: TVReport via Nate
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[NEWS] 120103 JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, “So Beautiful It’s A Sin” Selected As Cover Models For Special Issue Of Famous Chinese Magazine

JYJ have been selected as the cover models of the famous Chinese magazine “Easy” in their 10th anniversary commemorative edition. The magazine also did a special feature on Kim Jaejoong’s solo fanmeeting in Shanghai on 10 December held at the Shanghai International Gymnastics Center, which attracted more attention.

In the magazine’s interview with Kim Jaejoong, he talks about how he darkened his skin with make-up for his role in the drama “Protect the Boss”, and said, “There isn’t anything bad about being an idol, but what kind of idol we choose to be is more important,” speaking honestly about his opinion on being an idol singer.

Furthermore, Kim Jaejoong, whose looks have been praised as being “so beautiful it’s a sin,” which are words that make people laugh while agreeing at the same time. Previously, Kim Jaejoong beat the China artists and was selected by Chinese netizens as the top “Asian Pretty Boy.”

Netizens who saw this magazine said, “Looks like the Chinese can now understand JYJ better” “The thing they say about beauty is true” and other responses.

Also, the JYJ members are currently on vacation. They are preparing for their personal activities as actors in the earlier half of the year, and is also writing songs for album activities in 2012.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + enews24 via Nate]
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[TRANS+PHOTO] 120104 Kyuhyun Twitter Update - Changmin

Ah.... This..... kekekekeke

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