Wednesday, October 31, 2012

About DBSKnights

DBSK Sleepless Nights was founded on September 29, 2008 to commemorate DBSK's new album, Mirotic.

Portia, the DBSKnights Founder, wished that the site will become a haven for southeast Asian fans of the Korean group, DBSK. Through her hard work and determination, she was able to attract other fans' attention and was able to build a strong fan base of readers from all over the world. 

As the blog became more famous, the DBSKnights family grew and the blog also started a subbing team due to the fans' request. The administrators decided to learn how to sub videos by themselves and with determination, established a subbing team. 

DBSKnights' goal is to provide news about the five boys of DBSK/JYJ, 24/7. 
We share news, information and photos from various sources.

DBSKnights' goal is to be a place where fans can read the news of the boys, talk with other fans and continue to support the five wonderful boys of DBSK and JYJ.
Together with TVXQ and JYJ :) 


  1. You guys are doing a great job. Thank you so much for creating a site like this.

  2. thanks a lot for your effort, will you guys have a booth in KCon again like last year? I hope so.

  3. thanks a lot for yr endlessly effort to alwys make us update abot tvxq n jyj,it's my 5th year wit u guys.

  4. greetings from Egypt,please keep up the awesome work ^^ thank you *bows*

  5. This site is the best. I'm very grateful for a place free of JYJ3/TVXQ2 full-of-hate stans.