Sunday, October 14, 2012

[VIDEO] 121014 TVXQ on KBS Gag Concert

Credits: yukichitvxq
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OMG...both Yunho & Minnie were so good at their acting, especially Yunho. He was sooooo good, cute, & hilarious. Aw, who said he couldn't act. :)

so cute! yunho-diva appeared~ the part where changmin or yunho cracked up themselves make me LOLing too, tehehe

Homin were so freaking halarious in this...even without understanding anything, I was laughing..haha..can't wait for subs!=D

that girl must've did something real good in her past life to deserve this=P

0:22 did NOT sound like Changmin. October was DBSK day in S. Korea, wasn’t it? I need them subtitles, yo. And the (pop-)culture references asap.

Ooh Twix I love Twix. Pretty Bora is hilarious.

Haha Changmin “You don’t know Catch Me? You don’t know Hulk Dance?” Yunho is such a weirdo and I love it. He was so cute when BoA came out and when he refused the kiss.

hahaha so funny..i dont speak korean but im laughing so hard..i simply cant watch the choco moment, literally close my eyes..haha..they r rlly funny n not awkward..i luv that they imitate the brownie gag

i know a certain someone who is a gag concert and bora fan who i think would definitely watch this episode *wink wink..right jj? oopps..hihi

@Anonymous, October 16, 2012 10:29 PM:

I completely agree...haha..and their dog totally fit in with the Brownie of the funniest parts in my opinion are those body roll high5s they kept doing...haha!!

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