Wednesday, October 17, 2012

[PHOTOS] TVXQ for Ceci Magazine November Issue Part 2


Credits: TVXQDrip + DCYunho + BaiduMAX + deselim
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6 DBSKnights Comment:

love those four shots of minnie, and yunho looks like king of the palace in the third picture with minnie as his most trusted advisor, teehee. :P

what is it with some magazines trying to make Yunho look like a woman? He's nothing but hot in the red suit/Seohyun captures.

Changmin is almost perfect but that hair color. ugh

wow. this concept is just.. wow...

Yes right,.
Why do I feel that Yunho is styled to look more and more like a woman each passing day?
Give me back my manly Yunho!!!!!!

And Changmin...
It's not that he is not handsome with that hairstyle, but I think he will be more handsome with his usual down-forehead-covered (I don't now the exact term) hairstyle.

Well, I don't like few people in SNSD, but Seohyun happens to be one of my favorite. Thanks God it's her that chosen to be their model partner. She looks very pretty...

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