Thursday, October 4, 2012

[NEWS] TVXQ’s Yunho to discuss past anti-fan attack on ‘Story Show Do Dream’

TVXQ‘s Yunho opened about his past experience with a particularly scary anti-fan.

TVXQ featured as guests on the ”young mentors” special of KBS 2TV‘s ’Story Show Do Dream‘, where Yunho discussed a terrifying incident that occurred back in 2006.

He shared, “After drinking orange juice given to me by someone I thought was a staff member, I started vomiting blood.” Yunho revealed that he didn’t expect that anything was wrong until he got sick.

“At first I got angry, but when I heard that the anti-fan couldn’t stand how I laughed and talked because of [his/her] own hard life, I thought I might cause [them] harm. After that happened, I would avoid people, and when I was in a similar place or saw similar items, my heart would respond first by beating fast.”

Yunho continued, “To overcome my panic disorder, I drank up to 10 [bottles] of orange juice a day, and I felt better.”

This episode of ‘Story Show Do Dream’ will air on October 6 at 10:25PM KST.

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  1. poor yunho. he is a good guy. no one deserves to have that happen to them, but i think yunho really least of all. he's humble and gentle.

    and didn't someone once point out that yunho now only drinks from bottles or cups after jaejoong or changmin has had a sip first? well, i don't know if that's intentional or if it's just what happened by coincidence on the few videos that i've seen of it happening. ^^;;;

  2. Awww yunho :( No wonder he gets so anxious at fan events even till this day. I would be scared too if someone tried to kill me. What an evil evil person that is. I mean they went out of their way to hurt Yunho... how twisted is that? Hes is such a nice guy too :\

  3. That's right, the only way to overcome your fear is to face it and not be scared anymore standing in front of it. I really don't understand how people can do these kinds of things and live with themselves.

    @ isa, that's what I read, too, but not that the part about the other members drinking it first. If they do,e that's so sweet.

    It seeems like it'll be an interesting episode. I can't wait 'till it airs.

  4. I really like how the members are able to open up and be honest on variety's not just for fun and games, but for people to know them deeper as human beings just like you and me.

    @isa: I don't think the members drink from it first, but in the beginning, i think he only trusted the members and very close staff members to pass him drinks before he felt safe enough to drink from it himself...he was quite traumatized for a long time as anyone else would be...but the fact that he faced his fears and overcame them just shows what a respectable person YH really is.

  5. @sheils: i don't think it's intentionally that the others test yunho's drinks first (i don't think yunho would let them do it if they flat out said that's what they were doing)... or that he *only* drinks after they've had a drink from it. but i have noticed in a couple of videos jaejoong or changmin will open a bottle of water drink from it, and then hand it to yunho. it might be a subconscious gesture on their part or it might just be coincidence and fans reading too much into it. :D but i don't think anyone would blame yunho for being afraid of food/drinks coming from a stranger's hands from that point onwards.

  6. @isa: ya....I've seen a couple fancams too of YH asking for a drink and Jaejoong would hand it to sweet and caring...glad that he had the 4 members there for him during that incredibly scary time.

  7. Poor Yunho, what a frightening experience. I can't understand people's actions sometimes.