Monday, October 8, 2012

[NEWS] Kim Junsu Nominated For “Best Actor” at 18th Korea Musical Awards

18th Korea Musical Awards
Nominees for the Best Actor for a leading role announced
-Junsu Kim (Elisabeth)- Jeong Han Ryu (Two City Story)
- Seong Hwa Jung (La Cage Aux Folles)
- Seung Woo Jo (Dr. Zhivago)
- Jung Min Hwang (Man of La Mancha)
                    <Elisabeth> also has been nominated for the below awards too:
Best Foreign Musical
Best Actress for a leading role(Nominee: Ju Hyun Ok)
Best Supporting Actor (Nominee: Eun Tae Park)
Best Supporting Actress(Nominee: Jung Hwa Lee)
Best Newest Actor (Nominee: Dong Seok Jeon)
Best Ensemble
Good Luck for Junsu and team Elisabeth!!
(Award Performance at 2012 Musical Awards : Junsu Kim / Nominee for the Best Actor for a leading role)

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