Saturday, October 13, 2012

[NEWS] 121013 Why did the TVXQ members cry on ‘God of Victory’?

The TVXQ members cried while filming for ‘God of Victory‘.

TVXQ and UV battled each other in many aspects on the show, and one of the contests was to see who could cry faster. UV suggested the contest, but expressed their worry by saying, “Yoo Se Yoon is usually a crybaby, but lately he’s been happy“. When Yoo Se Yoon said he would perform the best in this contest, Yunho replied, “I’ve got a lot of things built up in my chest, so I can cry well.”

Both TVXQ and UV did not let themselves be disturbed from their crying even with the staff’s ‘secret weapon’ to try and disturb them. Yunho especially got too into his feelings and couldn’t stop crying even after the round was over.

The full segment and other battles will air on the 14th.

Credits: Allkpop
Shared by: DBSKnights


  1. i think yunho won this time, i saw in fancam or read it smwhere but can't remember where. he's crying bcause the thought of his late granpa.
    but lol at this “Yoo Se Yoon is usually a crybaby, but lately he’s been happy“..haha

  2. glad that after his breakthrough at Tokyo Dome, YH is able to more freely cry now and keep it in glad this show gave him the opportunity again to let his walls down=)

  3. Even see their sad eyes had make me teary... I don't think I can watch this part. I'm glad this show give an opportunity for them to vomit all those feelings that they had holding back.

  4. My poor babies. I know this only for the show, but seeing that picture and hearing that Yunnie couldn't stop crying makes me sad. Whatever feelings they're holding on to or whatever sad thing they're thinking about, I'm glad they have a chance to let go in public, 'cause they're always so composed.