Saturday, October 13, 2012

[NEWS] 121013 TVXQ will be getting down and dirty in the mud for ‘Running Man’

TVXQ and Moon Geun Young will be getting down and dirty on the upcoming episode of ‘Running Man‘.

TVXQ made their entrance by performing their new song “Catch Me” in the garden of the house where the ‘Running Man’ members were sleeping. They confessed, “This is the first time we’ve worked so hard so early in the morning. Our first stage has been very fun.”

Then the pair teamed up with Moon Geun Young. In the photozone game that took place in a mud field, TVXQ quickly dressed in working clothes complete with boots, and didn’t mind how dirty they were getting as they participated actively in the game to earn bells.

The staff gave hints to what the episode would be like by saying, “They used various transportation such as helicopters, a boat that runs both on land and water, and a patrol ship that weighed up to 3,000 tons to get around the land, sea, and air of Incheon. It was a spectacular race.”

The full episode of ‘Running Man’ will air on October 14th.

Credits: Allkpop
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  1. Can't wait to watch this. Look like all of them are having fun.

  2. it's gonna be an amazing episode, gaahh, really can't wait.

  3. was SJH in this episode?...cuz any connection with JCS no matter how small is welcome by me=)

  4. Remember when YH fell in the water on Family Outing? Yeah, that was super attractive. I don't mind a bit of mud. I used to make pies out of it.