Saturday, October 13, 2012

[NEWS] 121012 TVXQ’s ‘Guerilla Date’ filming canceled due to an overcrowding of fans

The filming for KBS 2TV‘s ‘Guerilla Date‘ was canceled.

TVXQ was originally scheduled to film their episode of ‘Guerilla Date’ on the 12th. However, as the show features celebrities walking through the streets and allows fans to watch and follow the filming, countless Cassiopeia gathered to support the group. Because so many people had gathered, there were safety issues and filming was canceled.

Reporter Kim Tae Jin tweeted, “TVXQ was supposed to have their ‘Guerilla Date’ at 8:30 PM today, but it was canceled due to safety reasons. There were more than 100 times the amount of fans as shown in the photo, and it was very dangerous ㅠ“.

Fans who had been present reported, “TVXQ apologized to fans who had been waiting before leaving“, and “I’ve never seen so many people gathered for a guerilla date.”

Source: Kim Tae Jin’s Twitter
Credits: Allkpop
Shared by: DBSKnights


  1. wow, DBSK effect I that they weren't able to film the show tho..hope that there will be a second attempt...and maybe secret so that less fans would come=P

  2. did this happen the last time they tried to film guerilla date too? (after KYHD). lol. the DBSK!effect is strong.

    but... i'd probably go crowd around too if i were in the city. lol.

  3. ^I believe the streets got shut down, but not to the point that they had to cancel the whole show...since I remember watching them on it=P Glad that so many fans came to show their support=)

  4. Oh well, as long as everyone(TVXQ & Fans) is safe that's most important. Probably have to reschedule... think the TV station will want to have them back for the ratings. ^__^

  5. I know some fans shouldn't go so they can film. But if I was anywhere near that area, sorry, I'd definitely be one of those fans that overcrowded the area! XD