Wednesday, October 10, 2012

[NEWS] 121008 TVXQ States, "We Will Continue to be TVXQ for as Long as We Can"

During an interview with Vogue magazine, TVXQ revealed that they want to perform for as long as they can.

TVXQ member Yunho revealed that he wanted to continue TVXQ until he can't perform anymore. He also explained that Michael Jackson continued to perform into his 50s and that TVXQ will do the same.

Yunho commented, "I hope to continue to make music that people will like even as time passes. When that time comes, I hope to be a wiser and more knowledgeable person and I hope that I can help give advice to junior artists. I also hope to have a family of my own by my 30s."

Changmin commented, "We were able to perform in Japan and China and other parts of Asia. I hope to continue to sing and act as I get older. I hope to do all this of course, with TVXQ."

These two members seem like they will be taking TVXQ with them throughout their whole lives. TVXQ means a lot to these members as they have gone through a lot. They hope to hold onto it for as long as they can.

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11 DBSKnights Comment:

thankyou Homin for keeping the DBSK name alive...I look forward to growing old with you and continuing to be your fan for as long as I can=)

I always wanna cry when listen their song! I truly like TVXQ! They're have passed the difficult time, they're the strongest perfect group i ever know. TVXQ Fighting!

Thanks yunho and changmin for not giving up your dreams and keep tvxq's name a live.i will continue to be your side until i'am old.

yeah...yeah...yeah...u can keep the name not the spirit...

@Anonymous, October 10, 2012 4:12 PM:

what are you even doing in an OT5 site? you get lost? The "DBSK spirit" lies within all 5 members...if you didn't believe that yourself, you wouldn't feel so bitter.

@sheils: do u really believe in OT5?
I always see u comment harshly on jyj's pages

@Anonymous, October 10, 2012 7:24 PM:

suurreee...that's the only thing antis like you can say about me that'll help make you feel better about yourselves...I make valid points which i always back up with facts that you don't like to accept so it automatically = to harsh comments against JCS?...give me a break....if you want to waste ur time going into a HM thread and bashing them, again, why are u even here?...just shows that you can't let go of them either.

FYI,I'm not an anti. I always treasure OT5. That's why when I saw ur harsh comment(mostly on JYJ 's page), I will jump into conclusion u r bussing homin-- which is exactly what you did to me though :)

^mmmm, wait, are you not the same anonymous that I was talking to above?...that's why I don't like ppl that go by 'anonymous' cuz then you never know who is who...that's the only reason why i said you're an anti by the way...I don't jump to conclusions against people that can actually give valid points and can back it up with facts.

and if you are able to point out my harsh comments, then please do so....i find it insulting that you would even ask if i was OT5 since I've supported and shared so many things about them on this site almost every just shows me that you're turning a blind eye to alot of the things i actually post and only choosing to look at the select few comments that you don't happen to agree with.

I became their fan after watching KYHD video... From there i continued searching their story and what they go through.... I will always support them...

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