Thursday, September 6, 2012

[VIDEO] Estar XIA Junsu Exclusive NYC Interview [CN/ENG SUB]

Credits: estarentertainment
Shared by: DBSKnights


  1. lol..the first thing that jumped out at me was that the female host still refers to JCS as DBSK....haha..I wonder what was running through JS's mind when he heard her say TVXQ in chinese cuz I'm sure he understood that part.

    second was that she was bold enough to ask directly about what JS had to go through after he left SM and stuff..JS seemed really serious in this interview too.

  2. GOSH my heart just skipped a beat when I heard TVXQ >.< She didn't even mentioned JYJ :/
    And...That women is dressed to kill, can someone bring a table? Feels like a blind date to me xD

    Junsu seemed a bit upset in this interview :(

  3. Wow. Seriously. Since I understand Chinese perfectly, I was beyond shocked when the interviewer referred to JYJ as DBSK. I mean, yeah, they were part of DBSK, and in my heart, they still are. But if you are gonna say DBSK, at least don't make it like DBSK only consists the three of them. Or, at the least, say JYJ after you say DBSK.
    And wow, what a question about SM. She asked it like they were talking over when to have for dinner. Come on?
    The first time JYJ's name appeared was when Junsu thanked his fans. So now they have to introduce themselves. Just great.