Sunday, September 23, 2012

[TRANS] 120923 TVXQ - KakaoTalk Voice Message

TVXQ: Hello! Kakao talk plus friends, This is TVXQ! who haven't greeted you while for a long time
Changmin: Yeah TVXQ! is coming back in . Wow, After introducing our album Why (Keep Your Down) in January last year, We finally come back after 1 year 8 months with Catch me!
Yunho: Everybody has been waiting for so long, right? In order to give you more powerful with performance. We have prepared so hard for it.
Changmin: Our new album’s title song, "Catch Me" is a dance track It's about a guy who is breaking up with his lover, but wanting to say not to leave from him
Yunho: Changmin sshi But rather than just explaining it , give everyone a bit (teaser) because they might be curious.
Changmin: Yes I'll show you for a bit.
Changmin: *sings* Why me~~~~~~~
Yunho: Yeah ~~
Changmin: *continues singing* this stupid ~~
Yunho: Just until that part.
Changmin: Can't give more?
Yunho: Anyways the full tracklist of this album including the Catch Me that was just sung, will be released to various online sites on Monday 24th on 12PM. noon (KST) So please be tuned. This was from TVXQ! please expected it!
TVXQ: Thank you!

Credits: HanByeol8626
Translation by: 9090TheAiiRzYJ
Shared by: DBSKnights


  1. Thanks for the translation :DDD ahh they sound so happy here ^^ cute <3 can't wait for the release of Catch Me album!!!

  2. LOL at CM's singing being abruptly stopped..haha!...YH trolling CM for once is so epic...I can totally imagine Min giving YH the stare down behind the scenes=P

  3. ahahahaha, that was so cute, minnie's voice when yunnnie stops him. XDDD that's how i sound like when someone interrupts me in the middle of a high note. for some reason, i imagine yunnie did that on purpose. XD

    ahh, can't wait for monday to get here!

  4. no wonder changmin was saying that part LOL it's so cute!! eheheh I love getting messages from them~~! <3 tnx for the translation ^___^