Wednesday, September 12, 2012

[TRANS] 120912 Messages From TVXQ!

Hello~ We're TVXQ!
[From. U-Know]
To everyone who came today I would like to thank you and I feel so touched~ You all gave me strength. It's been a while being with all of our fans and it feels good to have this great atmosphere.

[From. MAX]
We became gods in "Gods of Victory kkk

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  1. Omg they look so cute. I can't wait for their comeback!

  2. They became Gods ha ha Changmin

  3. LOL at CM's pose in the top looks more like something YH would do=P...and it's nice to see them enjoy themselves like this and finally be with their fans and no other band's fans.

  4. The last pic...I can never imagine our ChangMin who kept mentionining'i don't like men' and hate skinship with members strike out a Tight hugging pose with the other men...

    DB5K..come back together please!

    I want the evil maknae to hug his Hyungs like that!

  5. HAHAH! yup changmin needs to hug his hyungs like that. Jaejoong would be happy!

  6. Yep yep! He even pushed away JJ and slapped yunho for hugging him. LOL

  7. They're so cute. THEY'RE SO CUTE!!
    Still hate the hair though