Wednesday, September 26, 2012

[PHOTOS] 120926 TVXQ Official Site Update

Credits: TVXQ Official Site
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SO FREAKING GORGEOUS!!! They can really pull off the full black look. Changminnie with eyeliner is like >.<. They are on fire. Like literally. Thanks a lot for posting!

yunho on 2nd pic looks like willy wonka, maybe bcos of his suit n stare..
n the pic where homin with the dog n white background-the dog looks so in love with yunho, muahahaha~
always WOWing at their pics, wae so gorgeous~oh, my fangirl heart~

love the pictures!!especially the 2nd yellow group picture

Oh my goodness! Why are they so handsome and hot!

and in whatever kind of outfit..pose..color!

I now love the yellow color!

my poor fangirl heart! *Blushing* gorgeous.....their photojacket this time around is SO much better than KYHD where they looked sickly and they're just pure hotness overload...they aren't called long-legged model brothers for nothing=P***

yum . omg I love changmin with dark hair TT.TT

Changmin OPPA~~~~~ <3 <3 <3 Indescribable!!! Changmin Oppa~~~ I want to work hard to be a beautiful outside XD and inside as you!!! Totally serious here haha.... seriously >0<

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