Saturday, September 29, 2012

[PHOTO+INFO] TVXQ - 'SMTOWN' Facebook Update


Tomorrow is Hangawi (Korean Thanksgiving Day), one of the biggest holidays in Korea. On Hangawi, the whole family gathers together and eats Songpyeon, half-moon-shaped rice cake. Are Korean fans having Songpeon now? We also would like to introduce Hangawi and songpyeon to foreign fans :) Wish upon the full moon and have a happy Hangawi ~ [from TVXQ!]  

Source: SMTOWN Facebook Update 
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  1. LOL at the first pic...we all know that CM hates giving food away and would much rather eat it himself...kekeke...but since it's his Yunho hyung, I guess he was finally okay with it (hence the 2nd pic)=P

    second, YH with glasses is always a win=D

  2. Haha, the camera likes the boys better. That's why they're more focused than the cakes in the second set. :P

  3. haha they're so adorable