Thursday, September 13, 2012

[PHOTO] 120913 Jaejoong - Kang Hu Twitter Update

”You know what.. actually.. I broke two…… Is it ok…..? kekeke”

Info: Kang Hu (or Kim Tae Hyung) is a member of Click B. He is now an actor. He had posted a picture with JJ before this. (cr: _alovelikewar)

Source: kimtang_81
Translation by: rubypurple_fan
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  1. with that picture I already can heard YJ shipper screaming out loud XD *facepalm*

    Jaejoong really love that jacket... lol

  2. Wae Jaejoong..don't do this to Yunho :( cries

  3. Eeeeyyyy jablay -_-

  4. @Devja: lol...I was about to comment: "just by looking at this picture, I can already hear all the YJ fan haters blaming YJ shippers and saying negative things about them prior to anything even happening"...and guess what the first comment in this thread was?...YOURS doing the exact thing that I predicted....*THUD* I think it goes both ways dear.

    by the way, those pics are cute..glad that Jae has friends he can have fun and spend time with...I'm a major YJ shipper by the way...*GASP*

  5. I'm really supportive of Takhwi bromance and I love them spending time together. With this guys...I'm not too sure...the picture is too provocative! creys....T_T

  6. I... don't know what to say. *speechless*

  7. OH MY GOSH.. My YunJae's heart.... NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! T__________T

  8. I'm a major YJ shipper but when I first saw this pic it wasnt things that got anything to do with YJ that goes on in my head but this --> "Jaejoong must really love that jacket"

    Lol JJ needs friend..its not like we can deny him of that just coz we're some "crazy YJ fan" I can see some of the stan react just as badly so go figure haha.. chill people..he's not alone with the guy...someone has to be helping to take that picture xD

  9. I'm fucking hardcore when it comes to shipping YunJae. still, I don't feel the need to bash other ppl when they get close/sorta kinda intimate wt JJ^^. Cos I want him to have ppl he can trust and lean on in the midst of this mess.

    he's lonely, let him be and fucking leave him and his friends alone.

  10. i don't see nothing of bad in this photo!
    they are cute together!
    i'm happy of see a person friend close to jj!
    then stop of say things bad! thanks!
    jj fighting!

  11. NO. MY YUNNIE BEAR! AH. okay. i get that Jaejoong is close to his friends. but ah. Maybe they're just posing. okay.
    I just officially finished talking to myself.
    YUNJAE SHIPPERS, ONLY YUNNIE GETS TO SEE THE REAL DEAL OKAY. CALM YOUR TITS. but honestly, Jaejoong. don't screw this. gosh. even reply 1997 is rooting for you. don't screw this.

  12. haha..i think jj is drunk..i notice his friends always took pics when his drunk..i wont worry much..but it does look weird..hihi

  13. Anonimous 13 September13,2012 6:21 PM
    how dare you say this to jj?
    are a antis? go away from here!
    jj do a face cute is stop!
    stop bash jj and his friends! x-(

  14. LOL @ the comments!
    Me too a Yunjae shipper! *gasp* *shocked*
    but it's his life!! May be he is making Yunnie jealous!! :P :P

  15. It's funny how anti-YJ shippers think they know how YJ shippers will react and yet, 8 times out of 10 they're wrong.

    I ship YJ like nobody's business but I love Jaejoong's many bromances. I even side-ship them on occasion, Jin YiHan for example. Loved them in the drama, love them IRL. And back during Protect the Boss, the Cha-Cha duo. Jaejoong just tends to look better with his male co-stars/friends than the female ones.

    All that matters to me is that Joongie is happy. I think of him as his noonas do and given all the BS that seems neverending in his professional life, I'm glad that he at least has people that care about him and take care of him.

  16. Jaejoong.... what are your lips touching? please move your head away. please!!

    (I am a yunjae fan and my heart sinks when seeing this, as a matter of fact)

  17. -GASP- The point is not his beautiful face, but the revealed shoulder ! O: Too sexy Jae.

    You and your bromances ;)

  18. jaejoong is completly trashed lmao, drunk as they can come lol, I mean look how red and sad and crazy he looks XD And then his friends take pictures of him like that to make fun of him, because his always perfect!! XD

  19. I don't really understand,but people,especially YJ shippers are really mad with this,they think Jae is been used by his friends..

  20. Why do YJ shippers always get a bad reputation? Unlike Yoosu or whatever other shippers? Oh the flaming and arguments in the fandom always made me wanna leave...But for some reason my love for the boys always kept me here.

    Hah...Nway, on a side note, this pic is really cute, but the intimacy does kinda hurt my heart. LOL. xD

  21. Yeach, to Kang Hu, it's better if you give that jacket to JJ soon.
    *truly, it really hurts me